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Chapter 13: The Lunar Sanctum

  1. Use a combination of rapid fire and charged blasts to clear the path ahead as you fly through the clouds.
  2. Move in wide evasive circles as you approach the Lunar Sanctum to dodge the large laser blasts emitted from it and the oncoming electrified debris.
  3. Continue evading the laser blasts and shooting down enemies that appear in front of you until Pit iscircling the Lunar Sanctum at extremely close range.
  4. Clear enemies from your path with charged blasts, then move into the corner of the screen away from the electrified obstacle that appears next .
  5. Destroy the plants firing laser beams on the surface below as you ascend high into space before diving back down through the center of the Sanctum exterior.
  6. Move in quick circle to avoid the laser turrets on the walls above and clear the path of enemies ahead with rapid gunfire.
  7. Fight your way out of the trench to face the sanctum again and retreat after a massive beam of blue laser is fired at you repeatedly.
  8. As you zoom along the escape route, mow down enemies ahead with rapid fire and steer over or under the laser beams that shoot out across the tunnel.
  9. Destroy the dragons piece by piece with charged blasts, then fend off the teleporting ghost attacks by constantly spraying rapid gunfire into the tunnel ahead.
  10. Move up and down towards the middle of the screen to navigate the field of laser beams guarding the next section of tunnel ahead.
  11. Shoot the faded square patches on the walls that appear in the path ahead to safely break through them, then steer away from and above the white jets of flame that erupt into the air.
  12. Fight your way towards the narrow duct in the next darkened room to eventually land on the ground below , then collect the food that drops in front of you and continue forward along the path.
  13. Drop over the ledge ahead and take out the flying enemies to your right, then follow the green arrow on the floor to descend the staircase and clear the next area at the bottom.
  14. Follow the green arrows through the next set of doors ahead and eliminate the enemies on the other side, then move to the far right end of the quicksand river and jump into the current.
  15. Ride the river of quicksand around to the opposite side of the room and exit through the next doorway, then grind the rail in front of you and use rapid fire to eliminate enemies during the ride.
  16. Shoot the pink power generator that passes by on the right to change its color to blue, then continue grinding the rail and fire upon the second pink generator you encounter ahead.
  17. After you drop back to the ground below, eliminate the enemies at the top of the steps by rolling sideways and firing charged blasts.
  18. Clear the air above of all remaining enemies, then hop onto the grind rail that appears and ride the pipeline forward.
  19. Transfer onto the grind rail that appears to your left and shoot the next generator ahead so that it turns blue in color, then continue riding the pipeline until you drop onto the ledge above and exit through the doors at the top.
  20. Take cover at the top of the steps in front of the purple forcefield and eliminate the enemies occupying the room with charged blasts, then exit the area and approach the mirror ahead.
  21. Use the reflection in the mirror as a guideline for entering the invisible hallway beside you to the right, then move through the next doorway ahead to discover a second mirror room.
  22. Step on all three floor buttons in this room by watching your reflection as a guideline, then exit through the open doorway in the corner and follow the hallway to reach the next mirror room.
  23. Watch your reflection and successfully guide your character across the invisible sections of the bridge to press the floor button and reach the other side of the room, then exit through the doorway in the corner to encounter Dark Pit.
  24. Move in a circle around the sphere at the center of room to stay ahead of Dark Pit’s projectile assaults and fend him off with melee combinations if he attacks at close-range.
  25. Continue hitting Dark Pit with rapid gunfire from afar until he retreats, then shoot charged blasts into the Control Center and dodge the ricochet with a sideways roll until its destroyed.
  26. Collect the health item in the corner and move through the door beside it, then ride the circular platform to the next floor above and shoot down the flying enemies at the top.
  27. Fight your way across the bridges ahead, by first collecting a new weapon on the center one, to reach the door in the upper left corner of the area.
  28. Move through this door and attack the enemies ahead with rapid fire to continue forward, then make a right at the green arrow and make your way up the snowy incline.
  29. Enter the vehicle ahead on your left and drive back down the snowy incline, then take the next right turn and defeat the snow monster.
  30. Drive through the next door and navigate the ice bridge ahead safely by firing upon enemies in the distance before they can cause damage to you.
  31. Approach the ramp marked with a green arrow and launch across the gap, then collect the weapon from the treasure chest and return to the previous ledge.
  32. Navigate between the field of land mines to reach the next door in the distance, then clear out the surrounding enemies and exit the area.
  33. Drop over the ledge to eliminate the enemies in front of you and on the incline above by attacking with charged gunfire, then use the launch pad that appears to reach the ledge above and enter the hot spring.
  34. Fight your way onto shore and drop down through the whirlpool ahead, then turn the next corner and eliminate another wave of flying creatures.
  35. Drop over the edge to your left and land on the ground in front of the door below, then exit the area and clear the next room using charged blasts.
  36. Ride the u-shaped platform to the next floor above and make your way down the nearby steps to reach the forcefield, then mow down the approaching the enemies and exit the room.
  37. Move across the rotating circular platform by walking at a slight angle and fire rapid gunshots at the enemies ahead, then drop over the ledge in front of you and exit the room.
  38. Climb the steps to make a right at the top and destroy the dragon circling nearby with charged blasts, then exit the room and move through the next door at the top of the stairs to begin the boss battle.

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