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Chapter 20: Palutena’s Temple

  1. As you fly above Earth’s atmosphere, fire the chariot’s weapon repeatedly and move in all directions across the bottom half of the screen to veer away from the paths of oncoming enemy attacks.
  2. When a pair of laser droids appear above, shift the chariot’s position to center-screen and blow these mechanical enemies out of the sky by staying safely above the beams they emit.
  3. Continue mowing down the enemies ahead until numerous rotating square panels begin to approach, then accelerate up the middle of the screen to shoot between the first few oncoming rows.
  4. Stay near the top of the screen to evade the majority of oncoming square panels, then dodge any additional obstacle that approaches by quickly reversing out of harm’s way until you enter the next warp tunnel.
  5. Continue mowing down the enemies ahead until a cluster of droids appears to create a spinning wheel made of laser beams, then rotate around the screen by staying inside the spokes of the wheel and moving at a matched speed.
  6. Destroy the flying castle and the various creatures it unleashes by focusing all of your firepower into the building’s front door, then continue ahead until a cutscene activates in which you land on the grounds of Palutena’s Temple below.
  7. Make your way forward along the narrow stone road and take out the enemies in the distance with charged blasts, then defeat the large monster on the incline ahead by using melee combinations and enter the front door of the temple above.
  8. Destroy the statues in the next area to collect supplies and roll repeatedly around the monster that appears while attacking with melee strikes to defeat him, then exit the room and move forward down the hall.
  9. Jump into the vehicle on the right and drive forward out of the enclosed corridor, then use the bike’s weaponry to mow down enemies blocking the path and follow the road ahead to reach the next temple.
  10. Hit the ramps on your way to the temple’s door to land on the ledges above, then collect the items from within the treasure chest and continue driving forward.
  11. Clear out the enemies in front of the temple door and dismount from the motorcycle, then use the launch pad that appears to reach the ledge above and enter the next corridor ahead.
  12. Make your way forward down the hall to reach the tomb area below, then eliminate the enemies in the distance by firing long-range charged blasts and climb the next set of steps ahead.
  13. Step on the square floor panel ahead to drop into the room below and clear out the surrounding enemies with melee combinations, then exit through the next lit hallway and make a right at the end.
  14. Take a left at the fork in the cave tunnel’s entrance and follow the path around to eliminate another group of enemies by using charged blasts, then climb the stairs to your right and continue around the next corner at the top.
  15. Shoot down the surrounding enemies as you move forward and unlock the door at the top of the steps to your left, then cross the bridge ahead and use melee combinations to destroy the Juggernaut.
  16. Alternate between facing the two walls on either side of you and shoot down the centurions that ascend from beneath the floor, then climb the next staircase ahead and cross the bridge at the top.
  17. Take out the enemies in the distance by using long-range blasts and rolling sideways to dodge their counter fire, then continue across the next bridge ahead and push the character left as you sprint forward through the windstorm.
  18. Fight your way through the iron gate across the bridge and move left to take control of the vehicle ahead, then drive in a circle around the edge of the area and proceed to mow down all remaining enemies with the motorcycle’s weaponry.
  19. For enemies that take more than a few blasts to eliminate, drive the vehicle along the area’s narrow ledge in a continuous circle and open fire on these larger creatures each time you come around until they’re defeated.
  20. Exit this area through the next opening in the surrounding walls and drive forward along the stone road below, then hold down the vehicle’s fire button as you launch off the ramp ahead and clear out any occupying creatures.
  21. -Continue ramping across the gaps in the road until you reach the wall ahead, then dismount from the vehicle and use the launchpad to land on the next ledge above.
  22. Move forward through the iron gate ahead and take down the surrounding enemies in the next area by using long range blast and melee combinations.
  23. Stay in front of the Juggernaut that descends and strike it continuously with charged blasts or melee combinations, then move back and forth to stay between the enemy’s dual laser-cannons as they begin unloading automatic fire.
  24. Destroy the Juggernaut and any remaining enemies, then collect the health upgrade that appears and exit the area through the door ahead to start the boss battle.

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