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  1. When the chapter begins, make your way forward down the street and move beneath the next street light ahead to activate a cut scene.
  2. Afterwards, stay ducked down behind the silver car’s front-end and fire upon the enemies ahead of you with both of the weapon’s attachments.
  3. Continue using the silver car as cover to clear out the wave of enemies charging towards you and activate another cutscene, then follow the on-screen prompts to learn some basic combat controls and move forward.
  4. Duck behind the nearest vehicle to your left, then open fire on the enemies that approach from ahead to complete the objective and activate a cut scene.
  5. Afterwards, move forward out of the alley you’re in and take cover behind the cement container ahead on the left to open fire on the enemies across the gap in front of you.
  6. Aim above the cement obstacles on the other side of the gap and pick off the hiding enemies when they poke out their heads, then move right to follow your teammate around the front of the front of the building and down the next set of steps.
  7. Sprint forward to the building across from you and take cover behind one of the nearby cement obstacles or benches, then eliminate the enemy located in the upper right window and the ones charging at you from ahead.
  8. Clear the the tunnel and make your way through it towards the van in the distance, then take out any remaining enemies around the corners ahead and continue forward to activate a cut scene.
  9. Afterwards, stay behind cover until you have a clear indication of where the enemies are located before opening fire on them and clear the area ahead of any remaining threats by blowing up the cars.
  10. Move left towards the far wall and turn the corner to the right, then continue forward until you see the stairs on your left and take cover behind a nearby vehicle.
  11. Eliminate the enemies coming down the stairs and roll away from the vehicle you’re behind as soon as it catches fire, then continue moving between cover and eliminating the creatures ahead with zoomed-in head-shots until the area is clear.
  12. Make your way up the stairs to reach the next floor and turn right to approach the malfunctioning elevator doors ahead, then take another right around the corner and continue forward until you are thrown back by an explosion.
  13. After getting to your feet, continue forward and make the next left ahead to enter the burning hallway.
  14. Enter the first room you see on the right and approach the man crawling across the floor, then wait for the enemy to smash through the wall ahead and take him out with a melee attack by first sprinting in at close-range.
  15. Take cover behind the furniture in the next room ahead and eliminate the remaining enemies, then continue forward and exit through the last open door on the left.
  16. Make a right down the hall and turn the corner ahead, then continue forward until the floor in front of you is torn away and eliminate the enemy that is now standing on the ceiling above.
  17. Turn around and make your way back down the hall until you see an explosion ahead on the left, then move past the burning body that approaches and through the doorway that’s been opened.
  18. Move forward through the next hallway and take a left to reach a section of the corridor that’s surrounded by flames, then approach the woman ahead calling for help until you are knocked back by another explosion.
  19. After you get to your feet, sprint forward through the fire and make the next left around the corner ahead to reach the next stairwell.
  20. Take out the enemies guarding the stairs by scoring head shots on them, then make your way up the steps to reach the next floor above.
  21. Open fire on the enemy floating ahead by shooting through the window at him, then look outside at the street below until the building starts shaking before turning around.
  22. Make your way forward down the next hallway ahead, then approach the door across from you to activate a cut scene and complete this chapter.
  23. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Chapter One (10 points): Complete the final checkpoint in Vanguard Down on Normal or High Difficulty.

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