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Chapter 11: Viridi, Goddess of Nature

  1. Use a combination of rapid gunfire and charged blasts to clear the path of enemies as you fly over the mountain range below, then fly in wide evasive circles as the oncoming projectiles begin to multiply.
  2. Move back and forth across the screen to dodge the falling mortars as you approach the front of the fortress, then continue shooting down enemies until you’re pulled away to witness an enormous explosion engulf the battle below.
  3. After you encounter Viridi, continue circling and using rapid fire to safely mow down the enemies ahead.
  4. Shoot down the enemies that appear as you enter reset bomb’s blast orb and dive deeper into the catacombs of the aftermath, then dodge the next wave of oncoming projectile by swerving from side to side and destroy the dragon creature ahead with charged blasts.
  5. As you navigate the blast site and dive deeper into the aftermath below, sweep your crosshairs across the screen in fluid motions to more effectively wipe out rows of enemies with rapid fire.
  6. Destroy the next dragon that passes in front of you and continue shooting down or dodging the smaller enemies that appear afterwards.
  7. Move in wide evasive circles and use rapid fire to survive the remainder of the flight until a cut scene activates in which Pit is knocked down to the ground below.
  8. Pick up the food items and make your way down the path ahead, then move to the left in a circle around the next room and eliminate the flying and ground enemies with long distance shots.
  9. Defeat the final enemy that appears with a melee combination to unblock the next route, then exit this area and drop down over the ledge ahead.
  10. Shoot the enemies that appear with long distance projectiles before you move forward across this area, then roll sideways to dodge any return fire and cut the knight free from the left wall ahead.
  11. Enter the blue-lit tunnel ahead and fight your way into the next room using melee strikes or charged blasts, then smash through the wall of thorns and destroy the enemies on the other side.
  12. Make your way into the next tunnel ahead and follow it around to reach an open cavern, then open fire from a safe distance on the enemies within and roll side-ways to dodge oncoming projectiles.
  13. Continue taking out enemies from afar or using melee combinations to defeat the ones that attack at close range, then move through the large doorway that becomes unblocked and replenish your health in the hot springs to the left.
  14. Shoot down the enemies that ascend from the surrounding chasms and exit back into the previous area, then move forward and enter the open doorway ahead on the left.
  15. Fight your way across the rock bridge and collect a new weapon at the treasure chest, then turn around and defeat the enemies across from you with long-range rapid fire.
  16. Move back across the room and approach the glowing floor pad on the right to launch yourself onto the next ledge above, then continue using the launch pads to cross the series of rock bridges ahead and eliminate the enemy occupying each one with a charged blast.
  17. Exit the rounded room you reach at the top and move up the ramp immediately to the left in the next area, then make your way around the connected scaffolding and eliminate the surrounding enemies with rapid fire.
  18. Free the knight at the top of the first long incline and continue moving to the right along the scaffolding, then use the glowing floor pad to launch onto the next ledge above and turn right the eliminate the nearby enemies.
  19. Use the next launch pad ahead to reach the ledge above and move right along the cliff, then grind the rail around the corner and shoot down the enemies that appear during the ride until you drop back to the ground below.
  20. Defeat the nearby enemy with a melee strike and use the glowing floor pad to launch yourself onto the next ledge above, then take out the creatures to the right with long-distance charged blasts and continue forward.
  21. Free the knight ahead on the left and grind the rail down the path to your right, then shoot down the flying enemies until you drop back to the ground below and continue forward.
  22. Enter the vehicle at the top of the incline and defeat the creatures that appear above to continue forward, then enter the half-pipe slalom ahead and ride down it while clearing enemies from your path with rapid fire.
  23. Navigate the winding turns of the downhill slalom until your vehicle pops out at the bottom and descends into the next area below, then eliminate the enemies to the left and drive forward along the path cut into the rock.
  24. Take a right at the next fork and turn right again when you reach the dead end, then drive through the narrow opening in the corner and exit the vehicle to collect from the treasure chest.
  25. Defeat the enemies that appear and re-enter the vehicle, then exit the room and return to the previous fork in the road.
  26. Exit the vehicle and use the launch pad at the fork in the road to reach the next ledge above, then make your way forward down the trail ahead and drop off the ledge at the end to land in a hot spring.
  27. Defeat the enemy to your right and collect the bomb from the chest, then approach the red arrow indicator to locate the next launch pad and use it to reach the ledge above.
  28. Use the next launch pad ahead to reach the ledge above and eliminate the enemies in front of you with long-distance fire, then continue forward to launch yourself onto the blue bridge below.
  29. Make a right along the bridge and fight your way through the next tunnel ahead to free the knight on the other side, then defeat the next wave of enemies by continuously alternating between combat rolls and firing single charged projectiles.
  30. Clear the area to deactivate the forcefield and collect from the treasure chest that appears, then exit using the next adjacent tunnel and follow the path in front of you forward to reach the incline at the end.
  31. Make a left at the top of the incline and fight your way around the path ahead, then take another left at the next fork in the road below and continue following the trail.
  32. Clear out the enemies occupying the sky above until you reach the next ledge, then defeat the dragon by destroying every sections of its body with charged blasts and move through the stone archway across the bridge ahead.
  33. Roll sideways to dodge oncoming projectiles and begin moving in a continuous circle around the outside edge of the next area, then take out the various enemies that appear from a safe distance while in motion.
  34. Use charged blasts for the larger creatures and mow down the smaller enemies with rapid fire until the platform is clear, then use the next floor pad to launch yourself down into the area below and move forward to begin the boss battle.

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