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Boss Battle: Kraken

  1. Make your way across to the opposite side of the platform you’re on and turn around to face the Kraken.
  2. Open fire with a combination of rapid and charged blasts on the first tentacle that curls up in attack preparation.
  3. As soon as you have fended off the tentacle’s strike or rolled away before it slammed into the ground, focus your crosshairs on the next appendage that suddenly readies itself for an assault of its own.
  4. Your best chance to cause extensive damage to the Kraken’s tentacles is at close range, so wait until one of these limbs has smashed into the ground and then run towards it to deliver a devastating charged blast.
  5. Continue firing upon the surrounding tentacles as they attempt to crush you until all four have been severed from the creature’s body, then unleash a series of charged blasts in the Kraken’s head when it rises up from beneath the platform.
  6. Move your character in a continuous back and forth path across the width of the platform, then use combat rolls to successfully stay ahead of or duck beneath the Kraken’s repeated projectile-based assaults.
  7. When the Kraken sweeps the area with a long laser beam, move to the opposite side of the platform where the initial blast began and wait out the attack in this area so that it recedes before reaching you.
  8. Move to a safe distance when the Kraken prepares to flop its entire head onto the platform, then sprint towards the enemy as it lays helplessly and take this opportunity to strike the monster with various melee combinations.
  9. As you dodge the lasers and other damaging projectiles, continue firing upon the Kraken’s head and mouth region with charged blasts until the monster is defeated to win this battle.

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