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Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord

  1. Use rapid fire and charged blasts to clear out the lines of enemies that appear in front of you.
  2. Fly in wide circles to avoid the creatures’ increased rate of fire, but continue to shoot them out of the air as you do so.
  3. Try to save your charged blasts for the rounded clusters of smaller enemies or the more enormous creatures.
  4. Use rapid fire to target the enemies floating alone or in a straight line so that your weapon will have time to charge for eliminating other creatures.
  5. Navigate through the storm of tornadoes until lightning explodes in front of you, then evade the series of bolts that crash down ahead by swerving your character away from the pre-flash bolts that appear just before the next strike occurs.
  6. Swerve between the lightning bolts until a cut scene activates in which you dive straight down through the clouds, then open fire on the creatures that appear behind you to either destroy them or veer out of their oncoming path.
  7. When your character turns to face the ground again, focus your fire power on the enemies below that are currently emitting a purple laser beam.
  8. Continue firing upon the enemies ahead until you are flying over a barren mountain range, then dodge the yellow slices of leers as you eliminate the next wave of creatures ahead.
  9. Target and destroy the lines of enemies with rapid fire until you dive into a cave decorated with glowing blue geodes, then switch over to using charged blasts to exterminate the larger creature.
  10. When your character suddenly comes to a screeching halt, open fire on the spiky enemy sitting on the bridge below before clearing out the flying creatures above to continue the flight forward.
  11. Repeat the previous strategy at the next temporary stopping point to continue forward and exit the cave, then clear out the smaller creatures before opening fire on the enormous fish’s lower lip and head.
  12. Continue firing upon the enormous fish until it slams into a blockade and you are able to escape into a volcanic area, then dodge and eliminate the next wave of enemies that appear ahead until you enter the Dark Lord’s Castle.
  13. Once inside, collect the fruit supply in the corner ahead and enter the next room in front of you.
  14. Strike the blue column with your weapon to open the door and eliminate the enemy in the next room, then drop through the opening in the floor and move forward to the staircases ahead.
  15. Sidestep the laser blasts from the two guards ahead until you are close enough to eliminate them, then climb one of the nearby staircases and make a right at the top.
  16. Continue right along the upper landing and defeat the large enemy when it drops its shield, then strike the blue column ahead and take another right across the bridge.
  17. Dodge for the rotating square panels by dashing underneath them when they are flipped horizontally, then defeat the creatures on the other side of the bridge and strike the blue column.
  18. Approach the door you just opened to eliminate the large creature standing in front of it by sidestepping the spiked balls and hitting the creature with three charged blasts.
  19. Enter the open doorway to reach the next open area and turn left, then clear out the enemies on this floor with charged blasts and move into the hallway in the corner to enter the trophy room on the right.
  20. Approach the treasure chest in the middle of the room to bring the statues to life, then defeat them with melee strikes and charged burst fire to deactivate the purple forcefield.
  21. Continue forward to around the next corner to collect the upgrades in the treasure room, then turn around and return to the statue room.
  22. Sidestep the oncoming bombs and eliminate the large enemies with charged blasts, then exit the statue room to return to the open area and make a left.
  23. Cross the bridge and eliminate the vase of enemies on the other side, then take out the jellyfish creature ahead and exit the area through the next doorway on the right.
  24. Make your way down the steps around the corner and move through the open doorway behind the tapestry hanging on the wall, then touch the glowing icon ahead to teleport and collect the Sagittarius Bow in front of you.
  25. Use the teleporter to return to the previous staircase and continue down the steps ahead to activate a cut scene, then assist your fellow warrior in clearing the room with charged blasts and melee strikes.
  26. Move into the passageway that opens and drop through the opening in the floor, then continue fighting your way forward across the rock bridge to reach the other side and enter the next room.
  27. Clear the room of enemies as they appear until they’ve all been eliminated, then enter the elevator and ride it down to the next floor below.
  28. Enter the room on the right to visit the spa, then exit back into the previous area and move through the next doorway ahead on the right.
  29. Make your way up the spiral walkway and take out the enemy ahead, then target the shielded monster floating at the center of the room and strike with charged blasts when he reveals himself every so often.
  30. Continue fighting your way up the spiral walkway until you reach the top, then pick up the Drink of the Gods and enter the door ahead to activate the Boss Battle.

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