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Chapter 4: The Reaper’s Line of Sight

  1. Use a combination of rapid fire and charged blasts to clear the path ahead as you fly through the storm clouds, then navigate through the center of the smoke rings fired in your direction to evade damage until the character dives towards the ground below.
  2. As you begin flying forward above a barren wasteland, use a special attack to eliminate the large enemy on the right and rapid fire to pick off the smaller ones.
  3. Continue eliminating the creatures that appear in front of you with rapid fire until the character is turned around at the field of red lasers and dives into a narrow canyon.
  4. Position yourself towards the middle of the screen as you race forward through the crevice, then use quick up or down movements to dodge the oncoming obstacles that lay across the path until a strong wind blows the character into the next area.
  5. Ascend to the top of the screen and dodge the spiked balls below by moving to the left or right, then clear the path ahead of enemies by using rapid fire and weave through the obstacles in the next canyon area to reach another strong wind.
  6. Enter the cave and destroy the three pink balls on the plant creature after your character turns to the left, then continue clearing the path ahead to reach the gusts of wind until come to a stop.
  7. Eliminate the enemies ahead with a combination of charged blasts and rapid fire until you dive at high speeds into a series of tunnels below, then just use rapid fire to eliminate the enemies emitting laser beams or the ones on the ground launching glowing orbs into the air.
  8. After exiting an especially long rock tunnel, continue eliminating enemies that appear in front of you while hovering around the structure on the ground below.
  9. Use quick evasive circle to avoid the high multitude of laser beams that erupt around you in every direction so that you can land inside the structure, then move forward down the hall and collect the food from the clay pots behind the guillotine.
  10. Sprint beneath the guillotine to your right as the blade ascends and open the door behind it, then follow the hallway around and eliminate the enemies by using long-distance projectile attacks to reach the next staircase on the right.
  11. Exit the building through the door at the top and run sideways while shooting down the enemies that appear to deactivate the purple forcefield ahead, then climb the next set of steps and make a left along the pathway.
  12. Pick up the food located in the small area sticking out from the right side of the road and wait in this spot until the spiked top passes by you, then sprint uphill before the moving enemy returns to reach the next item off the path.
  13. Stay in this spot to eliminate the inhaling creature with long distance blasts and wait for the spiked top to pass by you again, then sprint forward to reach the grind rail in the left corner ahead and jump on it to begin the ride.
  14. Shoot down the flying enemies that appear during the rail grind until you reach the next area, then use charged blasts to eliminate the spiked top by rolling sideways when it spins towards you.
  15. Eliminate the next wave of larger enemies with charged blasts and by keeping your distance, then sprint backwards when the last creature attempts to inhale you and open fire into its exposed eye.
  16. Clear this area of enemies to deactivate the purple forcefields and move through the large double doors to enter a dark hallway, then follow it around to exterminate a nest of snakes and break open the vase they’re guarding.
  17. Enter the next room ahead, then defeat the wizard enemy using charged blasts and without destroying the obstacles between you to avoid being turned into an eggplant.
  18. Open the previously blocked door and drop over the ledge in front of you, then quickly fall through the glowing white hole in the floor to your left and enter the transporter to acquire a new weapon.
  19. Use the teleporter to exit this area and enter the glowing pad ahead to launch yourself into the hallway above, then exit the corridor into the previous area and make an immediate right to reach another launch pad.
  20. After you reach the uppermost area again, move across the narrow bridge and slip past the bladed pendulums by waiting until they have swung to one side before sprinting forward.
  21. When the inhaling creature appears, immediately sprint backwards before you are sucked into the second guillotine and destroy the enemy with charged blasts.
  22. Cross to the other side of the bridge and use the next two doors to exit the building, then eliminate the flying enemy above and move over the glowing pad to launch yourself onto the ledge above.
  23. Move through the next room to reach an area guarded by patrolling enemies, who are equipped with laser targeting sight limitations, then wait for one of them to pass in front of you and use the glowing pad on the left to launch yourself onto the ledge above.
  24. Collect the nearby food to refill your health and wait for an enemy to pass by below you again, then drop back to the floor and follow the patrolling guard around the corner ahead on the left.
  25. Continue following close behind the patrol until you reach a pair of breakable barricades, then smash through them to cross the wooden bridge and enter the next room.
  26. Drop through the glowing white hole in the floor ahead and open the door in front you to reach the next open area, then move back and forth using rapid fire to eliminate the flying enemies that land on the other side of the room.
  27. Dodge the spinning top enemy and sprint through the smoke rings to survive the next wave when it arrives, then eliminate these larger creatures using charged projectile blasts.
  28. Move to the center of this area and spin your character in a circle to target the enemies that are now rotating around its edge, then destroy them with a combination of rapid fire and charged blasts to pick up an X-Bomb.
  29. Hop onto the grind rail that appears in the corner and destroy the pink-glowing fans that line the walls as you ride to the next ledge above, then move through the door at the top and enter the elevator to descend.
  30. Exit the elevator when you reach the floor below and pick up the Smart Bomb ahead, then take the left tunnel and refill your health bar before continue forward through the middle tunnel.
  31. Sprint under the guillotines as their blades ascend and fight your way forward through the fast moving wave of enemies that comes bursting out of the next doorway to begin the boss battle.

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