Infamous 2 Festival of Blood DLC Walkthrough

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5. Secrets

  1. After completing a UGC challenge, move towards the story icon on the map to locate and activate the mission waiting for you on the street corner. Move towards the star icon that appears to locate the entrance to the catacombs by the church, then enter through the door.
  2. Make your way to the left towards the white map icon and enter the tunnel, then grind the rails to move forward until a cut scene activates. Afterwards, move through the doorway that has appeared and destroy the engine next to the dumbwaiter with a melee attack.
  3. Exit the room and make right to continue down the tunnel by grinding the tracks, then activate Vampire Vision to reveal the glyphs and clues along the way.
  4. Eliminate the pack of Harpies you encounter by using various attacks in aim mode, then continue forward down the tunnel until you see an arrow pointing upwards on the left.
  5. Climb the wall where the upwards arrow is painted and move through the hidden doorway on your left, then destroy the dumbwaiter’s engine and exit the room.
  6. Jump back down to the tunnel system below and make a left along the tracks, then eliminate the wave of vampires in the next room by taking out the harpies first and consistently refilling your electricity supply with the fluorescent lights scattered around the area.
  7. Use Vampire Vision to locate the hidden doorway in the corner of the area, then enter the secret room and destroy the dumbwaiter’s engine.
  8. Return to the tunnel system and make a left, then grind the next set of tracks ahead and continue following the arrow glyphs.
  9. When you reach the room where there’s the track suddenly turns to the left, disengage from it and move forward towards the upper left corner. Make your way through the hidden door to destroy the engine and pick up the key to the Coven Room.
  10. Exit the room and make a right into the next tunnel, then grind the rails until the track comes to an end and quickly eliminate another wave of vampires using melee attacks and aim mode.
  11. Enter the next tunnel ahead and move a short distance forward, then turn left when you see the arrow indicating to do so and climb onto the ledge above.
  12. Approach the large door marked by a star on your map to unlock the entrance to the coven, then move forward and open the chest to complete the mission.

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