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  1. Walk forward and take the pathway to the right of the two guards in front of you, then follow the other prisoners along the indicated path to enter the next building and activate a cut scene.
  2. Afterwards, follow Delgato along the indicated path by heeding the instructions of the guards until you reach the transport to activate another cut scene and reach the mines below.
  3. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Grappler (Silver):Take the Gravlink from the Lutadores.
  4. Make your way to the left as the wooden door opens beside you and enter the cave tunnel along the mine tracks, then continue forward and blast through the debris that blocks the path.
  5. Approach the enormous boulder blocking the track ahead, then turn around and enter the cave tunnel your left.
  6. Follow the tracks forward until a cave-in blocks the path ahead, then look up at the red beam above and follow the on-screen prompt to switch gravity modes.
  7. Use red gravity to pull the roof down and create a bridge between the gap ahead, then approach the fallen beam and press the indicated buttons to successfully cross to the other side of the room.
  8. Wait for your partner to cross the narrow beam as well and approach the next gateway in front of you, then press the indicated button to get boosted over the top of the fence and unbar the door.
  9. Turn around to make your way down the path ahead, then take cover behind the obstacles at the bottom of the incline and stay ducked down until the ground stops shaking.
  10. Continue forward along the mine tracks and use blue gravity on the two barrels ahead, then follow the on-screen instructions to grab one of them and walk over to the wooden wall directly in front of you.
  11. Throw the barrel against the wall to destroy it and continue forward into the next tunnel ahead, then smash through another barricade and move past the blobs floating in the air.
  12. Follow the path around and make a left when you see the arrow sign, then move down the next tunnel ahead and enter the red-lit area.
  13. Pick up the ammo around the dead bodies in front of you and head right to activate a cut scene, then take cover behind the obstacles and use blue gravity to pick up the barrels to your right.
  14. Aim the barrel back towards your left and throw it to dislodge the boulder located behind the creature perched on the landing above, then duck behind cover and wait for the chain reaction to knock over the tall wooden structure ahead.
  15. Use the Gravilink to pick up another barrel and launch it at the remaining enemy to clear the area, then move forward and make your way up the fallen wooden structure in front of you to reach the next landing above.
  16. Make a left when you reach the top and follow the mine tracks to find a rifle on the ground beside the boulder ahead, then continue forward along the trail and approach a sign that reads: PCS 32.
  17. Pick up a nearby barrel from the ground and turn right, then launch it through the wall of rock spikes in front of you and approach the newly-made opening in the cave.
  18. Press the indicated button to drop to the ground below, then make your way to the left side of the area and to pick up the additional weaponry to activate a cut scene.
  19. Afterwards, stay ducked behind cover to avoid the Unknown Robot’s sweeping red laser sights and wait for the beam to move all the way to one side.
  20. Pop up from cover and open fire on the Unknown Robot with your automatic rifle for a few seconds before ducking back down behind the obstacle, then roll or sprint to the next rock formation and continue doing so until you locate a barrel.
  21. Use blue gravity to pick up the barrel and hurl it at the robot to cause significant damage, then open fire on it again with your rifle and duck back down behind cover before the enemy can retaliate.
  22. Move from cover to cover repeatedly to either draw the Unknown Robot’s attention so that your teammate can inflict damage upon it or so that you can get near enough to score substantial hits at close-range.
  23. Continue wearing down the Unknown Robot with the aid of your teammate until the enemy is destroyed to complete this chapter.
  24. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Chapter Two (Bronze):Complete the final checkpoint in Caged on Normal or High Difficulty.

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