Killzone: Mercenary Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Mission 1: Justice for All
  • Mission 2: Code of Engagement
  • Mission 3: Lightning Strike
  • Mission 4: Diplomatic Incident
  • Mission 5: The Package
  • Mission 6: Lights Out
  • Mission 7: Hostile Takeover
  • Mission 8: Blood Money
  • Mission 9: Exit Wounds

  • Mission 1: Justice for All

    Follow your teammate up the stairs to approach the indicated door above and follow the onscreen prompts when it opens to eliminate the enemy on the other side with a knife attack, then take cover behind the chunks of rubble in front of you and pick off the hostiles at the opposite end of the room.

    Look up towards the second floor railing on the left and into the hole in the wall below it to continue clearing the area, then continue following your teammate to climb the indicated pole and approach the armory at the top to purchase new weapons if necessary.

    Jump the gap beside you to take cover with Ivanov and target the ropes dangling from the bottom of the aircraft above to open fire on the enemies that slide down them, then aim your weapon towards the ground below to continue mowing down the hostiles and head left to get a boost over the rubble.

    After the next cut scene in which you glide through the air to land inside another building, approach the enemy on the other side of the door that Ivanov opens to take him hostage from behind with a melee attack and follow the on-screen prompts to acquire the intel.

    Target the security camera behind you to shoot it out and take cover with Ivanov behind the wall on the left, then sprint after him around the next corner to stop in the hallway ahead and pass through the room on your right to execute a flanking maneuver.

    Fire through the glass to take out one of the guards so that Ivanov will eliminate the other, then cross the corridor ahead to pass through the doors on the right and free the hostage in the next room.

    Exit the room through the door in the far corner to the right and take out the camera above on the left, then proceed forward to reach the outside area ahead and approach the edge of the building to climb the indicated pipe.

    After ascending to the next floor above, turn the red valve wheel across from you open the vents and head left to approach the hole in the floor that looks down on the area below.

    Watch your radar to wait for the approaching enemies to arrive in the area below and fire down on them from above to eliminate every threat from a safe distance, then drop over the edge to finish clearing out the remaining guards.

    Approach the yellow icon on your map to shop at the armory if necessary and take out the nearby security camera above, then move down the corridor on the right to eliminate bother camera and enter the door behind it to reach the server room.

    Exit through the door on the right to smash the next glass window beside you and save the hostage behind it, then return to the open circular area on this floor and approach the entrance to the monitor room at its center.

    Back away from the entrance to target the open vent above and toss a gas grenade through it to smoke out the enemy inside, then retreat to cover in the surrounding area and eliminate the guard as he exits the monitor room.

    Enter the monitor room to watch the screen in front of Ivanov, then follow him to rappel over the indicated railing and activate a cut scene.

    Afterwards, take cover behind the table in front of you to approach the steps on the right and make your way down them once the coast is clear ahead.

    Take cover behind the containers below on the right and circle around the outer walls to eliminate the next enemy in front of you with a quick headshot, then make your way towards the center of the room to take out the guards at work.

    Look towards the doorway above in the northwest corner of the room to take out the next wave of approaching guards and shoot the orange barrels to cause massive explosions that clear the area with more efficiency, then move between the surrounding obstacle to safely reach the enemies at close-range and continue eliminating the ones that appear.

    Finish clearing the room to approach the indicated set of doors on the lower level and unlock it by choosing the two cypher keys that match the symbol in the middle of the screen when placed together.

    Enter the courtroom ahead to descend slowly down the steps in front of you and take cover at the bottom to target the enemies on the right, then eliminate the guard patrolling on the lower level and quickly shift your aim towards the turret on the floor above to snipe that enemy as well.

    Watch your map to wait for the next wave of enemies to enter the area beside you and detonate the nearby barrels to take out the majority of them with explosions, then ascend back up the steps to open fire on enemies that approach from below and turn right to take out a pair of turrets positioned within the far wall.

    Take cover with Ivanov in the area you just cleared and open fire on the enemies that appear inside the next room ahead, then vault through the window to continue mowing down approaching enemies and access another armory for necessary supplies.

    Use your map to locate the Admiral’s location and enter the room she’s in to eliminate the enemies on the other side of the door, then interact with the lock on her cell and watch a scene take place through the glass.

    Once the cell opens and Ivanof has scooped up the Admiral, exit the room to immediately take cover on the other side and fight through the wave of enemies on your left to reach the elevator past the staircases.

    Take cover at the top of the second staircase to eliminate the enemies that exit the elevator below and continue clearing the area until you can safely enter the car, then press the button once Ivanov is inside and descend to the evac point.

    Exit the elevator car to descend the stairs on the left and toss a smoke grenade at the enemies ahead to obstruct their line of sight, then take cover behind some nearby rubble to zoom in on the approaching hostiles and pick them off one-by-one.

    Look towards your left and right consistently to avoid being flanked until the first enemy wave has been subdued, then take control of the mounted gun ahead to mow down the second wave that appears in front of you.

    Once the tank arrives on the scene, release the turret to take cover behind the rubble below again and eliminate the approaching foot soldiers as a means of defending yourself.

    Move back and forth between the rubble to prevent the tank from targeting you and wait for an opportunity to snipe the enemy manning the vehicle’s gun nest.

    Sprint between cover points to flank the tank at close-range and crawl towards its treads to plant a bomb, then move around to the other side of the vehicle and plant another bomb to finish the job.

    Retreat to a safe distance to wait for the tank to explode and approach the next icon that appears on your map to complete this mission.

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