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  1. After the cut scene, make your way over to the cell door and press the indicated button to pick the lock.
  2. Make your way forward down the hall as the lights around you are extinguished and continue towards the far wall to activate another cut scene, then stay crouched as you follow your partner to the right around the barricade and press the indicated button to sprint around the next corner ahead.
  3. Stay ducked down and press against the rock wall in front of you, then move to the left beneath the open winds and continue following your partner around the area to the next piece of cover.
  4. Wait for the enemy ahead to electrocute himself, then roll over to the cover on your left twice in a row and follow your partner forward over to the next piece of cover.
  5. Move to the left behind the barricade and follow your partner around the next corner ahead, then sprint forward after him and up the incline to reach the cover at the top.
  6. Wait for the spotlight to move all the way to your right and vault over the barricade you’re hiding behind, then sprint forward and press against the shipping container ahead to avoid being seen.
  7. Follow your partner over to the metal staircase in the corner ahead climb up the steps to reach the catwalk at the top, then continue along the path to reach a beam bridging the gap in the walkway and make your way across it.
  8. Press the indicated buttons to successfully balance as you cross the beam and reach the other side, then follow your partner over to the next ledge and use teamwork to boost yourself up onto it.
  9. Make your way down the incline ahead to reach the opening in the fence on the left and activate a cut scene, then zoom in on the enemies behind the sandbags in front of you and take them out with automatic rifle fire.
  10. Run up behind the sandbag and duck into cover, then clear out the enemies in the outside area ahead and continue following your partner forward to the next battle position.
  11. Clear the outside area littered with shipping containers by alternating between cover and opening fire, while scanning the various obstacles on the ground and sniper perches above for enemies in hiding.
  12. When the large enemy mech arrives, turn around to fall back to safer cover and approach the lockers in the back left corner to acquire a new weapon.
  13. Take cover behind the obstacle next to the lechers and use the new weapon to destroy the mech and the enemies that approach from the right, then move through the open doorway beside you and follow your partner into a cover position.
  14. Follow your partner over to the right side of the room, then pop up from cover and eliminate the enemies that begin appearing to activate a cut scene.
  15. Afterwards, stay ducked down behind the desk in front of you and wait for the body laying atop of it to float up above you before opening fire on the Lutadore Captain.
  16. Score multiple head shots on the Lutadore Captain to cause significant damage from the start and alternate between ducking behind cover, then continue focusing your fire primarily on the boss until he is defeated roll over behind the desk on the right.
  17. Take out the enemies perched on the balcony above and roll between cover often to avoid taking consistent damage, then clear the area of all remaining threats to activate a cut scene.
  18. Afterwards, pick up the additional ammo lining the walls and shelves in front of you before exiting the room completely.
  19. Press the indicated button to kick down the door in front of you and enter the next room ahead, then make your way down the wooden staircase and approach the left edge of the landing below.
  20. Follow the on-screen prompt to drop down over the edge in front of you and move left beneath the falling water ahead, then head down the next set of steps and take cover behind the nearby mine car.
  21. Pop up from cover to clear out the enemies ahead with the rifle or gravlink and continue forward along the mine tracks in front of you, then follow your teammate over to the right side of the cave and onto the lift.
  22. Collect the nearby ammo before approaching the lever and press the indicated button to activate the lift, then approach the opening at the front of the platform and aim your rifle downwards to eliminate the enemies on the ground below.
  23. After the elevator reaches the ground floor, make your way forward beneath the gate that’s opened to enter the next tunnel ahead and follow the mine tracks around until enemies begin to appear.
  24. Take cover behind the nearby rock formations and use them to help you in eliminating the enemies ahead, then continue forward along the mine tracks and mow down the creatures that emerge from the wall on your right.
  25. Use the surrounding rock formations as cover as you clear out the remaining enemies in the area ahead, then continue forward along the mine tracks and follow your partner over to the opening in the cave wall to the right.
  26. Press the indicated button to drop to the ground below and follow your partner along the green-lit path on the left, then approach the hole in the floor ahead to complete this mission.
  27. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Chapter Three (Bronze): Complete the final checkpoint in Breakout on Normal or High Difficulty.

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