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Chapter 16: The Aurum Hive

  1. During the dive towards the dark clouds below, use rapid fire to target and destroy the green bulbs attached to each of the enemy aircraft rushing up towards you.
  2. Continue using rapid fire to clear out enemies as they appear in front of you, then fly in quick evasive circles to dodge the oncoming laser blasts from both the larger and smaller ships.
  3. Stay towards the bottom of the screen while moving from back and forth between the two lower corners to dodge the storm of green meteorites, then choose the lower route as you approach the floating island in the distance.
  4. As you navigate between the large rising columns ahead, keep your character positioned towards the center of screen and use quickly swerve him from side-to-side.
  5. Fly in invasive circles while using rapid fire to survive the next onslaught of enemy ships and laser assaults, then destroy the larger spacecraft amongst the fleet you reach ahead by targeting the green bulbs located on their exteriors.
  6. As you fly over the Aurum Hive, survive this section of the battle by lending more focus to dodging the incoming aircraft and projectiles as opposed to constantly targeting enemies for destruction.
  7. Continue around the hive until you see an alien space craft crash through the outer shell, then enter the disabled ship and navigate the fiery corridor ahead to land inside the structure.
  8. Collect the food ahead on the left and exit the room, then follow the hallway around to reach the next area and wait for the wall across from you to descend.
  9. Stay against the wall behind you and eliminate the enemies as they emerge from the wall ahead by using charged blasts, then exit through the door in the corner and follow the hallway around to reach the next room.
  10. Clear the area of enemies and step on the square panel at the center of the room to descend to the floor below, then exit through the next door ahead and shoot down the drones flying above.
  11. Wait for the electrified floor strips ahead of you to deactivate and sprint forward across the corridor to exit, then eliminate the next group of enemies outside from within the doorway and approach the glowing floor pad in front of you.
  12. Use the launchpad to reach the next area ahead and shoot down any surrounding enemies, then wait for the electrified floor strips on either side to deactivate and move to one of the platform’s edges on your right or left.
  13. Destroy the vase in the corner ahead by using melee combinations and wait for the electrified floor strips to deactivate again, then sprint across the width of the platform and destroy the second vase to reveal a glowing floor pad.
  14. Launch yourself onto the next ledge after the electrified strip above deactivates, then continue forward and drop off the end of the bridge ahead to reach the floor below.
  15. Shoot down any surrounding enemies and exit this area, then fight your way through the hall and sprint past the laser fans as their blades pass by.
  16. Climb the incline into the next corridor and sprint into the nook directly on the left to avoid a large obstacle sliding towards you, then move back out into the open and continue forward through the tunnel.
  17. Quickly sprint into the nook ahead on the right to dodge another large sliding obstacle, then continue forward into the next nook on the left and destroy the enemy within.
  18. Pick up a new weapon from behind the wall that disappears on your right, then turn around and wait for another large obstacle to slide by before continuing down the tunnel ahead.
  19. Take cover in the next nook ahead on the right and eliminate the enemy that drops down, then continue forward through the corridor and enter the last hallway to your left.
  20. Move into the next room ahead and stand on the center panel to descend to the floor below, then use the hot spring in front of you to replenish health and continue forward.
  21. Use the next launch pad to clear the gap ahead and move through the door in front of you, then stand on the rotating floor ring to move in a circle around the room and shoot down the enemies above while rolling away from their laser beam attacks.
  22. Open fire on the large wheels that appear above to strip them of their armor, then destroy these enemy units as they touch down on the ground and finish clearing the room.
  23. Jump into the cockpit of the vehicle located near the surrounding walls and exit the room, then move slowly through the next hallway to avoid being squashed by sections of the wall that slam shut ahead.
  24. Wait for the walls that slam together to re-open again and sprint forward down the hall, then continue advancing cautiously through the corridor to avoid being squashed and to reach the next rounded room.
  25. Drop through the opening in the floor and move to the edge of the room, then float down past the next platform below to land on the ground beneath it and exit the area.
  26. Follow the green arrows in the hallway ahead to make your way past the numerous automatic doors that dispense items and exit into the next room, then shoot down the enemies that fly above and around you to reveal a glowing floor pad.
  27. Dismount from the vehicle and use the launch pad to reach the next ledge above, then exit the room and grind the rail in front of you.
  28. Shoot down the enemies that fly into your path during the rail grind and transfer between the two rightmost pipelines to evade oncoming attacks until you land on the next ledge, then grind another rail ahead on the left to enter the hive.
  29. Ride the pipeline around until you drop into the next room below, then move forward and shoot down the surrounding enemies that appear.
  30. Clear the area of all remaining threats by firing from a distance and by moving from side-to-side across the room, then exit through the next door ahead to start the boss battle.

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