Kid Icarus: Uprising Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Return of Palutena

  1. After watching the tutorial on flying combat, practice these new control by targeting, destroying and evading the wave of enemies that appear as you soar through the clouds.
  2. As you battle these enemies, try to focus on the enemies that appear first as they will also be the first ones to attack.
  3. Continue eliminating the flying creatures until Medusa rise up as an enormous giant, then alternate between clearing out the smaller enemies and focusing your fire on her head and face region until she recedes beneath the clouds again.
  4. After a cut scene in which you dive towards the ground and fly through a mountain, continue eliminating the enemies and take out the larger creatures by using charged blasts.
  5. Attack the enemies that appear in groups first, as they can use teamwork to cause greater damage, until you reach a cityscape and clear this area of threats as well to activate another cut scene in which you land on the ground below.
  6. After watching the ground combat tutorial, move through the narrow alley to your left and clear the path of enemies to pick up the food items they levee behind.
  7. Enter the fountain area to eliminate the surrounding enemies with rapid fire and sideways rolls to avoid their counter attacks, then open the blue chest to the left of the fountain for another power-up and continue forward towards the two staircases in the distance.
  8. Use charged attacks to eliminate the larger enemies that appear in front of you, then fight your way up the first set of steps with sword strikes and dodge the large cannon ball the enemy fires at you before climbing the second staircase.
  9. Enter the temple at the top of the steps to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Twinbellows, then immediately execute a rolling sideways dodge to avoid the creature’s first attack.
  10. Keep your distance while moving in a wide circle around the dog and open fire on the side of its body, then continue along this path as if you are trying to get behind the creature to avoid its fire-breathing assault.
  11. When the dog rears back and raises its wagging tail, roll sideways to dodge its charging attack and continue wearing it down with rapid fire or charged blasts.
  12. Continue attacking the boss in this way until it collides with a wall and slumps to the ground, then hit it with a charged blast to defeat the creature and complete the chapter.

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