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Boss Battle: Thanatos

  1. Sprint sideways at the start of the battle to stay ahead of the creature that approach from the onset, then cut back down towards the boss’ location to move in at mid-range and score a charged gunshot blast.
  2. Employ a follow-up series of sideways rolling maneuvers to evade the various fire jets and monster heads thrown in your direction at this now closer distance.
  3. In between dodging the waves of projectiles, continue wearing down Thanatos with bursts of rapid rapid gunfire as you stay consistently on the move to avoid being an easy target.
  4. Slowly make your way back to the opposite side of the area across from Thantos and strike with another charged blast to activate his sudden transformation into a bundle of spears.
  5. As the arsenal of spears closes in on you, use quick sideways rolls to dodge the falling blades and destroy the ones that stick in the ground with a melee combo.
  6. If you are striking a particular spear that refuses to shatter from the melee assault as quickly as the others, then you have successfully located Thantos in disguise.
  7. After discovering the transformed boss’ identity, continue striking Thantos with melee combos until he changes into a vase.
  8. Move in a circle around the vase and keep a mid-range distance as the transformed boss begins to spew out piles of rolling rocks in every direction.
  9. As soon as the vase expels a wave of boulders that roll towards you, quickly charge into one of these oncoming rock to strike it with a running melee attack and launch it back at Thantos to inflict damage.
  10. Continue batting the rolling boulders into the vase until Thantos transforms himself into an enormous disembodied green foot, then retreat to a far distance and begin running in a circle around the edge of the area to avoid being stepped on.
  11. When you have put a decent amount of distance between your sprinting character and the enormous foot, turn around to stop quickly and blast the transformed Thantos with a charged round of gunfire.
  12. Use the previous strategy to wear down the giant’s foot until Thantos returns to his original form, then sprint towards the boss’ current location and strike with a charged blast before following it up with a melee combination assault.
  13. After one successful melee combo, roll away from Thantos to reach a safe distance and finish him off with a series of charged gunfire to win this battle.

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