Kid Icarus: Uprising Walkthrough

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Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos

  1. Once you have control of the little girl character, run forward down the dirt path ahead and follow it around to reach the town under attack.
  2. Head towards the smoking remains of the town in the distance until you gain control of a dog character, then continue following the current road to reach the front gates and enter the war zone within.
  3. Make your way through the alleyways and streets ahead to navigate past the centurion sentries, then enter the room with a large treasure chest and make a right.
  4. Climb the steps against the wall on the right and make your way around the ledge above, then carefully navigate across the narrow bridge in front of the gap in the path ahead.
  5. Reach the opposite side of the room and make a left, then cross another bridge and exit through the next opening in the wall to your right to encounter Magnus.
  6. Once you have control of Magnus, move down the pathway to the left of the fountain ahead and continue following it around to enter the next door.
  7. Move into the room ahead and eliminate the enemies that appear by using melee combinations, then exit the area and make a right.
  8. Clear away the enemies blocking the path in front of you and move up the set of steps ahead, then enter through the door at the top and follow the next hallway forward.
  9. Head into the next area and defeat the enemy with a powerful melee combination, then exit the room and continue forward to make the right turn ahead.
  10. Climb the stairs in the corner and cut through the enemies at the top to your left, then continue moving upwards using another set of nearby steps.
  11. Defeat the monster in the area above with a series of powerful melee combos and by rolling away each time he charges, then exit using the next available pathway in the corner.
  12. Smash through the Juggernaut blocking the path ahead and roll backward to avoid the falling stones, then make a left down the next staircase and take cover behind the column at the bottom.
  13. Wait for the Juggernaut ahead to cease fire, then move out from behind the column and charge forward to destroy the mechanical guard.
  14. Continue forward along the path and fight through the wave of enemies ahead, then move right around the next corner and climb the stairs.
  15. Eliminate the enemies at the top of the incline and exit through the nearby door, then continue around the next pathway and drop into the arena below.
  16. Approach the side of the Crawler machine that’s sporting a large red button near its underside, then open fire on this target to destroy the enemy and exit the area.
  17. Use the hot springs ahead to replenish health and continue up the next path to the right, then use melee combinations to fight your way up the road and destroy the Juggernaut at the top.
  18. Climb the steps in front of you to collect the health item, then drop into the arena ahead to begin the boss battle.

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