Kid Icarus: Uprising Walkthrough

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Chapter 7: Seafloor Palace

  1. Use rapid fire to clear the path below as you dive straight down towards the desert and fly forward above the sand dunes, then move in wide circles around the screen to evade the enemy projectiles and continue fending off the various creatures.
  2. Veer away from the spherical forcefields emitted during the next wave of enemies and shoot the creatures out of the sky with charged blasts, then continue clearing the path ahead as your character races up and over the various sand dunes below.
  3. After making the approach towards the ocean and hovering around the beach area, use a special attack to eliminate the large fish enemy on the right and wait until the shoreline parts in half before continuing forward.
  4. Use another special attack to exterminate the next wave of jellyfish and continue your journey across the seafloor by clearing a safe path with rapid fire and maneuvering your character through the incoming smoke rings.
  5. When passing through extremely narrow passageways that are filled with enemies, use charged blasts to destroy entire clusters with one shot.
  6. To safely pass by the enemies emitting lasers that obstruct the tunnels. resist wasting your charged blasts on destroying them and simply steer around the beams without hassle.
  7. Continue evading the projectile assaults and clearing the path ahead of enemies until you dive deeper into the cave, then exterminate the jellyfish with a special attack.
  8. Mow down the various waves of enemies in your path with a combination of rapid fire and charged blasts until you reach the ocean floor, then face-off with the creatures utilizing the floating square panels as protection and pick them off when their bodies are fully exposed.
  9. When you reach the section of the tunnel lined with multiple lasers on both walls, use quick and sudden flight movements to get up and over the field of beams safely.
  10. Continue eliminating the enemies that appear until you enter the Seafloor Palace below, then use charged blasts to take out the large creatures guarding the stairs ahead and collect the health upgrades located in the pools on either side of your character.
  11. Fight your way up the rear left staircase by using charged blasts and enter the room at the top, then climb the steps in the back left corner ahead and make a right across the raised landing.
  12. Use charged blasts to clear out the enemies patrolling the area below on your right, then turn around and destroy the vase that has now appeared.
  13. Drop back onto the tile floor and use the steps across from you to reach the other raised landing, then destroy the second vase and move onto the hallway that opens.
  14. Exit the building through the next door ahead and grind on the blue rail to start the ride, then shoot down the flying enemy that appears above and transfer onto the purple pipe when a glowing fireball is blocking your path.
  15. Transfer onto the blue rail when the next fireball appears on the pipe you’re using, then jump to the green rail just before reaching the next pool of water below and continue the ride until you drop off the end.
  16. Use charged blasts to clear out the enormous enemies rising up from the floor and continuously back away to keep a safe distance from the inhaling winds or to better anticipate oncoming smoke rings.
  17. After the door’s forcefield deactivates, make your way across the room without falling into the holes and exit into the next chamber.
  18. Move onto the glowing platform and ascend to the floor above, then climb the small staircase in the middle of the area and cross the bridge that has now appeared to exit the room.
  19. Make your way into the next open area ahead and use charged blasts to defeat the snowman beside you, then cross to the opposite wall to turn right and sprint between the barricades to reach other side of the room.
  20. Pick up the fire card and eliminate the snowman on either side of you with charged blasts, then exit the room through the next door ahead and move onto the glowing platform to being ascending towards the third floor above.
  21. Eliminate the enemies that drop down with charged gunshots until you reach the third floor, then enter the nearby hallway to collect health upgrades and move through the next door on the left.
  22. Destroy the snowman on your immediate left with a quick melee combo, then eliminate the other one with a charged blast and finish clearing the room with rapid fire to deactivate the purple forcefield.
  23. Exit the room and make your way towards the intersection of bridges on the right, then ignore the first treasure chest to approach the next one on the left and drop through the collapsable floor to land in the previous area below.
  24. Move across the bridge beside you to exit the area and take a left around the next path ahead, then continue following the walkway around by hugging the right wall and take the last available left towards the heart items.
  25. Navigate the U-shaped bridge and make a left into the next tunnel, then exit the room through the door ahead and turn left to eliminate the largest enemy with a charged blast to its face.
  26. Clear the room with rapid fire and melee combos to activate the elevator, then make your way onto the square panel to ascend and ride it forward into the next area ahead.
  27. Move right and then left across the platform to navigate around the two walls approaching from ahead, then transfer onto the adjacent ledge as you pass in front of it and quickly climb the steps.
  28. When you reach the top of the steps, target the enemy located in the distant corner directly across from you begin inflicting damage with rapid fire.
  29. Drop back to the moving platform as it passes below you on the left and continue firing upon the distant enemy to defeat him before he can respond, then transfer onto the next adjacent ledge ahead and climb the steps.
  30. Make your way around to the bridge on the other side of the wall and collect the food from the treasure chest, then drop back onto moving platform as it passes beneath you and eliminate the surrounding creatures above with charged blasts.
  31. Continue riding the platform forward to transfer onto the next ledge ahead and enter the white light to teleport, then turn down the left tunnel and move onto the circular pad to ascend.
  32. Move through the next door ahead to reach a great hall area and fire a charged blast into the group of enemies in front of you, then continue forward to finish the clearing the wave with a flurry of combination melee strikes or by attacking with rapid fire gunshots while using the surrounding pillars as cover.
  33. Continue approaching the staircase at the opposite side of the room, then keep your distance when the column enemy appears and destroy it piece by piece with charged blasts.
  34. Make your way closes to the base of the staircase and take out the next wave of creatures with charged blasts, then turn around to face the spinning dragon’s head enemy and move partially up the steps to attack the lone threat from a safe location.
  35. Eliminate the dragon’s head and the creature patrolling around the steps after that with charged gunfire, then destroy the pink balls within the plant monster located halfway up the staircase.
  36. Climb the staircase and collect the health upgrade at the top, then exit this area through the door that’s just been unblocked to start the boss battle.

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