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Chapter 24: The Three Trials

  1. As you boost towards the setting sun in the distance, clear various enemies from the path ahead and navigate through the center of the oncoming smoke ring projectiles.
  2. Fly in quick evasive circles and use rapid fire to mow down the enemies ahead, then position yourself between the dual cannons of the juggernaut that appears and destroy this opponent with a special attack.
  3. Continue spraying rapid gunfire to shoot down the enemies flying in your line of sight, but use charged blasts for fending off the creatures that approach or charge towards you to attack at close range.
  4. When a pair of square panels pass in front of you, target the enemy using them as cover while also dodging the green fireballs launched in your direction each time the plates come together and pull apart.
  5. Survive the next wave of enemies to enter the domed structure, then use rapid fire or charged blasts to clear out the opposition blocking the corridor ahead and deploy a special attack when you encounter a group of jellyfish.
  6. Fight your way through the ruins of the stone corridor to exit into outer space and encounter a series of large weaponry.
  7. Fly into the top left corner of the screen to dodge the first three knife swipes, then position yourself at top-center screen to navigate through the electrified net deployed by the claws and shift into the screen’s bottom right corner after that to evade the final pair of swords.
  8. Survive the wave of enormous weaponry attacks to reach and land in the next area, then collect the food in front of you and use the center platform to reach the next floor above.


  1. Make your way up the long stretch of stairs ahead and use rapid gunshots or melee combos to mow down enemies blocking the path, then climb onto the uppermost platform above and eliminate the surrounding threats by firing charged blasts from a distance.
  2. Move through the set of doors that you just unlocked to begin the first trial and encounter the Phoenix for a second round of boss battle.
  3. Sprint towards the very center of the arena and run backwards so that you can begin opening fire on the Phoenix flying above.
  4. Use the launchpad to vault over oncoming projectiles and the boss’ high-speed charge attack.
  5. As you repeatedly launch yourself start up into the air, continue hitting the boss with rapid fire and charged blasts without stopping.
  6. When the Phoenix deploys a cluster of three tornadoes, move around them in a circle and stay at a safe distance until the storms disintegrate.
  7. Take advantage of the moments in which the Phoenix is hovering directly above you by immediately entering the launch pad to ascend and then striking the boss on your way up with various melee attacks.
  8. Continue vaulting over or rolling away from the Phoenix’s various projectiles and use a non-stop assault of charged blasts to wear the boss down until the battle is won.
  9. Make your way across the next staircase ahead and use melee strikes to clear away creatures that block the path.
  10. Continue up the steps to encounter the Orne enemy, then immediately retreat in the opposite direction down the stairs and run backwards to open fire on the smaller creatures that approach from either side of the path.
  11. Eliminate the smaller creatures to begin making your back up the steps and stay positioned against one side of the path as you approach the Orne for a second time.
  12. Move slowly towards the Orne until he begins descending the steps and approaching your current location.
  13. Stand still and wait for the Orne to approach within five or six steps of your location, then quickly execute a sideways roll to dodge the attack and reach the opposite side of the path.
  14. Sprint forward past the Ornes and continue moving up the staircase to reach the next platform above.
  15. Use melee strikes to clear out the surrounding enemies and continue forward up the next set of steps ahead to reach the uppermost landing.
  16. Eliminate the initial wave of enemies by firing charged blast from a safe distance and staying constantly on the move.
  17. Approach one of the treasure chests that currently encircle the battlefield, without activating the enemy within, then turn back towards the center of the area and use a melee strike to swat away the first bomb that approaches.
  18. Stay where you are and swat away each bomb enemy that comes next until there are none remaining, then move around the platform and eliminate the booby-trapped treasure chests.
  19. Move in a circle around the platform and take out the next wave of enemies from a safe distance by firing charged blasts.
  20. Collect the food left behind and move through the set of doors you just opened to begin a second boss battle with Cragalanche.
  21. When the battle begins, sprint sideways to dodge the approaching boss and roll away from him to evade the shockwave stomp.
  22. Turn around to fire charged blasts into Cragalche’s vulnerable backside as you retreat to a safe distance and prepare for the boss’ next assault.
  23. Whenever Cragalanche comes rolling toward you at a high speed, dive out of harm’s way at the last minute and sprint around behind the boss to weaken him further by firing charged blasts.
  24. Connect with your charged blast strikes until Cragalanche is eventually knock to the ground, then sprint up against the fallen boss’s body and execute a flurry of melee combinations.
  25. Move in a circle around Cragalance and continue to dodge his assault while firing charged blasts or executing dash attacks until the battle is won.
  26. Make your way up the next available staircase and use charged blasts to shoot down the flying saucer, then continue climbing the steps ahead to reach the uppermost landing and collect the shield from the area’s center.
  27. Use melee combinations to defeat the Juggernaut and other enlarged creatures that appear, then destroy the flying castle by firing charged blasts into its front doors.
  28. Clear the remaining enemies from the platform and chase down the running treasure chest to collect the item within it, then move through the set of doors you just opened to being a second boss battle with the Kraken.
  29. Retreat to a side of the platform that’s directly across from the Kraken’s tentacles and sweep your line of sight back and forth to monitor the boss’ movements.
  30. Wait for one of the tentacles to suddenly curl up in attack preparation and target it with your crosshairs to begin firing rapid and charge blasts.
  31. Charge towards the Kraken arm you are currently pelting with gunfire and maintain the assault at close range until the tentacle’s attack movement is interrupted.
  32. Rotate your character 360 degrees at the platform’s center to keep constant niote of which tentacles you need to be firing upon and which ones you need to be rolling away from as they slam into the ground.
  33. Continue using rapid fire to interrupt tentacle strikes in progress and to inflict individual damage upon each of the Kraken’s appendages.
  34. When you have knocked down almost all of the tentacles at least once, approach each appendage at close range one-by-one and sever them from the Kraken’s body with a string of charged gunfire.
  35. Sever the Kraken’s remaining tentacles to raise his head up out of the water and move to a safe distance in anticipation of oncoming projectiles.
  36. Roll sideways to dodge the Kraken’s initial projectile launch and begin moving at a medium pace towards the boss’s location while firing charged blasts.
  37. Sidestep or roll away from oncoming projectiles, as you cross the platform to move in close against the Kraken’s head, then strike the boss repeatedly with various melee combos and charged blasts until the battle is won.


  1. After the cut scene, retreat to the opposite end of the room behind you and run backwards to begin opening fire with charged blasts on both bosses ahead.
  2. Maintain an excessively safe distance from Magnus to better anticipate the boss’s next dash attack and roll around behind him at the last minute to inflict additional damage with melee combinations.
  3. Retreat to a safe distance from both bosses again and use combat rolls to dodge Gaol’s oncoming projectile strikes while waiting for Magnus’ next dashing charge.
  4. To inflict an equal amount of damage across both enemies within the same time frame, focus the entirety of your long-range charged gunshots at Gaol and strike Magnus with multiple melee combos each time you dodge his attack.
  5. After you have substantially weakened both enemies over the course of a few minutes or so, defeat Magnus by striking him with a rapid assault of dash attacks and take down Gaol by deploying a final string of charged gunfire.
  6. When Palutena arrives on the scene, dodge her oncoming projectiles by moving from side to side across the width of the platform and use rapid fire or charged blasts to begin inflicting damage from afar.
  7. Use a zig-zagging escape route to outmaneuver the blue fireballs that slowly follow you around the area until they eventual disappear.
  8. Continue dodging projectiles and hitting Palutena with charged blasts until a cut scene activates in which her true face is revealed.
  9. Afterwards, sprint sideways across the room to stay ahead of the oncoming energy wave and use combat rolls to continue evading her follow-up projectile strikes.
  10. Dodge Palutena’s repeated attacks and make your way over to the vicinity of the boss’ current location, then begin moving around her in a circle to better anticipate oncoming projectiles.
  11. While repeatedly rolling and sprinting in an evasive circle around the enemy, fire charged gunshots and occasionally move in at close range for executing melee combinations until Palutena is defeated to activate the final boss battle.

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