Kid Icarus: Uprising Walkthrough

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Chapter 22: Scorched Feathers

  1. As you fly through the smoky mountain range, move in evasive circles to dodge incoming projectiles and use rapid fire or charged blasts to take down enemies that appear ahead.
  2. Launch a special attack to clear the wave of jellyfish ahead and continue mowing down various creatures that fly across your path, then move up and down in quick motions to safely pass through the numerous laser beams lining the narrow trench you dive into next.
  3. Use rapid fire to clear out the numerous enemies ahead and destroy the laser beam drones before they have a chance to cross in front of your character, then fly in quick evasive circles to dodge the next onslaught of incoming projectiles until you reach the city.
  4. Continue clearing enemies from the path ahead until you come to a stop at a tall blue barricade, then eliminate the clam creature by shooting and destroying the three pink balls running along its spine.
  5. Fight off the next few groups of enemies until your character shoots forward through an opening in the barricade, then fly in evasive circles to avoid oncoming projectiles until you are stopped at another dead end.
  6. As you ascend straight up into the air, use charged blasts to shoot down various flying enemies until your character is able to clear the top of the barricade above and continue forward on the other side.
  7. Move in wide evasive circles and use rapid fire to shoot down the numerous enemies that appear as you fly sideways in front of a long section of barricade.
  8. After flying forward into the next available tunnel and passing through the entryway ahead, use rapid fire to clear away the waves of smaller enemies until you are attacked by an enormous purple monster from below.
  9. Wait for the purple monster to move alongside or in front of you, then target and destroy the white bulbs running along the creature’s back until there are none remaining.
  10. After destroying all of the white bulbs attached to the monster’s back, target the red ball of energy resting inside its open mouth and hit it with continuous rapid fire to eventually defeat the creature.
  11. Move in evasive circles and use rapid fire to fight through the next few enemy waves, then target the front doors of the flying castle to destroy it and continue mowing down the various flying creatures ahead.
  12. If flying in evasive circles isn’t enough to dodge the current volume of incoming projectiles, use a special attack to clear the area of most threats and continue ascending up through the city until you encounter Pyrrhon again.
  13. After Pyrrhon smacks you across the map, use rapid fire to shoot down the next wave of enemies ahead and fire a special attack to clear out the large jellyfish that appear.
  14. Use special attacks and charged blasts to fight through the next wave of larger-sized enemies, then pass through the blackhole ahead and mow down or dodge another series of creatures blocking the path beneath you.
  15. Continue using rapid fire to fend off the numerous enemy waves that appear until you are able to land in the Rewind Spring below and activate the boss battle.

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