Kid Icarus: Uprising Walkthrough

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Chapter 25: The War’s End

  1. As you soar forward above the clouds, mow down the enemies ahead with your new weaponry and move the character from side-to-side when trying to avoid projectiles.
  2. Fire a special attack to eliminate the whale creature ahead and continue blasting through the next wave of enemies until Hades appears.
  3. Open fire on the enemy’s head and face as you rotate around him, then fly in wide evasive circles to dodge oncoming counter fire and maintain your line of assault.
  4. Continue wearing down Hades with constant bursts of rapid fire until he eventually transforms himself into an enormous purple twister.
  5. Fire rapid laser blasts into the purple tornado ahead, while swerving back and forth across the screen to avoid the powerful winds.
  6. Use rapid fire to wear the purple twister down until Hades returns to his original form, then continue blasting the boss’ face as he pursues you through the next canyon ahead.
  7. Fly in evasive circles to dodge the laser attacks, then continue pelting the boss’ face with rapid-fire until he falls out of frame and a cut scene activates.
  8. While pursuing Hades through the wormhole above, shoot and destroy every last one of the silver buttons attached to the boss’ body as you forward fly in front of him.
  9. After Hades flips over in mid-flight, destroy another series of silver buttons attached to the boss’ backside so that you may then ascend into air above his entire body.
  10. Fly in wide evasive circles and destroy the various faces emerging from the skin on Hades’ back until a cut scene activates in which you acquire mech armor.
  11. Afterwards, fire rapidly into the glowing red access points located inside Hades’ armpits until the boss extends one of his massive hands in your face.
  12. Move in quick circles to dodge the enemy lasers, then destroy the weapon attached to Hades’ hand by firing directly into the boss’ open palm and repeat the process to disable his other arm.
  13. Target the three laser turrets on Hades’ chest to destroy them with rapid fire as you dodge the beams by moving back and forth across the screen in quick succession.
  14. Once the lasers are destroyed, continue flying in evasive circles and focus your attacks on the glowing blue energy at the center of Hades’ chest until the next cut scene activates.
  15. Afterwards, attack the vulnerable areas of Hades’ stomach and shoot the next wave of oncoming projectiles out the sky before they can reach you.
  16. Continue targeting Hades’ exposed stomach and inflict damage by spraying rapid gunfire into it, then fly in wide circles around the screen to maneuver past an approaching cluster of rotating square panels and avoid shooting the red one.
  17. Destroy the next wave of oncoming projectiles as they appear and maneuver past additional rotating square panel obstacles ahead.
  18. Maintain a steady stream of fire on the Hades” vulnerable midsection until a cut scene activates in which your character is knocked unconscious and falls helplessly towards the ground below, then line up the two onscreen red symbols to land safely.
  19. As you helplessy watch Hades absorb massive amounts of energy into his head from the ground below, shift your crosshairs over the boss’ body until a cut scene activates in which Medusa comes to the rescue.
  20. Afterwards, either fly back and forth across the center of the screen or move in a wide cautious circle to dodge the oncoming laser beams until the new cannon you’ve acquired has fully charged.
  21. Wait for Hades to temporarily deactivate the laser beam that shoots from his head, then fly out in front of the boss’ exposed stomach weaknesses and fire the cannon to complete the game.

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