Infamous 2 Festival of Blood DLC Walkthrough

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3. The Barbed Cross

  1. Approach the story mission icon to locate the cemetery and a big red star on the map that represents Bloody Mary. She will disable you if attacked and unleash a small wave of vampires, so ignore her for now unless you need to chalk up a few more shakedowns.
  2. Enter the cemetery and find the story mission icon on top of one of the crypts to activate a cut scene. Afterwards, fend off any nearby zombies that have been created and move to an area that has a high consistency of street lamps so that you can recharge your health quickly.
  3. Watch the surrounding area to track the Firstborn’s teleportation path, then enter aim mode when the creature pauses to attack you and fire upon him repeatedly with the power punch until he retreats. Refill your electricity supply and wait for the Firstborn to appear again, then continue your assault until he is defeated.
  4. Afterwards, move towards the star icon on the map to investigate the tomb of Ignacius and suffer another mind control attack from Blood Mary. When you regain control, hold down the indicated button to enter Vampire Vision and follow the trail left by the smoky apparition.
  5. Continue following the creature’s previous path until you exit the cemetery and enter an alley across the street, then break the Canopic Blood Jar you come across and return to Vampire Vision. When the trail goes cold, you will need to discover which of the party-goers around you is disguised as the First Born you are tracking.
  6. Use Vampire Vision to study each of the surrounding civilians until you spot one without the reddish glow of body temperature. Approach the completely blue skeleton and exit Vampire Vision, then press the indicated button to stake this person and expose the First Born.
  7. Track the next thief by using Vampire Vision again and leave the alley by moving up a set of steps, then take out the Harpies that appear by using aim mode and continue following the trail. When you reach the cook-out area, take down another wave of vampires and harpies that appears before returning to Vampire Vision.
  8. Follow the trail of the thief until you can enter the door that leads into the catacombs. Once inside, use Vampire Vision to continue tracking the First Born back into the train tunnel and eliminate another wave of enemies.
  9. Afterwards, continue down the tunnel along the path being left by the First Born until you see that the creature flew onto the next ledge above. Climb up the wall to reach the same ledge and return to Vampire Vision, then follow the trail across a bridge and eliminate another wave of vampires.
  10. Climb the next ladder along the path of smoke you’re following and continue tracking the First Born to eliminate another wave of enemies. Use Vampire Vision to investigate the end of the path and fall through the crumbling floor, then face-off with the First Born when you land in the train tunnel below.
  11. Use attacks from aim mode to disable the First Born and eventually stake it, then pick up the Barbed Cross the creatures dropped to activate a cut scene and complete the mission.

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