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The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection brings two classics back to the Playstation. With new and improved graphics, these stunning works of gaming art can blow your ever-loving mind a second time. Below you’ll find the enigmatic Ico’s complete text and video walkthrough brought to you by Game Front’s Japanophiles. For the other half of this great gaming collection, check out our walkthrough of Shadow of the Colossus. To complete the set of amazing and lucid lists, check out our Ico trophies and cheats.

Chapter 1

  1. As soon as you’re free, go right and walk up the stairs to the switch. Flip it.
  2. Enter the door that opened. Climb the chain and hop out the window.
  3. Go right and climb the ladder. Follow the path up the tower.
  4. After the cutscene, climb out the window.
  5. Go two windows up and climb in again. Pull the switch to lower the cage, then head back to the bottom of the tower.
  6. At the lower room, climb the ladder and follow the path to the top of the door.
  7. Hop on the cage to break the chain.
  8. Grab the stick and rescue Yorda. Take her to the Idol Door to open it.
  9. In the next room, get rid of the spirits and move the block by the stairs.
  10. Nab Yorda and run up the stairs that were just raised, ignoring the spirits.
  11. Save, then head across the bridge. Enter the door.
  12. Fall from the ledge to the floor, then turn to the left to see a lever. Pull it and the door above will open, allowing Yorda to pass through.
  13. Take Yorda and head to the chain. Climb up and jump on the ledge. Shove the block to the floor.
  14. Get Yorda to stand on the block, then pull her up the ledge and head out the door.
  15. Climb up the stairs and fight a few more shadows. Save, then head down the steps to the rail car.
  16. Hop on the cart and push the lever. When it stops, climb up and save.

Chapter 2

  1. Help Yorda across the gaps, then jump to the pipe and cross to the lever. Pull it.
  2. Head to the ledge just outside of the cranes and climb to the top.
  3. Go to the crate and lower Ico to it. Call Yorda and have her hop on the crate, then head back to the crane controls.
  4. Pull the lever, lowering the crate once again.
  5. Hop on the platforms and save. Cross the bridge and hop through the window.
  6. Climb the ladder outside to reach a set of beams. Fall to the chandelier to break the chain.
  7. Grab Yorda and head back to the entrance.
  8. Descent the nearby stairs to the area with a set of bombs. Pick one up and bring Yorda through the door.
  9. Set a bomb at the base of the bridge support, then go to the chandelier you dropped earlier.
  10. Swing the stick to light it on the candles on the chandelier, then use it to light the bomb.
  11. The bridge razed, head back up the steps and save. Ignore the spirits and head to the Idol Door.
  12. In the courtyard, fight your way to the next Idol Door and open them.
  13. After the cutscene, head to the lamps and push/pull them as commanded.
  14. Head back to the courtyard and light your stick on the torches. Grab a bomb and place it in front of the boarded up exit, then light it.
  15. Enter the graveyard and defeat the spirits there. Run to the mausoleum entrance and push the block onto one of the pressure switches beside it. Have Yorda stand on the other switch, then enter the door.
  16. Climb the ladder and chain to a high parapet. Push the block over the ledge and climb back down.
  17. Push the new block onto the switch Yorda was holding, then bring her inside.
  18. Head back up the ladder and turn right. Climb halfway up the next ladder and jump to the chain to make a platform rise.
  19. Swing to the platform and help Yorda climb up. Go through the Idol Doors.
  20. Go to the windmill and climb to the narrow ledge there. When a blade is almost even with Ico, jump to it and move right as it rotates.
  21. At the top of the turn, jump off the blade and onto the windmill.
  22. Head down the path to a lever. Pull it to unfurl a bridge.
  23. Have Yorda jump across and then pull her up the ledge. Save and enter the Idol Doors.
  24. Climb the chain, run past the Idol Door, and stop at the grates. Drop in the open area and head south towards the switches.
  25. Press a switch to open the gate. Call Yorda and have her step on the other switch.
  26. Climb the pipe to the top then jump across the gap. Go back to the vents from before and call Yorda over. Pull her out and go back past the Idol Doors.
  27. Use the lift to go up. Climb down near where the lever sits to a platform with a save point. Push the block over and head back to Yorda.
  28. Destroy the spirits that spawn and position the block beneath the lever. Pull it and then use it to climb to the chain that lowers.
  29. Head across the ledge and climb down the chain to a window. Swing into it, kill the spirits, then push one of the blocks out of the window.
  30. Hop through the opening and quickly push the block to the left side of the tree. Climb onto it and reach for the chain.
  31. Climb the chain and head to the steps. Make your way to the ladder and climb it to the top.
  32. Jump to the hanging chain and swing to the other side. Get Yorda to the dark part of the floor and pull the lever.
  33. Once she’s safe, drop down to Yorda and head through the Idol Doors.

Chapter 3

  1. Pull the lever and head through the Idol Door. Cross to the arena in the east.
  2. See that sword in the wall? You’ll have that soon! Defeat the spirits in the room and head through the door on the right.
  3. Take Yorda down the ladder and stand with her on the platform. It will fall and create a set of stairs.
  4. Climb the stairs and pull the lever.
  5. Light your stick using the torch and set the holes on fire.
  6. Hop out the big window and climb the ladder to the platform. Head to the next lever and pull it.
  7. Light the next pair of holes that appear in the wall.
  8. Go back and grab the sword. A cage traps both you and Yorda, but you can get free by cutting the ropes.
  9. To the left of where the sword was you’ll find some stairs.
  10. Cut the rope to open the door below. Enter it.
  11. The water is slippery and you can’t climb where it touches. Use the ledges to climb to the end of this next area.
  12. At the top go through the door and jump the gap.
  13. Head up the steps and cut the ropes above.
  14. After the bridge is created, take Yorda back to the slide area that should now be free of water. Go to the bridge you dropped and cross to the balcony.
  15. Cross the magically appearing bridge to reach the Idol Door.
  16. Go right and pull the lever.
  17. Take the leftmost lift and ride it down. Grab a stick and light the holes to open a door.
  18. Pick up your sword and head out.
  19. Head back to the entrance of the next area and climb the ladder.
  20. Enter the door and pull the lower to drop a bridge.
  21. Go back down the ladder, cross the bridge, and push the block on the left to the pillar.
  22. Hop on the box and climb to the pillar. Use it to jump to the larger pillar.
  23. Cut the rope to drop another rope to the courtyard.
  24. Drop back down and climb the rope you just lowered. Swing to the ledge by the second window.
  25. Run to the darkened room and push the block over the ledge, then out the window when it lands below.
  26. Get Yorda to climb on top of the block and pull her up.
  27. Head up the stairs and out the Idol Doors.

Chapter 4

  1. In the waterfall cavern, climb down the chain and enter the lit door.
  2. Take the lift up and pull the lever to allow Yorda to pass. Bring her down with the lift.
  3. Climb the blocks at the back of the area and save.
  4. Climb to the top level and turn right at the brightly-lit door.
  5. Climb the ladder and hop through the window. Then, grab the chain and use it to swing to the platform.
  6. Head down the ladder to the courtyard. Shove the block over the ledge and Yorda will cross. Pull her up to your level.
  7. Climb back to the pressure switch door with Yorda. Enter it.
  8. Cross the bridge to a dead-end room. Climb the ladder up, cross the pipes to the window, then climb to the ground.
  9. Push the block into the water, then hop across and climb the ladder.
  10. Press the switch and the water will stop.
  11. Head back to the cavern with Yorda and work your way down where the water used to be. Use the block you pushed earlier to reach the Idol Doors.
  12. Climb the hill to some wooden platforms and cross them.
  13. Take the lift down, cross the gaps, and you’ll reach a pile outside of a small shed.
  14. Push the tower as far as you can and climb on top of it. Jump to the shed and hit the switch there.
  15. Cross the bridge and run up the steps. Use the gondola to reach the top.
  16. Drop down near the save point and climb across the pipe to a small platform. Go down the ladder and jump to the tower.
  17. Climb up and slide across to the chain. Use it to swing into the bridge, creating a path for Yorda.
  18. Head to the water tower and go left.
  19. Grab a bomb and light it using the nearby torches. Toss it so it explodes on impact, creating a bridge.
  20. Cross the bridge and climb the chain. Push the block down near the Idol Doors, then hop down behind it.
  21. Shove the rock so you can reach the lever. Pull it to move a chain into place.
  22. Swing from the chain to the switch. Push it until the crane moves a crate to the Idol Doors. Help Yorda cross and enter them.
  23. Cross to a high battlement and enter the arena. Go through the door on the left and cut the rope.
  24. Head down the ladder and stand on the pedestal to raise some stairs. Go up them.
  25. Pull the lever at the top and light a stick on fire.
  26. Head back down the steps, climb the ladder, and pull the lever. Light the holes with your burning stick.
  27. Go back up the steps outside and push the reflector.
  28. Go up the ladder and climb the chain to the top. Keep climbing and cutting ropes as you go.
  29. Cross the bridge alone and grab one of the bombs there. Set it near the boarded entrance and light it.
  30. Go back and find the pressure switch. Enter and pull the lever to stop the water flowing.
  31. Take Yorda back and enter the other door, cutting ropes as you go.
  32. Climb the water slide and enter the door you just blew open.
  33. Cross the bridge, pull the lever, then go down the lift.
  34. Light the final two holes and leave the arena.
  35. Backtrack to a ladder on the battlements, then climb up.
  36. Pull the lever to bring Yorda across and return to the drawbridge.
  37. Work your way down to the large doors and cross the bridge.

Chapter 5

  1. You’ll land on a suspended crate. Hop over to the rock ledge and enter the cavern.
  2. Pull the lever, then pull the block into the water. Hop in behind it.
  3. Pull the floating block to the ladder and jump on it. Climb the ladder and pull the switch above.
  4. Hop back into the water and drag the block to the middle of the lake. You’ll find a chain. Use the block to reach it, then climb to the top.
  5. Go to the tower and push it as far as you can. The mill will activate.
  6. Jump back into the water and swim to the area with all the machinery. Find the wheel mill and jump on to one of the arms.
  7. When you’re at the top of the rotation, drop off. Climb up the ledge and cross the pipes.
  8. Keep working your way across and up, going as high as you can. When you can’t go any further, hop to the chain.
  9. Slide down the chain and start to swing. Jump to the next chain and then to the platform across the way.
  10. Climb up and jump to the mills to exit the cavern.
  11. Work your way across to the pipe. Use it to enter the tower.
  12. Run out to the ledge and climb down the chain. Use it to jump to the outer ledge.
  13. Turn around and jump the gap. Push the device as far as you can. Use it to climb onto the chain above.
  14. Turn left, passing the ladder, and hop over the gaps until you reach a ladder.
  15. Climb the ladder and jump across to the platform. Climb down from here and you’ll find an Idol Door.
  16. Edit the castle and enter a canal. Go north to find a powerful sword.
  17. Turn back and the Idol Door will open on its own.
  18. Run forward and you’ll enter the main part of the castle where the game began. Go left and see Yorda, captured by the spirits.
  19. Now it’s time to do some combat! Kill the spirits that attack you one by one. There are a lot of them, so be patient and play it safe.
  20. When all is clear and the lights are up, go to the doors and enter the throne room.
  21. Walk up to the throne, then go back down the steps. The queen appears.
  22. Time to battle the queen! Attack her by swinging at the blue goop that surrounds her. When you do, you’ll lose your sword, making you vulnerable to her stone spell.
  23. Head back to the pillars when you are swordless. Move them about to get your sword back, then repeat the process of attacking the blue material, losing your sword, etc.
  24. Eventually the queen’s shield drops. Run up to her and stab her through the heart, ending her life once and for all.

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On January 6, 2012 at 12:19 pm

This walkthrough sucks! The guy playing throught it is an obvious cornball with his commentary and sound effects. Cant even get thru the game and then stopped the vid walkthrough altogether. Outta be ashamed of himself.