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Chapter 5: Pandora’s Labyrinth of Deceit

  1. Use rapid fire and charged blasts to clear the path ahead as you travel through the hole that’s ripped into the sky, then dodge left and right to evade the oncoming panels.
  2. Continue eliminating enemies in the next area as you exit out into outerspace, then weave around another wave of oncoming panels and enter Pandora’s labyrinth.
  3. Use a special attack to clear out the jellyfish and swerve left or right to avoid the columns as you flying through the maze’s corridor, then duck beneath a low hanging bridge to reach a dead and make right.
  4. Move over and around the next two columns that block your path, then use rapid fire to clear out the enemies ahead and reach another dead end to turn back around in the opposite direction.
  5. Use rapid fire to eliminate the enemies riding the panels first as you make your way back through the maze, then clear out the creatures blocking the narrow corridor you dive down into next and pass through the lower left leg of the yellow triangle shape ahead.
  6. Pass through the top of the next yellow triangle and continue mowing down enemies, then fire upon the next door ahead to keep it open and enter the hallway beyond it.
  7. Maneuver yourself through the openings in the bottom of the next yellow triangle to reach a dead end and fly straight upwards, then clear the tunnel above with rapid fire until you make a u-turn.
  8. Stay to the bottom right corner of the tunnel as you pass by the first large rotating wall that blocks the path, then maneuver yourself to the middle of the oncoming wave of spinning panels ahead to avoid damage.
  9. Fly beneath the next rotating wall and pass the one after that by sticking to the left side of the tunnel, then maneuver to the bottom right corner to get around the third wall and position yourself on the far left again to clear the fourth.
  10. When the character turns around to fly backwards, allow yourself to pass through the smoke rings to safely exit the tunnel and continue shooting down enemies with rapid fire until you dive straight down again to reach an outside area.
  11. Take out the enormous enemy on the left with a special attack as you fly over the sunny marshes below, then return to the labyrinth and clear out the smaller creates ahead.
  12. Continue eliminating enemies to reach the next dead end and launch yourself into the narrow canyon with honeycomb walls, then weave back and forth between the enormous rock columns in the middle of the path to safely enter the tunnel ahead.
  13. When you return to outerspace, eliminate the clusters of enemies with rapid fire or charged blasts until you bounce off a glowing launch pad to enter a black and green grid zone.
  14. Use charged blasts to eliminate the larger enemies in front of you and fly in wide circles to evade their laser beams, then clear out the jellyfish in the next tunnel ahead with a special attack to make a landing.
  15. Once inside, move forward into the next room ahead and use the glowing pad on your immediate right to launch onto the platform above.
  16. Sprint forward to the edges of the raised platforms to jump across the small gaps and continue firing upon the enemies below to clear them out from a safe position, then drop back to the ground and move through the door that was previously blocked.
  17. Use charged blasts to eliminate the larger enemies in the next room and exit this area using the door marked with two slashes, then clear out the creatures that are waiting for you and exit this area using another door marked with two slashes.
  18. Hit the two claws protruding from the ground in front of you with charged blasts to uncover the entire creature, then destroy this enemy with rapid fire or melee strikes and use rolling maneuvers to evade the shockwave counter attacks.
  19. Clear out the next wave of enemies that and exit the room, then sprint forward down the hallway and eliminate the creature blocking the corridor with a running attack.
  20. Quickly exit the hallway before the sides close in and head forward to follow the moving wall in front of you, then make a right around the corner at the top of the incline as soon as possible before the wall comes back.
  21. Exit the hallway and clear out the enemies in the next room with charged blasts, then make a right around the edge of the area to move through the door across from you and return to the outside.
  22. Approach the vehicle below and press the attack button to take control of it, then drive around the various roadways that make up the room to clear out all the enemies using firing the weapon attached to the front of the bike or running them over.
  23. Use the glowing pad located along the edge of room to launch yourself onto the ledge above, then exit into the next area and approach the rotating series of platforms ahead.
  24. Stand behind the green arrow on the ground and wait for a long chucnk of platform to pass directly in front of you, then sprint forward to jump the gap and land on the moving surface.
  25. Continue sprinting forward before the ground slides out from beneath you and stop behind another green arrow, then use it to hop the second gap when the next platform passes by ahead.
  26. Wait until the next two sections of the moving surface are aligned so that you can sprint forward to reach the blue platform with a white stripe, then stop behind the third green arrow on the floor ahead and jump onto one of the letter-shaped landings in front of you when it comes around.
  27. Move forward quickly and transfer onto the blue platform behind the letter you’re on, then launch upward off the glowing pad to land on the next ledge above exit through a nearby door.
  28. Sprint towards the door across the hall from you so that you can catch up to it as it moves away at a steady speed, then exit into the next area and take out the enemies above with rapid fire or charged blasts.
  29. Move onto the green section of floor in front of you to bounce onto the landing above, then sprint into the green-colored corner of the surface ahead and launch yourself across the gap to reach the next platform.
  30. Use the charged blasts to clear out the flying enemies that appear and sprint towards the longer strip of green flooring in the left corner ahead, then bounce off the colored-surface to land on the triangular platform above and launch yourself off the next trampoline on the right.
  31. Land on another triangular platform and launch across the series of trampolines leading to the left around the edge of the area, then continue bouncing up the platforms stack liked steps and eliminate the enemies you encounter with melee strikes.
  32. Move through the next door you see on the right to reach the raceway and enter the vehicle below, then drive the motorcycle around the track its parked on to complete a full lap and make a steep ramp appear at the finish line.
  33. Approach the ramp at the finish line and transfer up onto it at a straight angle, then activate the motorcycle’s turbo boost and launch yourself off the edge of the incline to land on the next platform below.
  34. Drive to the left side of the platform and exit the vehicle, then use the glowing pad on the floor to launch yourself onto the next ledge above and move through the door at the top.
  35. Fire your weapon at the wide gaps that separate the series of ledges ahead to temporarily reveal the invisible connecting bridges, then use this tactic to safely navigate your character across the area without falling into the pit below.
  36. Make your way across the invisible bridges and fight through the enemies in your path with charged blasts until you reach the door on the last ledge in the corner, then move into the next room and pick up the health upgrade before exiting to start the boss battle.

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