Kid Icarus: Uprising Walkthrough

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Boss Battle: The Immortal Phoenix

  1. Run towards the center of the platform while keeping your crosshairs trained on the Phoenix as it circles around and open fire with rapid gun shots.
  2. Roll sideways to avoid the projectiles and wait for the Phoenix to land nearby, then use the glowing pad at the center of the platform to launch into the air above the boss as he charges towards you.
  3. Continue using the launch pad repeatedly to rise above the Phoenix’s follow-up assaults and strike it repeatedly in the head with rapid gunfire.
  4. When the Phoenix circles around the platform, fire your laser blasts ahead of the boss’ current flight path to make sure shots hit their mark in time.
  5. Move repeatedly across the width of the platform, hitting the launch pad in between, and continue assaulting the Phoenix with rapid gunfire until the boss slumps to the ground.
  6. Approach the Phoenix at close range as it lays motionless on the platform and strike the fallen boss repeatedly with melee combinations.
  7. Dodge the Phoenix’s next onslaught of fireballs and wait for it to land near the floating bomb that has now appeared on the platform, then shoot this explosive device to detonate it and inflict significant damage upon the boss.
  8. Continue using the launch pad to soar above the boss’ attacks while hitting him with rapid gun-fire from mid-air until the Phoenix is defeated to win this battle.

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