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Boss Battle: The 3 Boss Doors / Medusa

Boss Door – Center

  1. Upon finding yourself back in the Labyrinth of Deceit, move forward and eliminate the first enemy that appears with a quick long-range blast.
  2. Approach the row of spikes against the back wall of this room and walk straight through them to reach the next area, then destroy the enemy in a box with rapid gunfire and continue forward.
  3. Take out the flying creatures ahead with charged blasts and enter the next hallway on the left, then walk over the glowing beam of light to teleport onto the ceiling and shoot down the enemies in front of you.
  4. Move forward along the rainbow bridge you’re on and clear the enemies out above with rapid gunfire, then cross over the next teleporter and return to the floor below.
  5. Eliminate nearby enemies with charged blasts, then exit this room through the doorway ahead and make an immediate left.
  6. Sprint into the next teleporter ahead to reappear upside-down and back on the ceiling above, then use rapid fire to fight your way across the room and reach the row of spikes against the far wall.
  7. Walk straight through the wall of spikes and use the teleporter on the other side to return to the floor below, then take out the ghost enemies that approach by using melee combinations.
  8. Strike the nearby switch so that it stops glowing and move over the previous teleporter to return to the ceiling above, then use a charged blast to destroy the monster ahead and enter the next teleporter in front of you.
  9. Use the glowing pad that’s now on your left to launch across the gap ahead and collect the new weapon from the treasure chest, then use the next two launch pads to return to the original starting point.
  10. Jump into the driver’s seat of the vehicle waiting in the next room beside you and exit through the door ahead, then use the robot’s weaponry to shoot down the various enemies that appear from above and beat up the creatures that flatten themselves to the ground.
  11. Clear the room of enemies by alternating between rapid fire and melee attacks until the purple forcefield drops, then dismount from the robot’s cockpit to pick up the health and exit this room to battle with Pandora.
  12. Move around the area in a circle and repeatedly hit Pandora with rapid fire until you have switched places with her in the room, then detonate the explosives she released onto the ground earlier to inflict substantial damage.
  13. Use sideways rolling maneuvers to dodge projectiles or Pandora’s underground charging attacks and continue detonating the explosives she drops around the room.
  14. Return to moving in a circle around Pandora when the flames on her body turn red, then keep running at a pace quick enough to stay ahead of the rotating jet of flame she spits out.
  15. Continue assaulting Pandora with rapid fire from a far and safe distance until she is defeated to win this boss door battle.

Boss Door – Left

  1. Fight your way forward with melee combinations along the top of the castle wall, then make the next available right turn ahead and approach the glowing floor pad in front of the far wall.
  2. Use the floor pads to launch yourself across the series of rooftops leading up to the right, then drop onto the octagonal platform above and enter the nearby Exo-Tank vehicle.
  3. Destroy the rotating column enemy piece-by-piece by targeting it from top to bottom and moving in a circle around the area to stay ahead of the laser beam.
  4. Continue moving in wide circles to finish clearing the platform of any remaining creatures and deactivate the purple forcefield, then drop through the adjacent hatch that’s been left open and descend to the next level below.
  5. Move towards the glowing waterway ahead to navigate up the inclined rock formations and ramp across the gaps between them, continue jumping from ledge to ledge until you reach a treasure chest in the corner.
  6. Exit the vehicle to collect the new weapon from the treasure chest and drop over the ledge to the left of it, then use the glowing floor pad nearby to launch yourself onto the bridge above and eliminate the enemies with melee combinations.
  7. Clear the path to reach the health upgrade ahead on the left, then enter the open door beside it to encounter Hew Draw.
  8. Keep a mid-range distance from Hewdraw as you begin opening fire upon him immediately with rapid burst gunshots, then move in a continuous back and forth path across the area to evade the oncoming projectiles he launches.
  9. Use sideways rolling maneuvers to dodge projectile waves that move too quickly or in too great a number to effectively sprint away from in time.
  10. When Hewdraw dives beneath the water, sprint towards the shoreline ahead and shoot down the glowing fireballs above so that they fall on the boss submerged below for additional damage.
  11. Use rapid fire to shoot down the floating fireballs and fend off the extraneous flying enemies that approach until Hewdraw is launched onto the ground nearby you, then move in at close-range and continue inflicting damage with melee combinations.
  12. Repeat the previous attack strategy, while consistently keeping a line of rapid fire directed on the boss’ head, until Hewdraw is defeated to complete this boss door battle.

Boss Door – Right

  1. Make your way forward across the area where the first battle in this game was held and eliminate the enemies ahead with charged blasts from long-distance, then defeat the group of creatures patrolling around the fountain and move through the next doorway in the right corner behind it.
  2. When the Clubberskull materializes behind you, sprint forward up the path ahead to reach a safe distance and stop on front of the purple forcefield around the next corner.
  3. Turn around and charge towards the Clubberskull, then roll beneath the monster’s initial attack to strike him repeatedly in the body with melee combinations.
  4. Roll around behind the Clubberskull to avoid its next assault and continue striking it with melee attacks until the creature is defeated, then exit this area through the door that was previously blocked ahead and open fire on the enemies you see to the left.
  5. Fight across this area with melee strikes until you reach the bottom of the steps, then make your way up one of the two enormous staircases and clear out the enemies waiting at the top.
  6. Use charged blasts to eliminate enemies as you move up the next incline ahead, then approach the large doorway at the top and defeat another Clubberskull using melee strike combinations.
  7. Finish clearing the rest of the enemies from the area at the top of the steps to deactivate the purple forcefield, then pick up the nearby health item and move through the enormous doorway to encounter Twinbellows.
  8. Begin moving in a circle around the edge of room to evade the initial jet of fire-breath, then get alongside Twinbellow’s body and attack the boss with charged blasts.
  9. Continue moving sideways and retreating from the boss as you score multiple hits with charged gunfire, then use a rolling maneuver to evade Twinbellows when he comes charging towards your location at high speeds.
  10. Keep your crosshairs trained on Twinbellows at all times to deliver continuous damage throughout the battle and return to encircling the enormous dog to survive the next series of assaults until the boss is defeated.

Boss Battle: Medusa

  1. Move in wide evasive circles and destroy the oncoming fireballs with rapid shooting to survive Medusa’s first projectile assault.
  2. Navigate through the first opening that appears in the red laser grids that form in your path and use rapid fire to blast apart the oncoming field of asteroids.
  3. As you approach Medusa’s ground position, veer away from the large red plasma balls that she deploys before they explode with damaging force.
  4. Use rapid fire to continually inflict damage directed towards Medusa’s head and face as you fly around her.
  5. Fly in evasive circles to dodge the light beams emitted from Medusa’s eyes and continue firing upon her until there is a bright flash.
  6. After you have moved in closer to the boss’ face, continue flying in evasive circles, veering away from the exploding red clouds and damaging Medusa with rapid fire.
  7. Continue inflicting damage upon Medusa until she is decapitated and her face is blown off entirely to reveal a large single eye, then target this orange-colored vulnerable point and hit it repeatedly with rapid fire.
  8. Move in quick evasive paths between the four corners of the screen to avoid the laser blasts and exploding clouds.
  9. Continue targeting the boss’ large orange eye with rapid fire strikes until Medusa’s head reattaches to her body, then launch a final assault with charged blasts to win this battle.

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