Infamous 2 Festival of Blood DLC Walkthrough

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7. Control

  1. Approach the story icon to locate and activate the next mission on the rooftop with a bonfire statue.
  2. After the cut scene, fend off any surrounding enemies and follow Mary around the statue to keep track of her. Stay at a distance or jump away from her whirlwind attack and fire on her repeatedly using aim mode, then wait until there is a pause in the assault and sprint towards her.
  3. Strike Mary with a melee attack to cause her to retreat, then follow her using Shadow Swarm and continue the assault within the cemetery. Fend off the zombies as you chase Mary through the cemetery and jump on top of the crypts as a shortcut in case she gets too far ahead.
  4. When Mary stops to attack you again, repeat the previous tactic to strike her with the barbed cross and follow her out of the cemetery.
  5. When she stops on the next rooftop, hang off the ledge in front of her and wait until she finishes the whirlwind attack before climbing up to execute a melee strike.
  6. Follow Mary into the concert area and land on the metal structure above the stage, then drop down and execute a ground pound melee strike on her.
  7. After she retreats again, trail Mary to the statue outside the church and look up at her to execute an Ionic Storm and activate a cut scene.
  8. Afterwards, eliminate the vampires that approach by using aim mode to fry multiple enemies at once by shooting the water they emerge from. Watch the map to take out enemies that come up from behind with melee strikes, then return to the water ahead and electrocute the next wave of vampires.
  9. When you have held off the waves of vampires for a few moments, Mary will appear on the ledge you’re guarding. Try to move in for a melee strike as soon as she lands and return to the hordes of vampires after her retreat.
  10. Continue fighting off the vampires by electrocuting the water they wade through to approach you and strike Mary whenever she appears on the scene.
  11. Take care of the harpies and enemies that throw long-range weaponry immediately when they arrive and use the power supplies on either side of the area to ensure your survival.
  12. Completely drain Mary’s health after the explosives have been rigged to activate a cut scene. Afterwards, push your way through the sunlight to climb the steps ahead and reach Zeke at the top to complete the game.
  13. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Fangs for Playing (Gold): Defeat Bloody Mary.

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