Indie Gems: Rise Of The Triad Gibs Gloriously

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Do you miss that classic shooter feeling of running at light speed, shooting rockets every which way?

Rise of the Triad missed it too, so it’s bringing that feeling back with a vengeance. It’s time to sprint like your legs are made of jackhammers, and launch rockets at your feet like your body is made of steel. It’s time to blow enemies into fountains of blood and collect giant floating coins.

It’s time for a return to the old days.

Rise of the Triad
Developer: Interceptor Entertainment

Rise of the Triad is remake of Apogee’s classic Doom-like of the same name. It pits the High-Risk United Nations Taskforce (H.U.N.T.) against a sinister organization known as the Triad (aka Nazis), and tasks you — one of five H.U.N.T. operatives — with destroying Triad’s home base and removing their influence on the world. Each H.U.N.T. operative has their own dialogue, voice actor, and distribution of attributes along the “Endurance/Speed” scale. Are you slow and tough, or fast and weak?

It doesn’t really matter, though. You’re here to blow enemies to pieces, and the small attribute changes won’t influence your bloodlust by much. Rise of the Triad is all about the rampant, wanton murder of hundreds of grey-suited enemies, and it wants you to do so fast. So fast, in fact, that mere bullets are not enough. Your main arsenal is a variety of explosive weapons. While there is a classic-style rocket launcher, there are other, far more creative weapons, such as the Firebomb, which creates explosions in a cross shape around the landing point, or the Drunk Missile, which sends a flight of wildly-spinning missiles in a huge spread.

The levels you blast your way through with these weapons are mazes filled with so many enemies and pick-ups that getting the sweet “100 percent” score at the end of each is a true accomplishment. More likely you’ll play and replay missions, looking for the path to that one secret you missed your first time through, or the best way to get through a trap that killed you 12 times in a row, or to practice your movements to better clear a jumping puzzle in a shorter amount of time.

For those a little less interested in the gibbage of poor, innocent AI, there is also a multiplayer mode. Here is where the real carnage lies, as players hit jump pads, zip across arenas, and send rockets hurtling to the earth below in an attempt to catch someone in the explosion. It’s so chaotic that not even the players can really tell what’s going on a lot of the time, and there’s a pleasure to be found in such simplicity. There’s no hiding behind walls, or rescuing hostages, or building bases; you’re here to kill or be killed, and damned be those that try to stall this inevitable process.

Rise of the Triad is available on Steam for $14.99, and includes mod support for the budding game designer (although tools are not out yet).

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