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Chapter 3: Heads of the Hewdraw

  1. As you fly through the clouds, eliminate the waves of small enemies that appear in front of you by targeting the ones spitting fireballs first and moving in circles to avoid taking damage.
  2. When you encounter the extremely large whale-like creatures, use a special attack to defeat this enemy quickly as your character starts flying backwards.
  3. After you spot the Hewdraw in the distance and fly towards it, use charged blasts to take out the shielded enemies when their guard is down and to eliminate the green creatures that ram their heads into your body.
  4. Open fire on the Hewdraw as you approach and fly around it by focusing primarily on the monsters three heads, then continue shooting the creature as you run along its back and jump back into the air.
  5. When you are face to face with the Hewdraw again, target the three heads one at a time and sever them from the enemy’s body with rapid fire and special attacks.
  6. Keep an eye on which of the Hewdraw’s three heads is preparing for an attack and move into one of the corners, then wait for the dragon to spit out whatever projectile it’s armed with and fly back out across the screen in an evasive zig-zag to avoid taking the hit.
  7. Remove two of the Hewdraw’s heads and continue firing upon the third until the creature falls out of the sky, then clear out the enemies in your path as you dive towards the ground and blast towards a city in the distance.
  8. As you race forward through the air, use rapid fire and quick erratic dodges to safely navigate past the waves of enemies zipping towards you.
  9. After you land inside the city, move forward and collect the food ahead on the left to refill your health bar.
  10. Sprint down the path your right and shoot down the flying enemies above, then continue forward along the road and roll beneath the two oncoming laser beams.
  11. Drop over the ledge ahead and turn right to shoot down the enemies above, then climb the steps against the wall on your left and make right at the top.
  12. Approach the enemy ahead until he forms into a rotating column, then fire charged blasts into the rectangular tip at the top of the stack and sprint around it in circles to stay ahead of the laserfield it emits.
  13. Destroy the column of enemies segment by segment until it disappears, then climb the next staircase ahead and eliminate the jellyfish creature at the top.
  14. Make a left to reach the next landing above and take out the winged enemies at the top, then move left and slip past the spinning panel when it starts moving away from you and around a corner.
  15. Follow the arrow to the left and use the glowing pad to launch yourself onto the ledge above, then use the next three pads in quick succession to fly over the wall ahead and land on the other side.
  16. Open fire on the enemies so that you can safely approach the large vase ahead, then break it open to collect a Key and make a right down the path.
  17. Shoot down the flying enemies when you reach the next landing and make a right, then collect the item from the treasure chest and turn around to eliminate another wave of creatures by using charged blasts.
  18. Make your way across to the other side of the room and unlock the door to enter the arena area, then stand at the center of the room to begin the first boss battle in this chapter.

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