Journal of a Pilot: Week 1 of EVE Online

I spent the next few minutes after my escape calming down. My haul wasn’t a lot, and it wasn’t a particularly impressive escape, but I’d managed to make in and out of low-sec space without getting killed. It was a first! The thrill of escaping an enemy ship – one piloted by a player, no less – made my heart beat faster and my fingers tremble. I thanked the pirate for such an interesting experience, and he laughed and swore he would get me next time. We parted ways on good terms. After all, getting attacked by other players is part of the EVE experience.

After dumping my ore off, I went back to a high-sec asteroid belt to do some more normal mining. Here I got a taste of what the police could do. While I was “mining” my own business, a ganker came up and attempted to kill me. He dealt a little bit of damage with his first salvo, but not enough to break my shields. I panicked and began to flee. In the middle of orienting to warp away, the cops warped in and smeared the ganker across the minefield with a single shot. I then looted the husk of his ship.

The lesson I learned from that? Don’t eff with CONCORD. You’ll get ruined.

I tired of mining after a while, so I set my skill queue to train up to the next tier of mining ships and set out to get some combat experience. While I didn’t have good ships or equipment, I had the desire to blow some ships up. In EVE Online that’s all you really need. I ran a number of combat missions; some with my vastly overgeared friend, most by myself. They were fairly boring, but I feel like I’m ready to start some real combat of my own. I may not be flying a cruiser with howitzers or a battleship with drone bays, but I’ll try my hardest to take such ships down!

A week later and I feel good about EVE online. My skill queue is almost done, which means I’ll soon have a shiny new Retriever (donated by the corporation I joined) to fly around and harvest minerals. I’ve built up a nice healthy reserve of modules and ore from looting NPCs and mining, so I have enough liquid cash and assets to fund basic forays into actual player combat. Of course, I plan to keep my friend and his battleship handy for the tougher situations. Nothing like a drone mothership to even the odds!

What does the future hold for me? More advanced mining, delving into production in earnest, and picking fights with pirates. Somebody has to make the galaxy a nicer, safer place, after all. I might also go after those corporatist Caldari fellas as well. Somebody needs to teach them a lesson in freedom.

Do you have some tips or strategies for a newbie like me? Want to share some of your own stories from EVE Online? Leave a comment!

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3 Comments on Journal of a Pilot: Week 1 of EVE Online


On February 8, 2013 at 10:06 pm

So, from what you’ve written we can take away the following: pretty much activity in EVE is boring, the only way you get ahead is through the support of others who’ve played the game longer than you, and you enjoy the thrill of potentially losing hard-earned resources – or the chance to give others the same treatment. Yep, sounds like EVE! My tip to you? Either get out before the honeymoon ends and you realize what a joke that game is, or remain that tiny armpit of the MMO universe permenantly. EVE does the other MMOs a great service by attracting the worst of the scum, so if you stick with it and feel like you belong there, by all means stay.


On February 9, 2013 at 12:16 am

Stick with it. I remember my first 100,000 ISK. All I did was hang around a CONCORD ship for a few hours while player pirates kept showing up to try and destroy it. I ended up salvaging an expensive engine, stealing it from the pirate that destoyed the fighter it belonged to. That was a lot of fun.


On February 9, 2013 at 2:36 am

Good read I have spent a year or so playing eve myself.

Before I quit I joined a wormhole corp to help them with there mining operations since I have 4 accounts 1 with a orca ( big support ship for miners) and 3 Exumer pilots, plus 2 of them can fly battle ships all t2 and 2 covert ops pilots so I can bring a lot to the table but anyways after joining this corp I started transporting around 1.4 billion in assets into there wormhole and after sitting tucked in at there pos (player owned structure which is your base of operations in a wormhole or low sec and null space) I logged off for a couple hours.

So I decided to log back in and found myself getting shot out of there pos in the wormhole, it turns out they kicked me out of the corporation ( Can’t be within a pos if you don’t have permission to be there so you get launched out into space ) so they could score a kill on me while I was stuck in there wormhole, at the same time they started scanning me down trying to find me, the only ship I had that could scan an exit was docked in the orca so i ejected that ship and jumped in it leaving the orca just floating in space.

After 20 minutes of scanning and jumping in and out of the wormhole trying to find an exit to high sec I knew i was running out of time so i ran back to the orca just as a scouting ship warped off we sort of ran right past each other so i docked my ship and jumped back in the orca and started the jumping sequence to the wormhole exit ( exit leads to another wormhole – I never did find high sec ) it takes a vary long time to jump with a orca so long that the guy that warped off me came back in a battleship and was starting to lock onto me, but the orca somehow made it within 1 or 2 seconds of being locked down and blown up.

All in all I did lose a covetor that was worth almost nothing when I logged on with my other accounts, but I saved everything else I could of lost 1.4billion in exhumers, orca, Abbadon (full t2 setup), and a Harbringer with a full t2 setup.

Close encounters did happen but after scanning for hours in other wormholes and after 5 days of hunting for a exit I finally found that high sec exit and that my friends felt pretty damn good.

Also a quick note the “friend” that got me into that corp from the beginning set it up so you can’t trust anyone in eve or you might get burned plus lesson learned, if you join a corp make sure they give you permissions to do stuff before moving assets since that gives you 24 hour notice before you can be kicked out, me I was ignorant of that fact and was kicked instantly, but also sometimes you have to make risks to score big in the end those guys where idiots since I would of mined over a billion in ore a week and the deal was to give about 20% of what i mine to them so they would of scored big plus the other roles I can play would of been a big asset to keeping that pos secure.

Reading this artical makes me want to play again but its too expensive running 4 accounts without plex’s and high sec is too dangerous, Orcas and exhumers get popped in high sec all the time which is crazy.