Injustice: Gods Among Us – Story Walkthrough & Characters Guide

Table of Contents

  • Character Guides
  • Chapter 1: Batman
  • Chapter 2: Green Lantern
  • Chapter 3: Aquaman
  • Chapter 4: The Joker
  • Chapter 5: Green Arrow
  • Chapter 6: Cyborg
  • Chapter 7: Deathstroke
  • Chapter 8: Batman
  • Chapter 9: Lex Luthor
  • Chapter 10: The Flash
  • Chapter 11: Wonder Woman
  • Chapter 12: Superman
  • Chapter 12: Superman

    Basic Tips & Recommended Attacks

    Superman is a perfect beginner’s character, with many easy to use and powerful moves at his disposal.
    His ranged attacks don’t require a lot of thought, and he can trade blows with anyone else in the roster.

    Fury of Krypton (Character Power): Temporarily, Super Man’s strength will increase. There’s no downside, it just does more damage. If your opponent is trying to use armor, Superman’s attacks will ignore it.

    Heat Vision / Heat Zap (Special): Superman’s ranged specials. Basic, but always handy. Use Vision often, especially after launching an opponent. Get in an easy hit while they’re falling.

    Flying Punch (Special): You know the drill. Use this charge to cross the screen quickly.

    Kryptonite Bash (Combo): A basic combo, useful for almost all situations.

    The Last Son (Combo): A heavier combo, still easy to remember but best used when you’ve got an opening.

    VS Black Adam

    Before tackling Adam, follow the inputs to complete the minigame. Win, and you’ll start the battle with a full health bar.

    Your best chances at victory come when you’ve successfully completed the minigame. Black Adam will start with less than half of his first health bar, giving Superman a significant advantage.

    Unfortunately, Adam’s ability to summon energy orbs still makes him an annoying opponent. Play keep-away and pummel Adam with Heat Zaps and Vision while powered up or with Meter Burn.

    Adam is just as quick as Clark, so you’ll have to watch out while trying to use the stage hazards He’ll be just as likely to knock those puny objects out of your hands if you don’t knock him back first.

    VS Aquaman

    Aquaman returns, and his AI makes full use out of his cheapest attack – the Trident Rush. He’ll use it every chance he gets, and unleash Meter Burn if he’s got that too.

    Don’t let him get close. Use Superman’s Super Breath if he closes in, or fly away with an air dash. Use Heat Vision or Zap to knock him back as he tries to get close.

    Unfortunately, Superman’s ranged attacks are slightly slower on the draw than Aquaman’s. Use the Flying Punch to hit him fast, and attempt to grab if he tries to get up close.

    VS Doomsday

    The creature that once killed Superman is no pushover. Not surprising that he’s the battle before the last, and one of the toughest in the game.

    Doomsday’s armor character power feels insurmountable. Use Superman’s character power to overcome him, it’s the only way to put a dent in the giant when he’s invincible.

    Play keep-away by blowing him backwards with Superman’s Flying Punch or Super Breath. While he’s away, his slow movement speed and sluggish jump makes him an easy target for Heat Vision or Heat Zap.

    Doomsday loves to juggle Superman in the corner – don’t let him! That’s what Superman’s air dash is for.

    Once blown back, keep using those Heat specials. Doomsday’s jumps really do suck. The AI won’t be able to overcome without armor. If he tries to block, use Meter Burn with Heat Vision to blow through his block and hit him again. It’s cheap, but it works.

    VS Superman

    This is it. The final battle to decide the fate of two dimensions. The AI is tough here, he’ll chain together custom combos and special moves to devastate your health bar.

    Keep moving, and expect the AI to use stage hazards whenever possible. Use them yourself, but don’t do it until you’re confident Superman won’t interrupt you. He’ll be on your rear end the entire battle – as one of the more mobile characters, Superman isn’t about to leave you alone with the big explosive objects.

    The AI will use his character power often. Do the same to match him in strength, and check out some of Superman’s anti-air specials. Abilities like Rising Grab will almost always take the AI by surprise.

    Use the Stage Transition on the right for some easy extra damage. If the AI goes for one of the objects, it only takes a simple weak punch to interrupt him.

    The AI prefers to use Meter Burn over saving up for his super. If you’re quick, you can block or dodge these attacks and use your own Super to bring this battle to a close.

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    7 Comments on Injustice: Gods Among Us – Story Walkthrough & Characters Guide


    On April 3, 2013 at 12:34 am

    No character creation mode, bah..
    Even Wrestling games have character creation mode.


    On April 5, 2013 at 1:09 am

    Wrestling is technically a sport, so the introduction of new characters (hence, create a wrestler) is plausible. Injustice is a licensed franchise from DC and they would never allow a create-a-fighter option.


    On April 19, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    But doing it in DC Universe online its ok right?

    I’m just saying that I believe we have to break this barrier in gaming. I’m Hispanic and I wont buy this game or any fighting game that does not implement a character customization option. I don think its worth a 60 dollar price tag on something I can finish in a day without it having replay value. I mean there isn’t even an Asian superhero for crying out loud. Not to mention the1 token black guy.

    I for one love games so much that these industries don’t care about catering to the player and that’s the reason no one is buying there games. Then they start whining that they didn’t hit there sales mark because they believe people are pirating. No its because they cater to one demographic.


    On May 1, 2013 at 8:38 am

    What was the combo that hit for 14 and 32%?


    On May 1, 2013 at 8:39 am

    The Aquaman combo I mean…

    Spam King

    On May 4, 2013 at 8:55 am

    While I appreciate the Character Game Guide (very useful)
    I would prefer the guide to be in the format that you used for Mortal Kombat
    ie One use a universal Key 1,2,3,4 for the buttons (or atleast make some sort of key so that we can id the difference between the X-Box 360 and PS3 versions) and
    Apart from just speaking out what you are inputting can you also write the combo down (just like you did in the MK Videos) That may be a lot easier for certain people (it certainly was for me) instead of trying to strain their eyes on what is on the side screen (ie the small display of buttons input display)

    I hope that I haven’t offended anyone with any of my comments and I am wondering if you are going to put up anymore videos of characters in the future. Also please show Enhanced Versions of the Super Moves and can you also tell what are the Strengths and Weakness of a character. Ie Lex Luthor may be a strong character but has slow speed but doesn’t have that many combos etc… and who a said character has an advantage against and who he is weakened/disadvantage against.

    I hope that you consider my suggestions and don’t consider my post as Spam even though it is in my name. :)

    Spam King

    On May 4, 2013 at 10:09 am

    My Bad I carefully noted your videos after a couple of watching so I can now see the button display for the combos though a universal key might be a bit easier, it is still better than nothing.

    Would like a lex luthor video as well.
    Also the other suggestions though please consider them