Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Steam Achievements

Arulco, a small island nation, is beseiged by a tyrannical dictator that uses her people as slave labor. The deposed king has come to you, a mercenary, and given away his every penny to fund the cause — freedom for all of Arulco. Fight on the frontlines of this way, using tactics and strategy to outfit your squads and capture back the country one city at a time. This new entry into the Jagged Alliance series is actually a remake of Jagged Alliance 2, but with new features and upgrades.

The 3D environments are obvious, but you’ll skip the turn-based combat; it’s been replaced with a new system called “Plan & Go” that allows you to stop time and plot your commands, then allow them to be carried out in real-time. Despite the changes, this is hardcore PC tactical-strategy, and you’ll want to gather all the intel you can. Keep scrolling to learn more about the inner-workings of the game with these Steam Achievements, or infiltrate our cheats page for new intel. If that isn’t enough, we also have a full walkthrough established for your consideration.

Steam Achievements

  • A little crazy:
    Recruit Maddog.
  • A museum:
    Liberate Balime City.
  • Adults only:
    Liberate San Mona.
  • All your SAM are belong to us:
    Recruit Dr. Vince.
  • Blast Corps:
    Blast through 100 walls.
  • Blitz Rebellion:
    Kill Deidranna within 15 days.
  • Bloodcat Extinction:
    Recruit Carlos.
  • Bodycount:
    Kill a total of 1000 enemies.
  • Bullet Hell:
    Fire a total of 5000 bullets.
  • DaHonko Flakes:
    Help Richie “The Wizard” Parker find a limited edition of DaHonko Flakes!.
  • Don’t let me rot here:
    Recruit Shank.
  • Explosive trap:
    Kill an enemy with a mine you planted.
  • Field Doctor:
    Restore 1000 health.
  • Field Mechanic:
    Restore 1000 durability on weapons.
  • For the children:
    Help Fatima and her children.
  • Front towards enemy:
    Plant a mine.
  • Gaining trust:
    Recruit Ira.
  • Garret would be proud:
    Pick 10 locks.
  • Get off my beach!:
    Recruit Hamous.
  • Getting started:
    Secure Drassen Airport.
  • Gordon never does this:
    Open 10 doors with the crowbar.
  • Grenade variety:
    Use either smoke, stun, frag and teargas grenades at least once.
  • Hail to the king!:
    Miguel Cordona becomes king.
  • Higher education:
    Liberate Cambria City.
  • Huge explosions:
    Recruit Devin.
  • I don’t like the drugs:
    Recruit Dimitri.
  • Infantry ftw!:
    Destroy a tank with the rocket launcher.
  • It’s a trap!:
    Plant 100 mines.
  • It’s always the red one:
    Defuse a mine.
  • Jack the Ripper:
    Kill an enemy with a melee attack.
  • Just point and shoot!:
    Recruit a local for the militia.
  • Lead the leader:
    Recruit Miguel.
  • Military madness:
    Recruit Conrad.
  • Mines and military:
    Liberate Alma City.
  • Mother Russia:
    Recruit Iggy.
  • Nearly there:
    Liberate Meduna City.
  • Oniomania:
    Buy goods for 1,000,000$ in the online shop.
  • Rebel army:
    Recruit 100 locals for the militia across several playthroughs.
  • Scavenger:
    Loot over 1000$ across several playthroughs.
  • She’s dead, Enrico:
    Kill Deidranna.
  • Squad Leader:
    Hire a total of 6 mercs.
  • The evil scientist:
    Stop Dr. Pippin’s evil scheme.
  • The local industry:
    Liberate Grumm City.
  • Things that go BOOM:
    Kill an enemy with a frag grenade.
  • This guy likes slasher movies:
    Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks.
  • Throwing arm:
    Throw 100 grenades.
  • Undying:
    A single merc received over 100 damage in a single encounter without dying.
  • Where there’s a will:
    Use explosives to blast a hole into a wall.
  • Who needs not a penny…:
    Loot over 100000$ across several playthroughs.
  • You’re not dead yet!:
    Rescue a merc from dying.

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