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Chapter 10: The Wishing Seed

  1. Use rapid fire and charged blasts to clear out the enemies blocking the path ahead as you dive down through the clouds and above a wasteland of molten lava.
  2. Steer your character back and forth across the screen to avoid the volcanic eruptions from below.
  3. Continue mowing down the various enemies that appear by using rapid fire until your character dives into a cave, then deploy charged blasts to defeat the larger creatures that follow alongside or behind you.
  4. Return to rapid fire combat as you soar above the ocean of lava and navigate through the rock arches below without suffering a collision.
  5. After diving down into a lava trench, continuously steer your character in the opposite direction of each fire dragon that emerges and cross the path ahead to avoid crashing into them.
  6. Continue to shoot down the oncoming waves of flying enemies as you soar above another section of the lava ocean and enter the next cave ahead.
  7. Fight through the cave system until you’re in a chamber that is quickly filling with magma, then fly above the geysers of lava that shoot from the wall on the right to reach the entrance to next cave tunnel above.
  8. After a curtain of magma drops down to block your escape, use a charged blast to destroy the large bulbous creature in the pool of lava below and the smaller enemies around him.
  9. Continue eliminating the lava creatures below until you are able to exit the cavern and escape through the tunnel above while being chased by a tidal wave of magma.
  10. While flying above the next stretch of volcanic terrain, use rapid fire to continue clearing away the enemies ahead until a cut scene activates in which you land on the ground below.
  11. Collect the health items that appear and shoot down the flying creatures you see in the distance, then move forward and navigate around the lava pools to approach the door in the back left corner ahead.
  12. Exit the area through the door in the corner and destroy the enemies across the room by firing charged blasts from a distance, then continue forward after the purple forcefield drops.
  13. Exit the room through the door ahead and destroy the enemy on your right by backing away to avoid being inhaled, then climb the nearby staircase and enter the vehicle at the top.
  14. Drop off the ledge in front of you, then continue driving forward and clear any enemies from the path ahead by using the vehicle’s front-end laser cannons.
  15. Blast through the next pack of larger enemies without slowing down to reach the ramp ahead, then launch yourself off the top to land on the strip of highway surrounded by lava below.
  16. Continue driving forward along the highway and ramping across the various gaps until you return to the ground below, then navigate the winding rock path ahead and dismount from vehicle upon reaching far wall.
  17. Use the glowing pad on the floor to launch yourself onto the ledge above and exit this area, then identify the lead enemy in the next room by its two raised arms and destroy this creature to defeat the group as a whole.
  18. Make your way around the lava pool ahead and step on the glowing launch pad by the back wall to reach the next level above, then eliminate the leader of the enemies that approach from the left and climb the spiral steps.
  19. Strike the square column on the next platform above to descend back into the previous lava pool, then exit the area through the adjacent door and destroy the enemies in the distance with charged blasts.
  20. Collect a new weapon down the first path to the left before entering the next door ahead on the right, then eliminate the enemy to replenish your health in the hot spring.
  21. Exit the hot spring room and move through the door around the corner to your right, then destroy the enemies ahead with charged blasts and follow the path on the left.
  22. Use the launch pad to cross the gap and continue forward, then destroy the enemy hiding inside the box from a distance and move left around the next corner ahead.
  23. Fight your way onto the circular platform in the upper right corner ahead and ride it to the ledge above, then shoot down the flying enemies that surround you and use the adjacent trail to reach the next glowing floor pad.
  24. Use the floor pad to launch yourself onto the ledge above and fight past the enemy around the next corner with a melee strike, then ascend on the platform ahead and exit this area.
  25. Move down the path to your right and fight past the enemies that appear to reach the next door ahead, then exit the room and pick up the cannon weapon in front of you.
  26. Follow the trail you’re on and destroy groups of enemies quickly with the cannon weapon that’s currently equipped, then jump across the series of rock platforms to reach the next door and exit the area.
  27. Move in a circle and clear out the wave of enemies one-by-one from a distance, then exit the room and repeat this same combat strategy in the next area.
  28. Exit the room and fight your way across the bridge using charged blasts or melee strikes, then collect the health upgrade and continue forward to being the boss battle.

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