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Chapter 6: Dark Pit

  1. After a cut scene in which you trade blows with Dark Pit, focus the crosshairs on the evil doppelganger now flying above you and begin a rapid fire assault.
  2. As you navigate the tornado storm, try to keep your crosshairs trained on Dark Pit at all times and maintain a constant stream of rapid fire to inflict continuous damage until you both dive straight down towards the ocean.
  3. Target Dark Pitt and attack him repeatedly with charged blasts or rapid fire until you’re flying above a mountain ridge at dusk, then clear the path of the enemies that appear and continue inflicting damage on the doppelganger whenever possible.
  4. Use charged blasts to eliminate the waves of large enemies that arrive next and continue striking Dark Pit with rapid fire when he comes into your line of sight, then wipe out the creatures running along the ground beneath you and execute a special attack to destroy the large fish that spits laser beams.
  5. Continue fighting your way towards the setting sun by using a combination of charged and fire attacks until you dive into a narrow canyon, then weave through the various rock columns and destroy the enemies that emit laser blasts immediately to pass by them safely.
  6. Use rapid fire and wide circling flight maneuvers to avoid taking damage from the multiple enemy waves that appear next, then continue clearing the path until you spot Dark Pit manning the weapon below.
  7. After you approach the ground at high speeds and stop behind one of the massive rock formations, peek out the left and quickly fire a charged burst or special attack into Dark Pit before he can retaliate.
  8. When you zip over to the next formation on the left, destroy the enemy beside you and move out towards the right to score another shot.
  9. As you zip out from behind the formation and pass in front of Dark Pit, continue firing upon him until you destroy the weapon he’s using and the pursuit begins again.
  10. Fight to reach the city in the distance until you are able to make the landing, then collect the food in front of you and blast your way forward up the path.
  11. Make the next right and shoot the enemies out of the air, then drop to the area below and approach the nearby fountain area beside you.
  12. Take an immediate left in front of the fountain and pass through the narrow opening between the rocks, then eliminate the enemies in the next clearing with the robotic vehicle you can enter in the corner.
  13. Return to the fountain area and head towards the altar at the top of the hill across from you, then fight your way up the incline by using rapid fire and approach the ruins at the top to discover Dark Pit again.
  14. Open fire on Dark Pit with quick bursts and save the charged blasts for the other creatures milling around, then wait for your doppelganger to stand still for a moment and move in at close-range to hit him with combination melee strikes until he retreats.
  15. Return to the fountain you visited earlier at the bottom of the altar’s hill and take the next path to your right, then follow the brick road around to slowly ascend towards the mountain’s peak and look for Dark Pit on a pointed rock formation above on the right side of the road.
  16. Dodge whatever your doppelganger is able to shoot and continue your way up the mountain until you are right beside Dark Pit, then strike him with combination melee attacks until he retreats again.
  17. Use the glowing pad that appears to launch yourself into the area below, then fight your way back to the fountain with charged blasts and hop on the grinding rail that is now waiting in this location.
  18. Grind up the rail and use rapid fire to clear out the enemies that appear along the way, then successfully reach the end of the line at the top to fall into the area below and start the boss battle.

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