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  1. Move forward down the street in front of you to pass the dead bodies on the ground and make your way up the concrete incline at the end, then press the indicated button upon reaching the top to drop to the ground below.
  2. Head down the street until you are knocked backwards by a shift in gravity ahead, then continue around the corner to the right and follow the road forward.
  3. Make your way up the hill ahead and move to the right around the debris blocking the road, then continue navigating between the obstacles to eventually activate a cut scene.
  4. Afterwards, pop up from cover and pick off the enemies hiding behind the red car across from you by scoring head shots.
  5. Move forward down the street ahead and approach the gate on your right after passing beneath the City Marker banner, then press the indicated button to kick it down and walk towards the steps in front of you.
  6. Make your way down the steps to reach the playground below and turn left to move through it, then approach the men by the burning car in front of you and head left after the run away.
  7. Approach the rusted incline cluttered with containers and debris, then press the indicated button to use your Gravlink and rearrange the debris.
  8. Move towards the lower end of the incline you just re-positioned and make your way up it to reach the level above, then make a right at the top and follow the on-screen prompt to eliminate the incoming enemies ahead with Shockwave attacks.
  9. As the enemies emerge from the doorway on your left, use shockwaves or the rifle to knock them down and enter the room beside you.
  10. Make your way over to the double doors on your right and kick them down to continue into the next room ahead, then take cover behind one of the concrete pillars in front of you and begin taking out the enemies that approach from the left.
  11. Use your Gravlink to suspend the wave of enemies in the air and take them down with shockwave bursts or rifle fire, then move through the broken store front windows to reach the outside area and activate a cut scene.
  12. Afterwards, move to the left end of the blue car you’re hiding behind and aim your rifle’s scope above the Y in the “Highway sign ahead in the distance.
  13. Move the crosshairs slightly to the right until they turn red and fire a few shots to eliminate the sniper, then roll behind the concrete barricade beside you to avoid incoming enemy fire and follow your partner to the red car ahead.
  14. Take cover behind the red car and pop up to eliminate the enemy on the bridge above, then move left towards the “Highway” sign and pick up the sniper rifle laying beneath it.
  15. Approach the underside of the bridge in which the you eliminated the last sniper and turn left to climb the next staircase, then enter the room at the top and exit through the doorway to your left.
  16. Cross the rusted bridge in front of you and turn right, then climb the staircase ahead on your left and pick up the weapons laying around the landing at the top.
  17. Enter the next room ahead to pick up additional weaponry, then make a right to climb the incline and activate a cut scene.
  18. Afterwards, pop up from cover and zoom in with your rifle on the red barrels scattered around the ground below.
  19. Fire upon the nearest barrel below to cause a chain reaction explosion and eliminate the patrolling enemies in the area, then move right through the corridor beside you and make a left at the wall to take cover behind the concrete railing.
  20. Stay ducked down until you have located the source of the two snipers firing from the upper left windows of the buildings across the courtyard, then pop up to zoom in on this position with your rifle and take out these enemies.
  21. Move back to your left and head down the steps, then make another left between the sandbags at the bottom and continue forward through the mining area.
  22. Take cover behind one of the pallets in front of you on the left and use it to eliminate the enemies approaching ahead, then roll away to a new position whenever you see a red hand grenade land anywhere in the near vicinity.
  23. Use the Gravlink to pull the remaining enemies out of their cover positions and shoot them down with your rifle, then continue forward across the mining camp and move through the narrow alleyway ahead.
  24. Turn left at the far wall ahead to approach the metal shutter and press the indicated buttons to enter the next room, move up the steps directly on the right to activate a cut scene.
  25. Afterwards, stay in cover behind the wall and throw a grenade at the guard patrolling through the open doorway around the corner to start the battle.
  26. Switch to the rifle and join your partner at his cover position to duck down behind the window, then pop up to eliminate the enemies outside and exit the building.
  27. Find cover to continue eliminating the enemies approaching from ground level and sniping in the windows above, then move forward across the courtyard you’re in and approach the burning barrel ahead.
  28. Make a right through the hole in the wall and turn immedialtey to reach the outside area, then approach the small table to increase Gravlink Energy and turn back around.
  29. Re-enter the building and turn left to approach the burning debris, then exit through the opening on your right to activate a cut scene.
  30. Afterwards, ignore the minor enemies scattered around the area ahead and equip a hand grenade to begin your assault on the drill machine.
  31. Throw a grenade into a cluster of enemies in front of you to clear them out, then move out from behind cover to charge forward towards the drill machine and bring up the grenade’s yellow aim line.
  32. Put the yellow aiming line inside the drill machine’s open mouth and toss a grenade inside of it to destroy the mechanical enemy, then take cover again to fend off the incoming enemy wave and suspend the majority of them in the air with the Gravlink.
  33. Approach the drill machine’s previous location and move through the hole in the building behind it, then enter the darkened hallway in the back right corner of the room and follow it around to find the exit.
  34. Return to the outside and move forward across the road in front of you, then navigate between the concrete debris ahead and approach the blue arrow icon on your left.
  35. Press the indicated button to boost up over the wall and move forward down the street until a change in gravity levitates you off the ground, then follow the on-screen prompts to move through the air and begin flight training.
  36. Follow the on-screen instructions to learn your flight controls and launch off the various obstacles floating through the air around you, then land inside the next available building ahead and exit the room.
  37. Make your way across the hall and take a left at the end to approach the fire, then turn right to move through a collapsing section of the corridor and enter the next open doorway beside you to activate a cut scene.
  38. Afterwards, pick up the sniper rifle on the ground in front of you and take cover behind the barricade ahead to get a view on the enemies occupying the outside area below.
  39. Pop up from cover and press the indicated buttons to utilize the zoom function of your sniper rifle, then scan it across the area below to find enemies in battle and pick them off with head shots one by one.
  40. Wait for the enemies to come to a stop and raise their guns, then push your cross hairs over their head region and zoom in to the extreme before scoring the kill for best accuracy.
  41. Blow up the surrounding vehicles as well to help you in clearing the area below until a cut scene activates, then look up towards the rooftops of the buildings across the courtyard and zoom in with the sniper rifle.
  42. Locate the red laser sights of the enemy snipers and follow them back to the source, then score a head shot and continue clearing the area in this way until another cut scene activates.
  43. Equip grenades and approach the edge of the balcony in front of you, then put the projectiles’ yellow aiming line on the Behemoth below and begin throwing them to cause significant damage from the start.
  44. After you run out of grenades, back up and take cover behind the bookshelf on your left to avoid the Behemoth’s return fire.
  45. Move out slightly from behind the bookshelf, in between the Behemoth’s assaults, and open fire with the sniper rifle until the enemy is defeated.
  46. Finish clearing the area below and approach the edge of the balcony again to drop back to the ground below, then regroup with your partner to activate a cut scene and complete the chapter.
  47. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Chapter Four (Bronze): Complete the final checkpoint in Road Home on Normal or High Difficulty.

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