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Chapter 23: Lord of the Underworld

  1. As you soar above the clouds, use rapid fire or charged blasts to clear enemies from the path ahead and fly in evasive circles to dodge their counter-attacks.
  2. Survive the first wave of enemies to dive through the clouds below and continue flying forward above a rocky canyon, then use a special attack to help in destroying the hover-castle that appears next.
  3. During the descent into the crevice below, increase the speed of your evasive flight maneuvers and try to remove as many enemies from beneath you as possible with the aid of rapid fire.
  4. Continue spraying rapid fire and blast through the columns that are extending to block the path ahead, then use a special attack to exterminate the next wave of jellyfish and enter a more narrow system of tunnels.
  5. Fly in slower circles around the circumference of the narrow tunnel and change the direction of rotation each time a ball of electricity lays in your path, then continue forward until you encounter Hades and begin an attack approach.
  6. Mow down the enemies flying by ahead to approach Hades at close-range and activate a cut scene in which the three sacred treasures are taken from you, then open fire on the enemy’s face and head until he counters by sucking your character into his body.
  7. Move back and forth across the room to get a line of sight on all surrounding enemies as they appear, then target them one-by-one from a safe distance and destroy the opposing creatures by using charge blasts.
  8. Make your way across the next available bridge at the back of the room and shoot down the group of enemies flying ahead, then continue forward and slice through the pink cell blocking the path.
  9. Follow the hallway around the next corner and continue slicing through the pink cell obstacles blocking the path, then use melee combos to clear out the patrolling jelly fish and drop over the series of ledges ahead to reach the area below.
  10. Shoot down the enemies ahead on the right and collect the item behind the pink cell to your left, then move forward across the area to approach the rising and falling green column in the distance.
  11. Strike the green column to drop it down and climb on top, then make a right to strike and lower the next moveable pillar ahead.
  12. Move onto the first green pillar and allow it to ascend again, then begin striking the larger column against the wall in front of you until it drops down as well.
  13. Transfer to the ledge on your right and follow the path forward to cross the next area ahead, then use charged blasts and melee combos to clear away enemies that are blocking the road.
  14. Enter the cave around the corner and fight your way through the tunnel to reach the next open room ahead, then use charged blasts to eliminate the box enemy hiding behind the rotating square panel in front of you.
  15. Strike the bottom green block ahead and climb on top of it, then allow the rock to ascend again and attack the next column in front of you to drop it down.
  16. Ascend on the uppermost green block to reach the next ledge and move to the right or left side of the room above, then use melee combinations and charged blasts to clear out the enemies that appear around you.
  17. Climb onto the pink block at the back of the room and use it to reach the ledge above, then make your way forward between the lava pools and open fire on the enemies around the next corner.
  18. Duck beneath the bridge ahead and continue forward into the next open area, then turn around and approach the enemy waiting against the wall in the distance.
  19. Eliminate the enemy with charged blasts and make a left at the wall, then fight through the wave of creatures ahead and climb onto the next block that descends on your right.
  20. Use the rising block to reach the ledge above and eliminate the enemy waiting at the top, then move right and climb onto another ascending column.
  21. Rise to the ledge above and use melee attacks to clear out the surrounding enemies, then make your way down the next available path and retreat when you see the approaching square panel.
  22. Sprint back down the path until you can turn out to the right, then wait for the square panel to pass by and make a left to continue down the previous road.
  23. Clear the jellyfish from your path with a melee combo and continue following the road to grind the rail in the next area, then fire a charged blast to destroy the obstacle blocking the pipeline ahead and land on the platform below.
  24. Sprint past the surrounding enemies to grind the rail at the opposite end of the area and fire a charged blast to clear the obstacle ahead, then transfer to the second pipeline that appears on your left and use it to reach the next platform above.
  25. Jump back onto the previous rail and destroy the next obstacle in the pipeline ahead, then grind your way back across the room and land on the ledge below to enter the teleporter.
  26. Collect the new weapon, then grind on the same rail from before to return to the previous platform above and turn right.
  27. Approach the right edge of the platform and make your way down the spiraling incline below, then continue forward along the path to reach the next rail and grind on it.
  28. Fire charged blasts to clear away obstructions blocking the tunnel ahead and continue riding the rail until you drop onto the next platform at the end, then mow down the first wave of enemies and collect the items left behind.
  29. Use the ruins that descend as a means of cover during your assault on the second wave enemies, then finish clearing the platform and immediately begin rolling towards its outside edge to dodge the next set of falling obstacles.
  30. Approach each enemy from the third wave to get within close-distance and wear them down to defeat by attacking with rapid fire or melee combinations, then finish clearing the platform and collect any items left behind.
  31. Move in a circle around the fourth wave of enemies and clear them out from a safe distance with charged blasts, then open fire on the Crawler that appears and move around behind it to target the vehicle’s vulnerable red spot.
  32. Destroy the Crawler and finish clearing the platform of enemies, then exit this area through the access tunnel that appears and use it to reach the next corridor below.
  33. Use rapid fire to fight your way down the corridor and pass through the next door ahead, then cross the bridge to reach the room on the other side and enter the door in front of you to begin the boss battle.

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