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Chapter 17: The Aurum Brain

  1. Fly in wide evasive circles and use rapid fire to shoot down the enemies ahead, as you fly with Pyrrhon towards the rock formations in the distance.
  2. Swerve away from the laser drones guarding the outside of the fortress and destroy them after their beams deactivate temporarily, then shoot down the next oncoming waves of enemies and projectiles ahead.
  3. Fight your way into the interior of the fortress to get on the path that leads to the Aurum Brain, then navigate through the obstacles and mow down enemies that appear ahead.
  4. Continue fighting through the interior of the fortress until you reach the Aurum Brain, then open fire on the gold sphere at the center of the room until Pyrrhon causes it to self destrust and you are pulled away from the explosion.
  5. Survive the fortress escape to encounter a bigger and badder version of Pyrrhon, then use charged blasts to clear out the enemy ships that appear ahead as you go into a vertical dive.
  6. Fly in circles to evade the waves of multiple rotating laser beams and clear the path with rapid gunfire until you suddenly lose the power of flight .
  7. As you tumble down through the air towards the platform far below, shift the red crosshairs that appear slowly and carefully so that they line up exactly with an identical symbol nearby.
  8. Line up the two sets of red crosshairs and maintain the overlap to safely land on the platform below, then shoot down the enemies that appear in front of you one-by-one.
  9. After jumping to the next platform ahead and collecting the nearby supplies, continue fending off the enemy aircraft ahead until you are absorbed into the larger ship and use sideways rolls to dodge the oncoming obstacles.
  10. Roll back and forth to dodge the attacks of the flying saucer that approaches next, then destroy its stem and continue damaging the craft until it’s destroyed.
  11. Fight your way out of the ship and continue clearing enemies from the path ahead, then quickly destroy the large wheels that land on the platform beside you before they begin rolling.
  12. Continue fending off the approaching enemies until the platform is disintegrated and you drop to the ground below, then fight off the surrounding aircraft to protect the centurions.
  13. Use the nearby launch pad to jump over oncoming projectiles and deploy rapid-fire from mid-air to survive the oncoming waves of enemy spacecraft until you are able to re-enter the fortress via a new path that leads to the Aurum Brain.
  14. Keep your sights pointed forward and destroy the walls with a yellow glow within them to protect the centurions from danger, then stand behind the launchpad and use it to vault over the laser beams crossing the path ahead.
  15. Stand at the rear end of the platform to blast through the approaching enemies and obstacles ahead until you reach the next boss battle.

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