Kid Icarus: Uprising Walkthrough

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Boss Battle: The Two Hedraw Heads

  1. After the flash of light, retreat from the center of the room to avoid the falling Hedraw head and turn around to open fire on the small flying creatures that appear above you.
  2. Move in a circle around the edge of the room at a medium pace to evade the charging Hedraw head’s snapping jaws and shoot it repeatedly with rapid fire to inflict continuous damage throughout the battle.
  3. Keep your distance from the disembodied head and eliminate the smaller enemies flying above if they happen to move near the line of fire you’re currently directing at the Hedraw.
  4. Stop to face the Hedraw’s head when it begins to open its mouth and fire blast down the monster’s throat to send it spinning into the air, then return to encircling the arena and using rapid fire.
  5. Continue using this strategy to eventually defeat the first Hedrawhead and deactivate the purple forcefield against the wall, then exit the arena and collect the food below on your right by rolling past the rotating panel after it passes you.
  6. Turn right to eliminate the plant enemy by targeting and destroying the three pink balls located around its stem, then move forward and climb the staircase leading up to the right.
  7. Make your way across the bridge of wooden boards and eliminate the enormous enemy that appears by targeting the hand sticking out from its bottom, then use the glowing pad to launch yourself into the chamber below and move forward.
  8. Follow the arrows to the left and eliminate the next wave of enemies with melee strikes, then make your way up the incline on the left and open the treasure chest at the top.
  9. Climb the nearby staircase and make a left around the corner at the top, then shoot down the flying enemies ahead and use the glowing pad to launch yourself into the next area.
  10. Move in a circle around the clearing you’re in to avoid taking damage, then shoot down the flying enemies above with rapid fire and charged blasts while using quick sideways wolfing maneuvers to evade the exploding spiked ball.
  11. Eliminate the enemies that continue to appear in waves of increasing difficulty by using the same tactics as you have in the past, then destroy the three pink balls on the enormous plant creature to acquire a Back Shield.
  12. Continue moving in a constant circle and clearing the area of enemies until the purple forcefield deactivates, then make your way down the next path at a full sprint to exit the city and begin the second boss battle.
  13. Target the Hedraw’s head and use sideways rolling maneuvers to dodge the projectiles it spits, then use a combination of rapid fire and charged blasts to begin inflicting damage until the monster dives under water.
  14. Shoot down the glowing fireballs that float above the water so that they drop onto the submerged Hedraw and launch him onto dry land, then approach the fallen monster and strike repeatedly with melee combinations until he returns to the sea.
  15. Repeat the two previous steps until the Hedraw is defeat to win the second and final battle in this chapter.

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