Killer is Dead: Scarlett Collectible Locations Guide

Find all 20 Scarlett locations in Killer is Dead with the text guide and unlock every challenge. In Suda 51′s latest, you play as Mondo — an assassin by day, and a gigolo (seriously) by night. Most episodes hide 3 to 4 instances of Scarlett, and finding her will earn Mondo a blood infusion. Fluid ounces of blood are a commodity you don’t want to miss in Killer is Dead; see where to find Scarlett, just keep scrolling.

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Scarlet Collectible Locations Guide

Episode 3

  • Scarlett #1: The first location is right at the start of the episode. Climb up the stairs against the right wall to find her standing out in the open.
  • Scarlett #2: In the odd M.C. Escher room that serves as a hub, look on the floor for a pink heart shape. Stand on it until it lifts you up to a special staircase leading up to Scarlett.
  • Scarlett #3: Give the item to the woman and she’ll create a staircase out of piano keys. Go through the double doors to find a hallway lined with statues. Destroy all of them, and Scarlett will appear over the last destroyed sculpture.

Episode 4

  • Scarlett #4: Once Mondo is sucked through the first mirror, look to the left for a wall covered with two vases. Smash them, then use the Drill Arm to blast through the wall.
  • Scarlett #5: From the previous location, go upstairs and turn right. Smash the green vase to find a hidden button. Push it, and go through the open doors downstairs. The hall leads to a blue room covered in green vases. Smash them all to find Scarlett.
  • Scarlett #6: Before reaching the boss, you’ll need to return to the grand palace hall and step through a mirror. Before using the mirror, go upstairs to the balcony overlooking the arena to find Scarlett.

Episode 6

  • Scarlett #7: Once Vivienne appears and “lends a hand” she’ll speed off on her motorcycle. Instead of going up the stairs, smash the crates underneath to find Scarlett.
  • Scarlett #8: On the way up, Mondo will enter a circular room with gaps in the path. Enter a door past the shields to find a computer console that, when activated, connects the bridges together and makes a green door accessible. On the way to the green door, going right from the computer room, you’ll find another room with a terminal in front of a TV. Destroy the TV and press the button to discover a secret room.
  • Scarlett #9: Next, continue to the green door which leads to a stairwell. Before going upstairs, shoot the crate to the right to discover another Scarlett.

Episode 7

  • Scarlett #10: Travel down the fence-lined path leading to a bridge near the waterfall. Shoot the eye enemy over the waterfall and a tree will fall. Surprise, Scarlet is hiding in a cave behind the waterfall.
  • Scarlett #11: Go to the Japanese-style home and circle around the right side to find a rock blocking Mondo’s path. Use the Drill to destroy the stone. In this back corner, slice the glowing white bamboo stalk and Scarlett will appear.
  • Scarlett #12: Once Mondo has all 5 scrolls and the massive doors open leading to the boss, look to the left just after passing through the fence. Scarlett is hiding in the corner.

Episode 9

  • Scarlett #13: After completing the turret section and destroying the large barrels, run down to the new path to find Scarlett.
  • Scarlett #14: Moving up the staircase, from the red neon doors to the blue neon doors, you’ll enter a hallway with a stack of crates to the right. Blow them away and drill through the wall to find a hidden room.
  • Scarlett #15: Entering the room where Big Head walks by the window, hit the terminal to raise a new pad ahead. Enter the door on the right and destroy the crates.
  • Scarlett #16: Near the end of the stage, Mondo will reach a stairwell leading up to a closer door with a green pad. Don’t use the pad, return to the bottom of the stairs and circle around the large crate through the darkness to find a breakable crate. Destroy it to reveal Scarlett.

Episode 10

  • Scarlett #17: Travelling through the compound, you’ll enter a room with tubes on the right and medical beds on the left. Behind the third bed is a terminal. Use it and Scarlett will pop into the room.
  • Scarlett #18: Reaching another section of the train by destroying the circuits, fight through the enemies ahead. Before going outside, turn around and go up the ramp to the catwalk on the left. There’s a crate down the path. Blow it up to find another Scarlett.
  • Scarlett #19: Following the turret sequence, run toward the next train car. Before entering the red lit area, look right for a ladder. Climb it to find a crate with Scarlett hiding inside.
  • Scarlett #20: Climbing up to the top of the train, you’ll need to duck or guard against the warning lights as you speed by. Smash the crates around the right side of the train roof to find Scarlett’s final location.

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