Injustice: Gods Among Us – Story Walkthrough & Characters Guide

Table of Contents

  • Character Guides
  • Chapter 1: Batman
  • Chapter 2: Green Lantern
  • Chapter 3: Aquaman
  • Chapter 4: The Joker
  • Chapter 5: Green Arrow
  • Chapter 6: Cyborg
  • Chapter 7: Deathstroke
  • Chapter 8: Batman
  • Chapter 9: Lex Luthor
  • Chapter 10: The Flash
  • Chapter 11: Wonder Woman
  • Chapter 12: Superman
  • Chapter 2: Green Lantern

    Basic Tips & Recommended Attacks

    Hal Jordan is another all around heavy-hitter, with improved ranged attacks over Batman and a good collection of offensive combo strings that are easy to input. His Character Power is more immediately useful and doesn’t require as much prep as Batman’s. He doesn’t have the damage output of other fighters, but that shouldn’t be an issue in story mode.

    Green Lantern’s Light (Character Power): Like Superman, Green Lantern will power-up and dish out more damage. The effect only lasts a short time. Best used after knocking back or stunning an opponent, then using a combo or special attack with meter burn.

    Minigun / Oa’s Rocket: Green Lanter comes with several horizontal special attacks. Oa’s Rocket can also be using in air, making it difficult for enemies to approach him. Use these abilities to back-off and force your opponents to jump toward you – think of these powers as control. If they land, all the better.

    Lantern’s Might: A great way to catch enemies as they try to jump toward Lantern, this attack instantly grapples opponents at medium range and throws them to the ground. Adding Meter Burn adds a second ground slam.

    Turbine Smash (Aid / Ground): Turbine Smash is a good basic horizontal attack, but the air version is great for crossing distance or zipping over deadly horizontal attacks. Green Lantern doesn’t need to worry about mobility as much as Batman, but this ability is great for getting around, above, or behind opponents.

    Grand Slam (Combo): An easy to dial-in 4-hit combo. It starts slow, so beware punishment from quick strikers. Otherwise, a very handy combo that’s great for almost any situation during the story mode.

    Volley Smash (Combo): An easy 3-hit combo that’s much faster that Grand Slam to start, making it a safer bet when making an offensive approach.

    VS Raven

    Raven might use magic, but she is similar to Green Lantern in many ways. She flies, has ranged-grapples, and can dominate at medium-to-long distances with difficult to judge attacks.

    In the hangar, Green Lantern can use his super strength in ways Batman can’t. Green Lantern can throw shelves on the left, gas canisters on the right (3 of them!), missiles in the right corner, and a turbine in the left. Use these advantages to easily tear down Raven’s health bar.

    When Raven’s Super Meter is full, stay away. Her power lands near her. If she combos or attacks, try using Clash to goad her into wasting some of her meter.

    VS Cyborg

    Cyborg is a slower character with some hard-hitting abilities. He’ll use energy blasts and a vacuum to pull Green Lantern in close where he’ll be able to hit with quick combos despite his slow movement speed.

    Green Lantern has Cyborg beat in the mobility department. Use the stage hazards again if you feel like laming it out, just remember that Cyborg can use these hazards too. Not a big fear in the story, but watch Cyborg and prepare to block if he goes for one of the stage objects.

    Cyborg can shoot diagonally upward and downward, so watch out if you’re doing too many jumps. He wants you to jump into his blasts, don’t fall for it!

    VS Sinestro

    Before the fight begins, you’ll have a small mini-game to complete. Press the buttons as them appear, and when it’s time to mash, remember you can press ALL the face buttons at once to make it easier. For each failed section, Green Lanter will lose a portion of his health. Win and Sinestro starts with a lower health bar.

    Time to face off against Green Lantern’s nemesis, with his very own power ring. The battle takes place in Gotham City – there’s a dumpster just left of the neutral starting position that’s very easy for Hal to get his hands on.

    Sinestro is more technical than Green Lantern, and moves quick. He’ll try to drop spectral boulders on your head that are head to judge – block while standing to avoid taking damage, or side-step left or right quickly.

    If Sinestro attemps his Super Move, jump! Jump and use (Air) Turbine Smash to avoid it.

    Otherwise, Sinestro is more of a melee fighter during this battle. His distance attack, similar to Oa’s Rocket, is can ducked or jumped over.

    VS Yellow Lantern

    This doppelganger battle is the toughest for Hal. Don’t rely on distance and special moves – close the distance with offensive powers like Turbine Smash and follow-up with quick combos.

    If you’re quick, Yellow Lantern will teach you a new combo. Use Meter Burn Lantern’s Light, then after the second slam use Lantern’s Light (regular) again for a third easy hit to extend the combo.

    Or, use Meter Burn Lantern’s Light, followed by Meter Burn Minigun for four hits.

    Take advantage of the AI’s difficulty in breaking grabs. Get in close and grapple whenever possible for quick, easy damage.

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    On April 3, 2013 at 12:34 am

    No character creation mode, bah..
    Even Wrestling games have character creation mode.


    On April 5, 2013 at 1:09 am

    Wrestling is technically a sport, so the introduction of new characters (hence, create a wrestler) is plausible. Injustice is a licensed franchise from DC and they would never allow a create-a-fighter option.


    On April 19, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    But doing it in DC Universe online its ok right?

    I’m just saying that I believe we have to break this barrier in gaming. I’m Hispanic and I wont buy this game or any fighting game that does not implement a character customization option. I don think its worth a 60 dollar price tag on something I can finish in a day without it having replay value. I mean there isn’t even an Asian superhero for crying out loud. Not to mention the1 token black guy.

    I for one love games so much that these industries don’t care about catering to the player and that’s the reason no one is buying there games. Then they start whining that they didn’t hit there sales mark because they believe people are pirating. No its because they cater to one demographic.


    On May 1, 2013 at 8:38 am

    What was the combo that hit for 14 and 32%?


    On May 1, 2013 at 8:39 am

    The Aquaman combo I mean…

    Spam King

    On May 4, 2013 at 8:55 am

    While I appreciate the Character Game Guide (very useful)
    I would prefer the guide to be in the format that you used for Mortal Kombat
    ie One use a universal Key 1,2,3,4 for the buttons (or atleast make some sort of key so that we can id the difference between the X-Box 360 and PS3 versions) and
    Apart from just speaking out what you are inputting can you also write the combo down (just like you did in the MK Videos) That may be a lot easier for certain people (it certainly was for me) instead of trying to strain their eyes on what is on the side screen (ie the small display of buttons input display)

    I hope that I haven’t offended anyone with any of my comments and I am wondering if you are going to put up anymore videos of characters in the future. Also please show Enhanced Versions of the Super Moves and can you also tell what are the Strengths and Weakness of a character. Ie Lex Luthor may be a strong character but has slow speed but doesn’t have that many combos etc… and who a said character has an advantage against and who he is weakened/disadvantage against.

    I hope that you consider my suggestions and don’t consider my post as Spam even though it is in my name. :)

    Spam King

    On May 4, 2013 at 10:09 am

    My Bad I carefully noted your videos after a couple of watching so I can now see the button display for the combos though a universal key might be a bit easier, it is still better than nothing.

    Would like a lex luthor video as well.
    Also the other suggestions though please consider them