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Chapter 9: Medusa’s Final Battle

  1. Pit will be geared-up ahead of time for the upcoming battle with Medusa in this chapter, so you should find no difficulty in clearing away the enemies blocking your path through the storm clouds with the weapon provided.
  2. Move in slow consistent circles around the edges of the screen to dodge the oncoming wave of neon fireballs and use rapid fire to eliminate enemies that fly by ahead.
  3. Navigate Pit through the center of the smoke rings to avoid taking damage and continue blasting enemies out of the sky until you dive towards the ground to enter a narrow canyon, then use a special attack to fight through the wave of jellyfish waiting below.
  4. As your descent into the canyon slows to a crawl and the perspective turns towards the wall, switch over to using charged blasts of gunfire to remove the larger enemies that start to appear.
  5. When you dive into a narrower rounded tunnel below, clear the path with rapid fire and dodge the laser beams by shifting your character to the top or button of the screen.
  6. Destroy the next wave of jellyfish creatures below with a special attack and continue fighting your way towards the circle of light in the distance until Pit arrives in the Underworld, then begin clearing out the enemies ahead as you fly in circles to avoid oncoming projectiles.
  7. When you encounter the creatures that emit large sustaining blasts of laser beam, move to a safe corner of the screen and fire up into the side of the enemy’s body to defeat eventually it.
  8. Continue dodging incoming projectiles and eliminating the various threats until you encounter the group of shielded enemies, then shoot down the floating bombs released into the air until Dark Pit arrives to destroy them all at once.
  9. Fly in evasive circles and use rapid fire to clear the path ahead of enemies until you encounter the Underworld Castle’s last line of defense, then open fire on vulnerable points indicated by the purple arrows across guard’s head and wing region.
  10. Navigate through the rings of electrified energy being shot at you and move in circles to evade the follow up spray of laser blasts or fireballs, then move vertically across the screen after the guard launches itself into the foreground to evade its side-to-side charging attack.
  11. Continue using charged blasts to target the guard’s vulnerable points and shoot down any slowing moving blue shockwave bubbles, then move in continuous circles to dodge another round of rapid-fire attacks until Dark Pit arrives to destroy the enemy himself.
  12. Once inside Underworld Castle, replenish your health in the spring at the center of the room and move through one of the three surrounding boss doors to activate the first battle scenario.
  13. After completing all three boss door battles and returning to the hot spring area, turn around and make your way up the staircase to reach the next room above.
  14. Keep your distance from the ground enemy that appears ahead and swat the projectiles he fires at you back into him, then continue clearing out the waves of varying creatures until the one encased in armor appears.
  15. Move around behind the armor-encased enemy to locate the creature’s exposed area and destroy him to deactivate the purple forcefield, then exit the room and follow the cavern’s path in front of you.
  16. Navigate around the jets of flame that shoot from the wall and clear out the enemies ahead with melee strikes, then collect the item from the treasure chest and turn around.
  17. Make your way back down the tunnel and take the first left ahead, then clear enemies from the path with melee combinations and continue forward along the trail.
  18. Take the next available right and open the door around the corner to exit this area, then move left around the room while staying behind one of the rotating flame jets at its center.
  19. Fight off the enemies and collect the hearts as you continue moving in a circle without touching the flames, then exit the room through the next door you see ahead and eliminate the enemies that appear with melee combinations.
  20. Exit the room and move to the center of the crossroads area ahead, then turn in place to locate the nearest approaching enemy and open fire on them with a charged blast.
  21. Keep a safe distance from the enemies as you eliminate them with rapid fire and charged blasts, then defeat the guard encased in armor and the Clubberskull with melee combinations.
  22. Exit the room and hop on the nearby grind rail to begin the ride, then shoot down the enemies that appear ahead until you land on the next ledge below and continue using rapid fire to clear out the creatures flying above.
  23. Follow the rocky path uphill and jump on the grind rail you find at the top to begin another ride, then use rapid fire to clear the path in front of you on the next ledge and continue moving forward.
  24. Grind the rail around the corner ahead and shoot down the flying creatures that appear during the ride until you land on the next ledge below, then navigate around the flames to your right and use charged blasts to destroy the shielded enemies when they expose themselves.
  25. After the purple forcefield disappears, move through the door ahead and step on the nearby floor switch to activate the lights of the invisible bridge.
  26. Use the path of lights to safely navigate across the invisible bridges and exit through the door on the last ledge you reach, then move in a circle around the edge of the next room and destroy the enemies that appear with charged blasts.
  27. Climb the steps at the back of the room to exit and step on the floor switch at the top, then approach the green arrow at the end of the ledge and use it to jump onto the invisible platform you just lit.
  28. Continue using the green lit sections of the invisible platforms to jump across the gaps ahead and land on the ledge at the opposite side of the room, then destroy the nearby creature with a melee strike and defeat the enemy hiding inside the treasure chest.
  29. Use the green arrow to leap onto the next invisible platforms ahead, then shoot down the flying enemies that appear above and jump to the platform directly to the left.
  30. Cross the next series of invisible platforms ahead of you to land on the far ledge and defeat the enemies you encounter with charged blasts, then continue forward and drop to the ground in front of the door below.
  31. Collect the nearby health upgrades and enter the large open doorway, then eliminate the enemies that appear in the next room and continue forward across the glowing-red bridge.
  32. Eliminate the creatures that appear when you reach the ledge above and continue along the next section of red bridge, then shoot down the flying creatures on the next platform ahead.
  33. Continue your way up the red bridge and eliminate the wizard on the next platform above, then move through the door across the bridge ahead to begin the battle with Medusa.

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