inFamous 2 Full Stunt List

Some are good, some are evil, some are neutral, but all of them are fun to watch — and rewarding, too. Completing stunts in inFAMOUS 2 earns you experience points, which you can use to buy new powers and abilities. Here is the full list of stunts you can perform:

Neutral Stunts

Take Down
+5 XP
Defeat an enemy. XP reward increase with the size of the enemy.

+5 XP
Take down two enemies in one attack.

+5 XP
Take down three enemies in one attack.

+5 XP
Take down four enemies in one attack.

Big Destrcution
+5 XP
Destroy a large object.

Blast Part
+10 XP
Hit three enemies with one Blast attack.

Blast Riot
+25 XP
Hit five enemies with one Blast attack.

Blast Shard
+5 XP
Collect a Blast Shard

Blast Shard Energy Storage Increased
+5 XP
Collect enough Blast Shards to add another Power Core to Cole’s energy gauge.

Bounce ‘n Stick
+15 XP
Stick a grenade to a human-sized enemy after it bounces off something.

+15 XP
Destroy four cars in four seconds.

Climbing Assault
+5 XP
Kill an enemy while hanging from a ledge

Dead Drop
+50 XP
Collect a dead drop.

Dead Eye
+5 XP
Score a direct hit on an enemy with a rocket.

Disabled Turret
+10 XP
Disable an enemy machine gun turret.

Enviro Kill
+10 XP
Kill an enemy using an environmental object.

Grenade Party
+10 XP
Damage three enemies with a single grenade.

Head Shock
+1 XP
Hit an enemy in the head with any bolt attack.

Hit Clueless Enemy
+5 XP
Attack an enemy who is unaware of Cole’s presence.

Hit Flying Enemy
+5 XP
Hit an enemy with a bolt attack while the foe is in the air.

Precise Head Shock
+1 XP
Blast an enemy in the head while in Precision Mode.

Rocket Party
+5 XP
Hit three or more enemies with a single rocket.

Rubber Rocket
+5 XP
Use a Blast attack to deflect an enemy rocket.

Special Delivery
+5 XP
Kill an enemy by throwing an object with Kinetic Pulse.

Stick it to the Man
+10 XP
Attach a sticky grenade to an enemy.

+1 XP
Hit an enemy with a bolt after firing a Redirect Rocket.

Watch Your Step
+15 XP
Kill an enemy by knocking them off a high ledge.

Wet Landing
+5 XP
Defeat an enemy by pushing them into deep water.

Good Karma Stunts

Cold Shoulder
+1 XP
Freeze an enemy with an ice attack.

Live Capture
+1 XP
Arc Restrain a wounded enemy.

Healing Touch
+1 XP
Heal a civilian.

Hostage Rescued
+5 XP
Save a civilian from a mugging or an abduction.

Evil Karma Stunts

+1 XP
Kill a civilian. Requires an Evil Karam ranking of Thug or higher.

+1 XP
Bio Leech a wounded enemy.

+1 XP
Arc Restrain an enemy, and then kill them.

Super Drain
+1 XP
Kill an enemy with Ionic Drain.

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