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Chapter 12: Wrath of the Reset Bomb

  1. As you fly amongst the floating landmasses, use a combination of rapid fire and charged bursts to clear the path of enemies ahead.
  2. When your character suddenly blasts forward in the direction of another reset bomb, fly in wide evasive circles and destroy the oncoming meteorites with continuous rapid fire.
  3. Continue mowing down various enemies until your character suddenly ascends straight up into the sky and approaches the reset bomb falling from above, then destroy the green targets located on the enormous device’s surface as you circle around it.
  4. Use rapid fire to effectively extinguish all of the green targets as they pass in front of you, then shift your crosshairs up to the large yellow bubble that appears next and destroy it with charged blasts to deactivate the reset bomb.
  5. Fly in evasive circles and use rapid fire to fight through the enemies that approach as you ascend past the sections of floating beanstalk above, then continue this survival tactic upon reaching the floral island at the top.
  6. Use rapid fire and quick dodging maneuvers to survive the flight through various obstacles located around the garden-like environment until you land on the ground below.
  7. Collect the food in front of you and continue forward around the path ahead, then shoot down the flying enemies that appear above approach the beanstalk in the distance.
  8. From behind one of the corner dividers the next area below, fire repeatedly at the bomb enemies that appear and then retreat in a circle around this obstacle to keep a safe distance until they explode.
  9. Detonate all of the bomb enemies to deactivate the forcefield and exit this area, then enter the cockpit of the robot suit ahead and continue across the wooden bridge on the left.
  10. Continue forward until you suddenly drop into the next area below, then move around the arena and clear it of enemies by executing melee combinations and rapid fire attacks.
  11. Keep your crosshairs trained on the large whale enemy as soon as it descends from above and inflict continuous damage on this creature with rapid gunfire until it’s destroyed, then eliminate the remaining threats to deactivate the forcefield.
  12. Approach the next glowing floor pad ahead and exit the robot suit, then launch yourself onto the ledge above and continue moving forward.
  13. Move between the stone walls and take out the enemy above with a charged blast, then continue forward along the stone pathway and target the explosive sacs ahead to eliminate threats more efficiently.
  14. Fight your way around or through the brick walls lining the path ahead until you reach the next circular platform below, then back away from the mud monster as it rises from the puddle and destroy it with continuous gunfire to the head.
  15. Make your way down the next wooden bridge ahead and collect the health on the left, then turn around and take out the enemies with long-distance projectiles.
  16. Move forward and head up the incline on your left, then stay to the right side of the electrified fence as you ascend and eliminate enemies with charged blasts.
  17. Collect the items at the top and fight off nearby enemies with rapid fire, then make your way down the next adjacent wooden bridge and follow around to reach another circular platform.
  18. Head down the leftmost path, then ignore the guard on the next platform and make an immediate right towards the rotating forcefields to stay ahead of the pursuing enemy before it explodes.
  19. Move behind one of the rotating forcefield walls that pass by and follow it closely to make the first available left, then cross the bridge and head through the doors directly in front of you.
  20. Attack the large enemy that appears by circling around it and deploying charged blasts, then use rapid fire to wear down the defensive bubble this creature hides beneath and continue inflicting damage as before.
  21. Defeat the flying wizard that appears next by keeping a safe distance and firing charged blasts, then exit this area and descend to the floor below on the glowing blue platform.
  22. Make your way to the opposite side of the blue ledge and turn down the path ahead that’s leading out to the right, then fight across the bridge to reach the next platform below and eliminate surrounding enemies with charged blasts.
  23. Follow the green arrow to the opening in the wall and move down the next winding section of the blue bridge, then clear out enemies with charged blasts and make the first left ahead.
  24. Take another immediate left across a narrow section of the bridge and shoot down the enemies on the next platform with charged blasts, then use the launch pad to reach the ledge above and continue forward.
  25. Head left around the stalk to avoid the patrolling enemy and use the launch pad on the opposite side to reach the uppermost platform above, then defeat the mud monster and collect the items from the treasure chests.
  26. Use the nearby launch pad to land in the area below, then make your way down the path that becomes a broken trail of platforms leading out to the right.
  27. Jump across the series of gaps on the right to land on a grind rail, then ride the pipeline until you drop into the next area below and begin moving in a circle around the edge of the platform to evade any initial enemy attacks.
  28. Assault the surrounding creatures from long distance with a combination of rapid fire and charged blasts, then execute a combat roll to dodge the enemy curled into a ball each time he attempts to run you over.
  29. Stay on the move and roll away from close-range attacks, then continue clearing out the enemies until you can exit the area using the next path ahead.
  30. Use the launch pad to reach the uppermost platform above, them shoot the explosive sac in front of you to detonate it and clear out a large group of enemies.
  31. Sprint around the edge of the platform to stay ahead of the bomb enemies before they explode and clear out any of the remaining flying creatures, then use the next launch pad that appears to reach the bridge above and continue forward.
  32. Take the corner ahead on the right and destroy the dragon the moves in front of your path, then continue forward and turn left upon entering the next open cavern area.
  33. Shoot the explosive sac to detonate it and clear out nearby enemies, then move forward and approach the circular opening in the ground ahead.
  34. Move around the opening to keep a safe distance from the enormous creature that emerges and defeat him with repeated charged blasts, then step onto the blue platform that descends and ride it to the next floor above.
  35. Exit through the door at the top and hop into the robotic suit ahead on the left, then use the vehicle’s weapons or melee strikes to clear out the enemies that appear and deactivate the forcefield.
  36. Head down the newly-opened path and fight your way onto the next platform with rapid fire and melee strikes, then defeat the large rolling enemy and the dragon before exiting the robot suit.
  37. Enter the green structure nearby and ride the blue platform to the next floor below, then exit the room at the bottom through the door ahead to activate the boss battle.

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