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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Walkthrough

The next game to come out of the Summer of Arcade is the insanely tongue-tied Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. In this wild 2D sidescroller, explore the titular Shadow Planet with your upgradeable UFO. Scroll through a vibrantly animated environment and crush the many insane, twisted aliens you’re sure to encounter in your journey into the darkness of an unknown planet.

Look below for all the sane and non-twisted help our shadowy operatives here at GameFront are fit to provide. If you need more data on the Shadow Planet, check out our insanely twisted lists – covering achievements, and cheats.

Check back on release day for constant updates to our Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet walkthrough.

Table of Contents


  1. Achievement: Keep in mind that one of the achievements is to explore every part of the Shadow Planet map. So don’t leave any square uncovered! Also, for the full achievements you want to locate and collect all of the artifacts which you can achieve easier by exploring every part of the map.
  2. Start by following the on-screen instructions. Hold RB to select your scanner and use RS to aim and hold RT to use it. Use LS to move around.
  3. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the controls return to the pad to get ‘launched’ into the world.
  4. Now that you’re outside, you can use the back button to access the map and hold RB to assign hotkeys and to use the different scanner abilities.
  5. You’ll want to move to the right. Notice the two ships trying to break through the tentacles. Move to the right and go into the only available open cavern. Avoid the air blowers and further to the right. When you get to the part that blows you downwards you want to keep heading to the right. The second tunnel is the one you want to get into.
  6. Continue along the tunnel. Move into the yellow globe to autosave. Note: for the future it’s assumed that you’ll always autosave when you can. Then move into the blue drill bit to get a blaster ability. Blast through the tentacles and then move to the left and down to return to where the two ships are trying to get through the tentacles. Blast through them and head down. Watch out though, they grow back.
  7. Now that you’re in the tunnel there will be two ships here that also have blasters. They’ll quickly get destroyed by the enemy rocks so you need to blast these asap. If you do get hit by one of these rocks, the yellow round circles are health. Just move into them to regain health or go into one of the autosave circles which will also replenish your health.
  8. Concept Art: Once you’ve moved a little further there will be a tunnel leading downwards. Here is the first concept art.
  9. Move farther down the tunnel and eventually you’ll see a ship with an arm. If you move to the right to autosave the cave will partially collapse on top of the ship with the arm. You can now pick up and use the arm as another one of your abilities. Using the arm, remove some of the rocks above you to clear a passage. Watch out for falling rocks though!
  10. Go up. Notice that your path is blocked by a large rock. Another ship will come and move a rock to the left so you can now move the large rock above you by sliding it to the left.
  11. Continue on. Here is a quick little puzzle. Move the sliding rock on the bottom to the right to allow you to move to the left and up. Blast the enemy rocks and then grab the rock that’s blocking the sliding rock and move that aside. Now move back under the sliding rock and move it to the left.
  12. Move back up and you should be above ground. To the right there will be a bunch of tentacles blocking your path to a tunnel below. Blast these but be careful: they grow back quick. There will be a yellow orb inside some jaws that you just need to grab with the arm and pull out.


  1. Start by exploring the area around you. If you choose to do so, immediately start moving to the left to begin the level. Or, move to the right for concept art. The blue floating creatures can be destroyed to gain some health. They will hurt you if you run into them, though. If you continue to the right there will be an orange worm with a sucking mouth. Scan this and then find a rock. Using your arm, bring a rock to the worm and it should suck in the rock and collapse. Keep moving to the right to collect the second concept art.
  2. Moving up off the start will have a blue floating creature. You can shoot it to gain health or leave it alone.
  3. Concept Art: Now that you’ve collected the concept art, follow the tunnel to the left. Three sucking worms will block your path. Just feed them rocks into their mouths with your arm and they will retract.
  4. Continue to the left. There will be a hostile floating creature so watch out for the arms. It’s easily blasted away. Keep moving to the left and there will be turrets shooting out rocks at you. Destroy the turrets to stop them from shooting rocks. Quickly move to the left because the turrets will regenerate.
  5. Artifact: Once you’re at the opening to the next room you can either go down or to the left. If you’ve been damaged by the turrets it’s a good idea to go down because there will be health. Also, you’ll find there the first of three artifacts.
  6. Continue to the left and blast the rocks. Alternatively you can grab them and use them to destroy other rocks. I also found that if you grip the turrets with your arm they will not shoot out rocks.
  7. Concept Art: Eventually you will have another option to either go down or continue to the left. If you go down there will be another concept art. Going left will just advance you farther on in the level.
  8. Look on the map to go to the point of interest. This yellow orb will upgrade you to level 2. Avoid getting hit by the rocks and by the creature that pulls you in and continue to the left. It is better to move fast and avoid the rocks than to linger and destroy everything.
  9. Continue past the next set of turrets to the left. You will eventually reach a large cavern. You can’t go the bottom right or bottom left yet so you need to go up.
  10. Blast throught the large tentacles to the left. Move on past the turrets and go up towards the level-up orb. The path to the orb is blocked by a huge tree and a rock. Just move the rock to the left to tilt the tree. Get the level-up and then move the rock back to the space in the tree to leave.
  11. Artifact: Continue to the left. Your path is blocked by another sucking worm so you need to move downwards. If you choose to continue down to the right you need to move past some bats and more turrets to get the second artifact. If you go to the left you can feed a sucking worm a rock. Alternatively I found that you can even feed them the enemy rocks.
  12. Next, you’re going to want to get the next ability: the shield. To get this you need to move left and take the first tunnel up that you can. Just follow your map. There will be a huge spider that will try to suck you up and damage you with rocks. Just avoid the rocks and get health when you need it. He will attack you a few times but he shouldn’t be able to kill you. Then continue on to the right to get the shield ability.
  13. Artifact: To get the third artifact you need to go down the tunnel that’s to the left and downwards of the shield ability. You can choose to explore further left but you will find that your path will be blocked it is best to just return to where your map indicates the destination.
  14. Concept Art: Move toward the destination. Tip: you can impale the shield enemies on sticks by grabbing them with your arm, or crash them into one another. There will be a small cubby hold to the left while you’re moving to the destination with concept art.
  15. Artifact:Move quickly past the turrets and the enemies that like to suck you in. When moving on to the destination you can go down a tunnel that will give you another piece of the artifact. Do this, then move onto the destination.
  16. The destination is a boss. The first thing you need to do is start shooting the eye. Once you do this then the whole boss emerges. To defeat the boss you need to shoot the tentacles. Once you shoot them they retract and expose the eye. Shoot off the enemy rocks and then destroy the eye. You need to do this for each eye. Once you’re done, move to the side because the boss will spin and fall into the ground.
  17. Artifact:Now that you’ve defeated the boss you can continue on. Go all the way down. Use the shield ability to go through the poisonous gases on top the water. Then go all the way down and then left to get another artifact. If you go to the right you will find another piece of the artifact. Return back from where you came (out of the poisonous gas area) to move right to go on with the level.
  18. Eventually you will come to a room with a huge drill. Disable it by grabbing on to the small arms that are on the drill and pull them off. Go all the way under the drill and come up on the other side to grab the other arm. This will leave a swarm of bats around the drill bit. Distract them by heating one of the blue rocks on the blue flame then grab the drill bit. You can now drill through crumbling rock with the drill bit ability.
  19. Artifact: At this point you need to return to the far left of the map so you can drill to get the 2nd part of the next ability. Also, there is a hidden wall in the top left corner that contains an artifact.
  20. Artifact: Another artifact is contained to the left of the massive drill. You just need to drill downwards to get it. After you have done all of this, return to the right side of the map to get to the destination.
  21. Once you drill through the wall a torrent of wind will push you backwards. Use the arm to grab onto the trees with the red circular tops to keep yourself from flying back through the tunnel. Keep moving along the tunnel and eventually you will reach the boss.
  22. To defeat the boss, you need to follow the path of the red energy from the right side. Quickly shoot the radar dish looking object that the red energy goes to attack the monster on the right. You will break through the walls doing this. Eventually you will break through all of the walls, defeating the boss.


  1. The first things to find in this new section of the map are the artifact and the concept art. Directly above the main cavern are where they’re located. Move along the left side of the waterfall and then get into the small space on the right. Then use your drill and drill upwards to get to the concept art and artifact.
  2. Next, there is an ability to collect. Move into the tunnel system at the bottom right part of the cavern. Follow the current and avoiding getting hit. You want to follow the current, then go down, then left, and then up. You should come to a small cavern with a big jellyfish. Grab some bubbles and put them underneath the jellyfish to move it out of the way so you can get the ability. Then move back down into the current.
  3. Concept Art: Go back into the current. Here are the directions for the turns: go down, then down again. After a 4-way intersection you want to grab onto a tree with an orange tip and then there will be a small cubby with a concept art shortly after the intersection. Move back into the current.
  4. Artifact: follow the currents and you will eventually move into a second large cavern. At the far right will be a huge jellyfish. You need to collect a lot of bubbles to place under it so it moves out of the way. Then, continue into a small tunnel to the right to get an artifact.
  5. Go back the way you came. Go into the tunnel but this time move up. When you get to an intersection, grab onto a tree and head up. You will find another ability farther down this tunnel.
  6. Tip: A good way to manuever with the trees is to grab on, then swing yourself around to the other side of the tree.
  7. Concept Art: Once you’ve come back to the current after getting the ability, this time let yourself drift downwards. At the next 4-way intersection of currents grab a tree to pull yourself to the right. There will be a concept art further down this passage. Make sure you use the map.
  8. The next thing you need to do is return to the second large cavern. This time, continue downwards through the passage instead of going right. You will eventually go through a portal and encounter a boss. This boss is quite easy. Just swim near the enemies on the top left and bottom left corners of the cavern when the boss isn’t sucking in. Then use your arm and grab on to one of the large tentacles while the torpedoes get sucked into the boss. Do this several times then allow yourself to be sucked through the passage.
  9. Once you’ve been sucked through the passage you immediately get access to a new ability, the rocket.
  10. Artifact: Use the rocket near what appears to be a tunnel at the top of the cavern. Steer it carefully through the tunnel and explode it against the red circle. This will open the way to the artifact.
  11. Next, return to the left of the cavern and shoot your rocket toward the red circle. This will open the passage.
  12. The next thing you need to do is to move down into the next cavern. Notice that there are three open tubes. Grab three of the creatures that look like blueberries and cover up the tube openings.
  13. This should open up the passage to the next room. You are now in another large cavern. Go to the bottom right tunnel and cover up those three tubes as well. Return to the cavern and go to the top left. There will be another tunnel that you need to navigate a rocket through. DO this now. Note: this is very tricky. Take your time with this.
  14. You will arrive in another cavern. Go to the bottom and cover up the two tubes with the blueberry creatures that area already there.
  15. There is a faucet on the left side of this cavern that can be uncovered. Grind through the rocks covering it and then use the arm to open it. Next, get one more blueberry creature by going to the top of the cavern and to the left. Grab this creature quickly, then drop it into the water pool to the left of the faucet you just opened. Pick it up again and use it to cover up the last tube.
  16. Return to the central cavern. The bottom should now be accessible.
  17. The next is the final step of Ocean. There is a central cavern. First explode the three sacks on the creature that look like blueberries. All the while you need to avoid getting hit by the torpedoes. Using the rocket against the torpedo launcher creature is more effective than using the blaster. Go to the far right of the cavern and pick up three blueberry creatures and bring them back to the central cavern.
  18. I found that the easiest way to do this is to use the rocket on the torpedo launcher on the far right, then throwing the blueberry creatures into the water to the left. Then, I picked up the blue berry creatures and put them into the popped blueberry tentacle spots. They will explode the tentacles, killing the creature blocking the tube to the next step. This is the last step to the level.
  19. Concept Art: If you missed this easy concept art like I did, the very central cavern of the Ocean level that you return to will have a concept art at the bottom right part of the cavern.


  1. Concept Art: Before beginning the Ice section, it might be a good idea to return to the Organic map and get the concept art at the top of the map that you previously couldn’t get. Just shoot the rocket at the smaller circle.
  2. Move to the middle of the global map where all of the portals meet. Begin moving to the ice region by and open the door by moving the yellow crystal into the crack in the floor. This will burn away the wall in your way.
  3. The next barrier is destroyed in the same way. First place a yellow crystal in the left crack, another yellow crystal in the ceiling crack, and a blue crystal in the right crack. This will burn away the barrier.
  4. Artifact: An artifact is just upwards of the second barrier. Shoot the huge block of ice with a rocket to jar ice free so you can get through.
  5. Move on to the left. To get the next part of the ability go up. Fly a rocket through the tunnel to jar the ice loose. Then go to the right cubby hole to get the ability.
  6. The next part is a diamond puzzle. You want to point four lasers into the large blue diamond so that it will fall on the orange one below. Start with the bottom left laser. Grind away the ice at the bottom left part of the cave and put a yellow diamond in the glowing crack.
  7. Next, go to the upper left hand corner. Put a yellow diamond into the glowing crack, then a green diamond in the crack directly above it. Orient the diamond so that the laser will reflect to the left. Put a green diamond in the upper left crack so that the laser shoots down and to the right. If the laser doesn’t point this way even after putting in the green diamonds, remove them and reorient them.
  8. Return to the large blue diamond and put a green diamond in the crack that is right next to the large blue diamond. There should now be two glowing sections on the large blue diamond from the two lasers.
  9. Go to the upper right cave. Just put a yellow diamond in the ceiling crack that is glowing and a blue diamond in the crack directly underneath.
  10. Notice that there are now three sections of the large diamond glowing. The last section that needs to be filled is the bottom right. Just put a yellow diamond in the left crack.
  11. Before you can get the diamond to fall, though, you need to defeat the boss. Head to the left and use your rocket as before to destroy large crystal barriers.
  12. You will need to solve another diamond puzzle. First put a yellow diamond in the glowing crack, then green ones in all of the other cracks. This should destroy the barrier. Remember, if the laser doesn’t line up, just remove the diamonds and reorient them.
  13. To defeat the boss, you need to use several different abilities. First, avoid the laser by using your shield ability. Then, shoot the long blue crystals with rockets so that they resonate and the ice on the inside cracks. Shoot a rocket into the interior of the boss just as if you were opening a gate. You’ll need to do this a few times. Once you’re done with that, go to the left.
  14. There is an ability at the top left cavern that will upgrade you to level 2. Continue on with the chamber, using your new laser ability to destroy the structures holding up the cavern. After you do this, the cave will collapse so get ready to move quickly.
  15. Artifact: Eventually you will come to a huge cavern with some massive drills. There is an artifact in the bottom left corner. There’s also an upgrade in the upper right corner of the cavern. There is an additional upgrade in the passage that leads back to the space where the huge blue diamond is.
  16. Concept Art: There is concept art in a room right above the cavern with the drills. You may want to go back to Organic and get the Concept Art there as well.
  17. Concept Art: Now that you’ve done all this, go back down the way you came to explore the ice map. To the right of the big red diamond there is a passage that goes up. Return to this spot. Now you need to get the missing piece of the big red diamond. Grab one of the yellow fruit from the top of this cavern and lure the dragon out. Then grab onto what look like its hands and let it pull you through the narrow opening. Get the concept art. Then grab the diamond and bring it back to the big red diamond and put it in the missing crack.


  1. Get the “mover” ability. This is what it will be referred to from now on. Simply move the enemies away from you, then move the blocks on to the square pads. Bring a block into the room with a tube leading upwards and attach it to the right wall to open the gate. Then use the mover to position the block in the next room onto the square pad.
  2. Concept Art: Move through the tube and get the concept art.
  3. Next, you’ll need to fling a cube through the debris in the next cavern. Just get it onto the square pad.
  4. The next part is easy. Just grab onto the large cub and pull yourself through the debris. Push away to get through the next debris.
  5. Notice now that you can’t move the blocks and only you move yourself towards them. Go further down the tunnel until you get to the torrent of debris. Latch onto the cubes and basically fling yourself from cube to cube, Tarzan style. Go up when you can and through the first available tube.
  6. You can also go back to the Ocean map now, at the bottom of the map and get an upgrade that you previously couldn’t get with the mover ability. Just latch onto the blocks to drag yourself along again. Then move to the destination to start the next level.
  7. This part of the map is very linear. All you need to do is follow the tunnel and grind anything that is orange and move anything that is purple. Use the mover to plug in the electrical cables so that you can use the gears. For sake of redundancy I left this part out.
  8. The first puzzle is at a production line. You need to somehow laser a piece that is blocking your path. To do this, you need to grind away the growth on the carts before they are above you. This will allow you to reflect the laser on them. Reflect the laser on them and them move on to the next part.
  9. The next part of Mechanical is more difficult. You need to use the mover to remove the lids on the pipes. Move further down the tunnel. There’s usually only one way to go with removing the caps so just do yourself a favor ahead of time and remove all that you see. This way you can move in and out of the tunnels as you please.
  10. There is also an upgrade in this room in the top right corner. Use your map and you won’t get lost. Again you will come to a point in the tunnel where you can use a rocket to hit a giant piece of ice. Do this.
  11. Artifact:In the room with the large spinning gear there is an artifact and an upgrade.
  12. Move further along the tunnel. Notice a very small handle inbetween the two large spinning gears. Pull this and then remove the lid on the pipe. Make sure you grab the gear that you need! Bring that back to the main central room.
  13. Go to the next section. There will be another place to shoot a rocket through. Do this, then move to the huge gear. You’ll need to use your mover and slide the two different pieces so that the piece you’ll need will fall through. You’ll see what I mean. You need to do this twice.
  14. The next part is a little tricky. Now that you have the piece you need to fall through, Use the mover and push the cubes towards the piece to get it to move to the two gears. Spin the gears and then continue to push the piece. Eventually you’ll come to two huge screw drivers. Spin the moving gear to the left of the screwdrivers in the opposite direction to have the piece fall through.
  15. Grab the piece and bring it back to the central room.
  16. Next is the boss fight. This is quite a challenging fight so make sure you have a little time for it. What happens is that there are two purple orbs on the ground. You can latch onto these. Before the boss appears a purple orb comes out of the right wall. Destroy this. Then the boss fight begins.
  17. Before the boss shows up one of the orbs on the ground will glow. Using the mover, latch onto the opposite orb and pull yourself away from the debris. Then, when the boss appears, you want to latch onto his “nose” and watch the floor for the purple glows. These “glows” will indicate where the debris will rise, so avoid them. After this is done, pull the orb from the boss’s chest and destroy it. You will need to do this a total of three times.
  18. Now that the boss fight is over, return to the few gates marked with the lightning. You can open these now with the new lightning ability. Notice that you now have every ability in the game.
  19. Concept Art:Move back to where the two portals are. Now that you have the power ability, you can move the gear. There is a concept art beyond the gear.


  1. Move inside and explore the tunnel. There’s only one way to go. Then use your electricity ability to destroy the first barrier. There will be a blue floating object that you need to grab. From now on this object needs to be attached to the barriers and then you’ll need to use the electricty ability to destroy the barrier.
  2. At this point it’s a good idea to assign hotkeys to electricy and grab. You’ll see why in a moment. After the monster has finished chasing you, continue to the left to get the last upgrade. You should get an achievement for this.
  3. Move into the next room. There will be a gate that you can open with electricity in the top left corner. To keep the squid from chasing you, shoot it with your laser or your blaster. Keep hauling the blue object with you. Then, where the tunnel splits off, go to the left and connect the object to the joint and use electricity to open the path to the next part of the map.
  4. Next, go to the right of the central room into a tunnel that will lead you below the central room. You need to connect the object to the open joints and then use electricity to blast them. You need to do this four times while holding off the small static charge objects and the squid. You can now access the next “joint.”
  5. You’ll need to do the same thing in the next room.
  6. Concept Art: There is concept art in a small cubby hole in the bottom left part of the room.
  7. Now drag the object behind you to the final joint that will disable the barriers to the boss.
  8. Next is the boss fight. TO defeat the boss you need to connect the object to the 4 joints in the room. Then use electricity to destroy the joints while avoiding the static charged enemies. Once the joint explodes, all of the joints release these enemies and they will chase you. The easiest way to kill them is with your laser. Do this four times and you will have defeated the boss.

Final Boss

  1. The next part is the final boss, which really isn’t too hard. Start by shooting the eye of the boss.
  2. The first part will be shooting tentacles. Just shoot the “eyes” of the tentacles with your blaster. I started with the taller tentacles, then shot the shorter ones. All the while, dodge the swimmers. The next part is a little bit harder.
  3. Have your shield out. Move down as the lasers go away and use your shield when the missiles come in close. Once you’ve shot the eye once, the lasers will intensify. You want to position your ship into the small triangles in the middle.
  4. Once you’ve done this, the eye will pop out. Shoot it with your blaster and dodge the swimmers. It will then follow you around. Keep shooting it.
  5. Once you’re done, you’ll get sucked into the core of the planet. Wait a little bit and you get the last ability. You will destroy the planet with this last ability.
  6. Congratulations! You’ve completed Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

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