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Chapter 15: Mysterious Invaders

  1. As you fly above the mountain rang and approach the alien starships in the distance, move from side-to-side across the screen to dodge the laser blasts coming from above.
  2. Use rapid gunfire to clear out the smaller enemy ships that appear ahead and fly in wide circles around the screen avoid their oncoming projectile attacks, then swerve back and forth to evade the yellow laser blasts coming from below.
  3. Continue flying in circles and clearing the path ahead with rapid gunfire as you soar through a jagged asteroid and close-in on the alien mothership in the distance.
  4. Destroy the stem of the mushroom shaped aircraft above and destroy or navigate through the center of the oncoming obstacles made up of rainbow-colored squares, then continue eliminating the enemies ahead with the help of Pyrrhon.
  5. As you fly above the surface of the alien base, use rapid fire to eliminate the smaller starships and use charged blasts to break through the barricades made up of rainbow-colored squares.
  6. Move up and down through the laser blasts that cross the trench ahead, then swerve left and right around the blocks that raise up from the ground in front of you next.
  7. As you dive down through the next trench in the floor below, fly up and down in quickie motions to evade the cloisters of green laser blasts that block the path.
  8. Clear out the enemies firing sustained beams of laser as you soar forward beneath the next section of the mother ship, then fly in quick circles and use rapid fire to clear the path ahead until your character is able to land in the structure below.
  9. Collect the food that appears in front of you and clear out the next wave of enemies ahead with long-distance charged blasts, then move forward and fight your way across the area.
  10. Open fire on the block glowing pink at the opposite of this area until it recedes into the ground, then continue forward and shoot down the wheel-shaped enemy that appears above.
  11. Approach the second glowing-pink block ahead on the left and clear out the enemies that appear, then destroy the block and move past it to reach the next area.
  12. Fight your way forward and turn at the center of the platform ahead, then clear out the remaining enemies and approach the door in the corner.
  13. Enter the next corridor and move around the corner ahead, then fight your way along the ledge to reach the door on the opposite wall and exit the area.
  14. Alternate the focus of your gunfire between the enemies rising out of the floor ahead and the pink energy block obstructing the path through the room until you are able to exit using the door on the other side.
  15. Use the launchpad ahead on the left to reach the bridge above and open fire on the enemies that appear below, then destroy the glowing-pink block beneath you and drop back to the ground.
  16. Continue forward to the other side of the area to approach the treasure chest enemy and descend to the next floor below, then eliminate any guard that appears and turn around.
  17. Fight your way up the steps in the corner to the left and drop over the ledge around the corner to replenish health with the hot springs, then continue forward and exit through the next door ahead.
  18. Enter the vehicle and drive it forward over the series of small ramps ahead while blasting enemies, then destroy the pink block on the other side of the room and continue ahead through the next door.
  19. Drive up the ramp ahead at full speed to launch off the end and pick up hearts as you clear the gap, then destroy the next pink block in front of you and continue forward to exit this area.
  20. Use rapid fire to clear the path of enemies you navigate the next winding road ahead, then ignore ignore the treasure chest upon reaching the dirt floor and drive through the opening in the wall behind it.
  21. Clear the room of enemies by firing from the entrance and destroy the next pink block in front of you, then approach the door to the next room ahead and exit the vehicle before moving through it.
  22. Ascend to the floor above and exit the room at the top, then ride the next grind rail in front of you and use charged blasts to clear the surrounding area of flying enemies.
  23. Ride the second and extended length of grind rail on your left, upon reaching the next platform, then clear the path ahead using rapid fire until you land on the other side.
  24. Defeat the surrounding enemies by using melee strikes and hop onto the next grind rail in the corner of the platform, then ride the pipeline and shoot down the large wheel until you land on the next ledge ahead.
  25. Move back and forth across the platform to shoot down the enemies above before jumping on the next grind rail ahead, then ride the pipeline and eliminate opposing threats by using charged laser blasts until you land on the next ledge.
  26. Drop over the ledge to your right and enter the door nearby to descend to the next floor below, then exit at the bottom and move forward.
  27. Follow the spiraling bridge around to your left and shoot down the enemies blocking the path ahead, then continue the circling at the lowermost section of this walkway and destroy the laser beam security that comes towards you.
  28. Pick up the food items at the end of the bridge and turn around, then make your next right ahead and follow the walkway around the destroy the wall of enemies below by using a charged blast.
  29. Continue fighting your way across the bridge and sprint to clear the series of small gaps ahead, then move to the center of the next pink platform below to descend and begin the boss battle.

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