In Honor of Fruit Ninja Kinect — 5 iOS Games That Would Rock on Kinect

After playing Fruit Ninja Kinect back at E3 2011 this year, I can honestly say that it’s surprising that more people haven’t had Halfbrick’s great idea of bringing touchscreen games to console motion controllers. Fruit Ninja works great on the iPhone and Android devices because you just wave your finger around, slicing through flying fruit. It works great on Kinect because you just wave your arms around, slicing through flying fruit.

And there are quite a few other games where the one-to-one translation of the Kinect’s motion controls pretty accurately would mirror what’s accomplished on the iPhone or iPad’s touchscreen — as well as a few that wouldn’t work at all, but would be hilarious to see someone play. So here’s five iOS games we’d love to see translated to Kinect, both because they’d be fun to play, and fun to watch other people play while laughing at them.

5. Angry Birds

Well, Fruit Ninja was already taken, but Angry Birds could be a pretty good time, as well — especially if the game required you to actually mimic the motion of pulling back that bird slingshot, aiming it and letting it loose. Then, as your birds are flying through the air, you could activate their powers with a well-timed clap, or maybe a judo chop to add a feeling of badassery. You can’t say that Angry Birds Kinect wouldn’t sell incredibly well, either, because apparently everyone everywhere loves that game; there’s even going to be a movie or a cartoon show or both to go along with the many, many versions already available. This one is virtually finished anyway, given that some dude already modded the Kinect to play Angry Birds.

Here’s the iTunes link.

4. Doodle Jump

I have no good idea why this game is as popular as it is in the iTunes App Store, except that it requires exactly two brain cells to play, which makes it good for those moments when you’re stuck getting waiting at the DMV or getting a colonoscopy or other moments when a distraction of any kind is better than none at all. But on Kinect, well, it’s a whole different ball game. Doodle Jump is all about endlessly hopping from one platform to another, trying to climb as high as possible to earn points. On iOS, it’s played by tilting your device — on Kinect, it would be played by madly hopping back and forth like some deranged rabbit playing a psychotic version of “The Floor is Lava.” Might not be that much fun for the person playing it, but the frantic, exasperated leaps would make spectating a blast.

Grab it on iTunes.

3. Finger Physics

The bread and butter of the iOS game world are physics puzzlers, because they can exploit the technology of the device and the touchscreen makes a great interface. If the Kinect can handle the fast reactions of players and not be totally irritating by not picking up motions and so forth, the games like the Finger Physics series of titles will be great fun. Many of these titles are Jenga-esque, requiring players to carefully stack blocks on top of one another and leave them without falling for a set period of time. Others require the careful destruction of elements to move an object like a ball from one end of a level to another. Basically, this means a lot of miming motions of picking things up, putting things down, and breaking things — which is basically what the Kinect is best at. Whenever I play Kinect’s bowling title, I’m always creeped out by having to scoop up the ball. This is virtual building, taking that concept a few steps further: I’m thinking it’ll mess with your brain. In a good way.

Check it on iTunes.

2. Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is pretty phenomenal in its simplicity on iOS. The game is just about 100-percent sword fighting, with the mechanic boiled down to its most basic elements — parry blows by slashing in the direction opposite to which they are coming at you. In a series of duels, you use touch controls to maneuver your sword and a few choice buttons for dodging, raising your shield, etc. All those controls are perfectly translated into Kinect: swing your right arm to move your sword, step left to dodge, raise your left arm to block with your shield and so on. You also have access to magic spells in the game, which are activated by drawing symbols on the screen with touch motions — also perfect for Kinect. Sword fighting sims seem to be what everyone ultimately wants out of a motion control game anyway, and Infinity Blade is basically made with those controls in mind. Plus you get to jump out of the way of your enemy’s attacks while pretending to be a sword-wielding Harry Potter!

Get it on iTunes here.

1. Pocket God

The perfect Kinect title — a god sim that allows you to perform actions that aren’t channeled through a mouse or a controller, but through your own movements and your own hands. If you really want to feel like a god, Pocket God would be the way to do it. The game isn’t like From Dust where you’re trying to necessarily help anybody, either; your job is mostly to punish your little band of pygmies to make sure they worship you properly. To do that, you have a number of god-tools at your disposal, like lightning strikes and exploding volcanoes. And dinosaurs. Since the game is all done with touch controls, and since the game is primarily about smiting, it would definitely be a fun time to play from your couch or standing in your living room, laughing maniacally as you wave your arms about and wreak destruction on your pygmy worshippers for causing you displeasure.

Hell, why isn’t this game on Kinect? I’d go buy a Kinect to play Pocket God right now. Who do I give my money to?

And the iTunes link.

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