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Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate Ship

  1. As you ascend into the clouds, clear out the enemies in front of you with rapid fire and charged gunshots.
  2. Fly through the left opening in the wall of panels that falls towards you, then press your character to the top of screen so that the enormous blue pillar passes beneath him.
  3. Duck beneath the blue column that approach from above without touching the one below, then drop into the next area and navigate around the glowing rock formations while clearing the path ahead of enemies with rapid fire.
  4. Continue blasting through the waves of enemies that appear as you ascend through the clouds above to pop out in a starry night sky setting, then fly in quick evasive circles and utilize rapid fire to survive the next several enemy onslaughts until you reach the Galactic Sea.
  5. Use a special attack to defeat the large whale ahead on your left, then continue soaring above the water until you locate the pirate ship and begin pursuit.
  6. Fly in wide evasive circles to evade the oncoming spiked enemies and shoot them out of the sky with rapid fire until you are right beside the pirate ship again, then destroy the wave of jellyfish with a special attack.
  7. Continue evading the laser blasts being fired at you from the ship’s turrets and weaving around the oncoming obstacles until your character is able to punch a hole through the hull of the ghost vessel.
  8. Once you are inside the ship, collect the health items ahead on the right and exit this room through the door beside you.
  9. Use charged blasts to fight your way past the space pirates and up the stairs behind them, then move through the door at the top and follow the bridge around to the right.
  10. Clear enemies from the path in front of you with rapid fire or melee strikes and continue following the bridge around to exit through the next door via a glowing launch pad that appears.
  11. Pick up the bomb to your right and use it to clear the next section of the incline below, then continue down the spiraling ramp by blasting groups of enemies with charged gunfire assaults.
  12. Take cover beneath the ramp on the ground floor and open fire on the enemies that descend upon the area until you are able to exit into the Generator Room, then head left around the walkway and fight past the creatures with melee combinations or charged blasts.
  13. Clear the room of enemies to reach the other side of the crystal structure and drop the forcefield blocking the door, then exit the area and ride the elevator up to the next floor above.
  14. Destroy the enemy you immediately encounter on the next floor above with a melee strike and exit the room through the door ahead, then follow the bridge around to the left dodge the oncoming laser blasts with combat roll maneuvers.
  15. Destroy the large whale creature through the window ahead with charged blasts and continue following the bridge around to the right, then exit into the Storage Vault area and eliminate the enemies that appear with melee strikes.
  16. Make your way around the walkway to reach a glowing pad and move over it to ascend up to the next ledge above, then continue forward along the bridge and shoot down the wave of flying creatures with rapid fire attacks.
  17. Continue around the walkway until you reach the next glowing pad, then fire upon the explosive object to destroy the nearby guard and take out the other enemy perched on a boulder with a charged blast.
  18. Use the glowing pad to launch yourself up to the ledge above and clear the surrounding area with charged blasts, then collect any health items you can and exit through the next door ahead.
  19. Follow the hallway to your left and retreat from the enemy that appears to stay at a safe distance, then wait for this guard to fire a projectile and swat it back at him with a melee strike.
  20. Repeat the previous tactic to defeat the guard and continue forward through the hallway to reach the side of the ship’s hull, then follow the glowing bridge around and shoot down the enemies in the distance with rapid fire.
  21. Continue fighting your way around the glowing bridge until you reach the next door, then enter back into the ship and move up the ramp ahead.
  22. Eliminate the enemy at the top and follow the hallway around to the left, then strike the switch in the next room to open the nearby door.
  23. Enter the next room ahead and destroy the small doors lining the walls on either side of you to cease the appearance of enemies into this area, then strike the two nearby switches and continue forward.
  24. Make an immediate right in the next room and enter the nook in the corner to strike the first switch, then exit back into the open area and drop into the pit below.
  25. Use charged blasts to destroy the enemies that appear and collect supplies from the treasure chests, then climb the ramp back up to the level above and take an immediate right at the top.
  26. Enter the nook in the corner to the left and strike the second switch, then make your way across to the opposite side of the room and move forward into the next area ahead.
  27. Pick up the heart inside the narrow doorway on the left and replenishes your health in the hot spring room by destroying the enemy guard with a charged blast, then move up the ramp to reach the remaining door and exit back onto the glowing rainbow bridge.
  28. Fight your way around the bridge using melee strikes or rapid fire until you reach the next door, then re-enter the ship and turn left.
  29. Grind the rail behind the door in front of you and shoot down the flying enemies that appear with rapid fire attacks, then continue the ride until your character lands in the next area and clear the room with charged blasts.
  30. Approach the back left corner of the room and destroy the large whale creature with charged blasts, then finish clearing out the next wave of enemies to drop the forcefield and exit the area through the rightmost door.
  31. After the numerous switches appear around the room, begin striking them one-by-one and eliminate the creature that appears until you can collect the item from the treasure chest.
  32. Exit the room and make your way into the next area on the right, then fight your way past the monster within with melee combinations and continue across to reach the door ahead.
  33. Pick up the health item in the next room, then move over the nearby circular platform to ascend to floor above and activate the boss battle.

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