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Chapter 21: The Chaos Vortex

  1. After soaring through the jagged hole in the sky ahead, use rapid fire and special attacks to clear out the numerous enemy waves that fly across the path in front of you.
  2. Avoid projectile counter-fire by flying in wide evasive circles until a field of blinking eyeballs materializes the screen, then use your special attack to exterminate the next group of approaching jellyfish.
  3. Position yourself in the middle of the screen, then fly up and down in quick succession to navigate past the various shadows that stretch across the path ahead.
  4. Continue forward until everything around you goes black, then use charged blasts to take out the neon-glowing enemies that appear ahead and fly in quick circles to avoid oncoming projectiles.
  5. After a flash of white light segues you into another area of the Underworld, slide against the far right side of the screen to avoid the yellow blast from above and use special attacks to defeat the enlarged set of flying creatures that appear next.
  6. Swerve left to dodge the oncoming square panel obstacles, then continue using rapid fire to clear the path of enemies ahead until a field of varyings symbols materializes across the screen.
  7. Fly in small evasive circles near the center of the screen as you navigate through the floating tunnel of debris, then take out the enemies ahead with continuous rapid fire until the Chaos Kin is spotted.
  8. While pursuing the Chaos Kin within the system of narrow cave tunnels ahead, position yourself towards the middle of the screen to avoid environmental collisions more easily and continue forward to enter an enormous eyeball that opens in front of you.
  9. Use rapid fire to mow down enemies that fly into your path and continue navigating through the various battle scenarios ahead until you exit into the next dimension.
  10. Position yourself at center screen to better anticipate the oncoming environmental obstacles, then veer up,down, left or right to pass through openings that exist between the numerous rock columns blocking the path ahead.
  11. Pass through another opening eyeball to reach a world consumed by windstorms, then stay towards the middle of the screen and use rapid fire to mow down enemies ahead until you catch up the Chaos Kin.
  12. As the Chaos Kin ascends above you, target him with your crosshairs and unleash a spray of rapid fire until the creature is defeated to land on the next platform below.
  13. Use charged blasts to clear out the creatures in front of you and collect the food items left behind, then continue to fend off the first enemy wave by staying on the move and using the surrounding rock formations as cover.
  14. When the second wave arrives, sprint to the outer edge of the platform and turn around to face the floating skull enemy.
  15. Move in a circle around the platform and clear out the smaller enemies that approach by shooting rapidly, then aim your weapon at the skull enemy and time the firing of charged blasts so that they strike the rotating shields.
  16. Continue firing upon the rotating shields until all of them are destroyed and the skull monster is defeated, then move around the platform and collect food items before the third wave of enemies arrives.
  17. Stand at the center of the platform, then spin your character 360 degrees and use rapid fire to shoot down the numerous enemy aircraft approaching from all sides.
  18. Once the air assault has ceased, search the entire platform to locate the remaining enemies crawling along the floor and destroy them with melee strikes.
  19. As the fourth wave arrives, move in a circle around the platform to keep one of the enormous whale creature across from you at all times and eliminate this enemy by firing several charged blasts while in motion.
  20. Repeat the previous tactic to defeat a second whale creature flying above the platform, then clear out the remaining enemies on the ground by dashing into them with melee combinations.
  21. As the fifth wave begins to appear around you, use charged bursts to eliminate the flying creatures and use melee combinations to defeat the ground enemies.
  22. Use the various launchpads to quickly locate and destroy enemies that have become separated from the rest of the group or to escape immediate danger in an instant.
  23. Track down and eliminate all remaining threats to face off against a sixth wave of enemies, then use the launchpads to keep a safe distance from the bomb on wheels until it detonates.
  24. Continue launching yourself between various locations on the platform so that you may fire upon the surrounding enemies from long distance, then move on to fighting the next wave that approaches.
  25. As enemy waves continue to appear, sprint in a circle around the outer edge of the platform and open fire with charged blasts on enemies in the distance.
  26. While encircling the area and firing upon various creatures, use melee strikes to defeat the jellyfish or additional ground enemies and enter a launchpad whenever an opponent moves in too close.
  27. Continue fighting off the various waves until a cut scene activates in which Dark Pitt arrives on the scene, then sprint over to the nearest launch pad and use it to vault over the enemy vehicle as it accelerates in your direction.
  28. After landing on the other side of the enemy tank, turn around and spray rapid fire into the vulnerable red spot located at the rear end of the vehicle.
  29. When the tank turns back around, use a launchpad to escape to the other side of the platform and locate the nearest ground enemy to attack him with melee strikes.
  30. Clear out the ground enemies with melee combinations until the tank begins closing in on you again, then enter a launch pad to vault over the vehicle and return to attacking its weak spot.
  31. Continue launching yourself into position behind the enemy tank and attacking the vulnerable red spot until the vehicle explodes, then use the same tactics to destroy a second tank that appears and finish clearing the platform to face the tenth wave.
  32. Eliminate the Guttler first by firing charged blasts into it from a distance, then use melee combinations to finish clearing the platform and face off against the eleventh wave of enemies.
  33. Move in a circle around the area and use charged blasts to defeat flying enemies from a distance, then approach the center platform and spray rapid fire into the creature protected by a rotating shield until he’s dead.
  34. Defeat the other creature protected by rotating shields and collect the food items left behind before wave twelve arrives, then retreat to the outer edge of the platform and stay on the move to keep a safe distance from the large bouncing ball enemies.
  35. Take cover behind one of the rock formations sticking up from the ground and fire charged blasts into the underbellies of both bouncing ball enemies ahead until they’re eliminated, then clear out any remaining creatures to reach the thirteenth wave.
  36. Retreat to the outer edge of the platform and take cover behind one of the surrounding rock formations, then use charged blasts to eliminate enemies that fly nearby and enter launchpads to make an escape if they get too close.
  37. Destroy the flying saucers hovering above by using rapid fire to blow up the stem-portion of the spacecraft first before targeting the rest of the ship, then clear the surrounding area of all remaining enemies to activate a cut scene in which the Chaos Kin finally emerges.

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