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Chapter 14: Lightning Battle

  1. As you navigate the storm of tornadoes, move in quick evasive circles and clear the pathos enemies ahead using rapid gunfire.
  2. After you dive through a vortex below and fly over a series of floating landmasses, continue flying in wide circles and target the ground enemies firing laser beams.
  3. As you move beneath the earth and eventually return to the tornado storm, target the flying dragon-form of Thanatos in the distance and hit him repeatedly with rapid gunfire.
  4. Continue fighting your way through the enemy waves and striking Thantos in the distance until the dragon is defeated, then move up and down to evade the next series of laser beam obstacles that appear.
  5. Use rapid fire and fly in evasive circles to survive the oncoming enemies waves until you enter the storm cloud occupied by Phosphora.
  6. Drop your character down quickly to avoid the laser beam that’s fired from the top of the Thunder Cloud Temple’s highest tower and mow down the enemies that appear as you encircle the structure.
  7. Continue swerving sharply in up and down directions to evade the tower’s repeatedly firing laser beam until you are able to land on the temple grounds below.
  8. Collect the food in front of you and head forward up the steps, then fight past the enemies at the top and take a right around the next corner.
  9. Use long-distance blasts to fight your way through the narrow alleyways above and stay in the middle of the path to avoid touching the electrified walls, then defeat the last group of varying enemies and climb the steps ahead to exit this area.
  10. Ascend to the floor above on the circular platform in the next area and shoot the enemies on the ledge across from you at the top, then exit the room and make a right.
  11. Make the next right to pick up the weapon on the platform previously occupied by enemies, then turn around and return to the previous corridor.
  12. Turn left and move through the next door ahead, then use the launch pad to reach the ledge above and eliminate the enemies in front of you.
  13. Approach the platform at the center of the area and strike the crystal floating above it with rapid gunfire until the gem inside breaks, then exit the room and defeat the enemy at the bottom of the stairs below.
  14. Turn right and fight your way across the room to exit through the next door, then move left along the path and drop over the ledge around the corner ahead.
  15. Continue dropping over the ledges in front of you to reach the lowest room in the area below, then eliminate any of the varying enemies that appear and use a continuous string of combat rolls to survive the oncoming projectiles.
  16. Exit the area and move forward along the bridge in front of you to fight through the next wave of enemies, then use the door at the top to ride another grind rail.
  17. Shoot down the enemies that appear during the rail grind until you land in the room above, then use melee attacks to clear the next area below while rolling to dodge the projectile assaults.
  18. Approach the striped balls on both sides of the room to strike them repeatedly them with your weapon until they dislodge and roll into the pit below, then climb onto the electrified platform at the area’s center to enter the whirlwind and reach the next floor above.
  19. Move forward and take cover beneath the bridge before the creatures that emit laser beams begin firing, then turn around when you’re under the archway and eliminate the enemies ahead with long-range shooting.
  20. Take cover beneath the other bridge across from you to defeat the second creature firing laser beams, then exit the room and climb the steps ahead.
  21. Turn around halfway up the steps and eliminate the enemies that appear below, then continue climbing the stairs and sprint into the nook above on the left to evade the bolt of electricity moving across the floor.
  22. Clear out the enemies that appear on this level and use the notch in the wall to continuously evade the electricity as it comes around, then make your way around to the far right side of the ledge and climb the next set of steps.
  23. Move to the top of the stairs to target and destroy the last wave of the enemies occupying the uppermost level, but retreat backwards down the steps whenever the electricity rotates in your direction.
  24. Exit the room through the door on the top level and make your way forward into the room below, then shoot down the enemy that appears above and climb onto the next platform ahead.
  25. Destroy the gem on the ledge above to open the trap door beneath you and drop onto the grind rail below, then ride the pipeline forward to land in the next area and move left around the inclined ledge.
  26. Slip around past the sides of the large rolling enemies to continue moving up the spiraled incline, then blast away the smaller enemies that appear next and use the series of glowing floor pads that follow to launch yourself across the gaps ahead.
  27. Continue moving uphill around the outer ledge of the tower and ignore the treasure chests located ahead on your left, then sprint past the creatures that appear to avoid falling through the collapsing floor below and reach the next door at the end.
  28. Enter the launch pad at the top of the steps ahead to reach the next floor above, then collect the health item in front of you and and exit the room through the nearby double doors to begin the boss battle.

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