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Killzone: Shadow Fall couldn’t resist including audio logs in their campaign. Why? Blockbuster first-person-shooters have audio logs. Sony got the memo and passed the results on down to you.

These sometimes hidden, sometimes quite obvious little logs are left en masse across almost every chapter of the singleplayer campaign. We’re not talking one or two per level — some missions have up to nine. Keep scrolling to find the full guide below.

Get the rest of the collectible locations on our Killzone: Shadow Fall cheats page, or browse the Killzone: Shadow Fall game guide to find step-by-step instructions for each campaign mission.

Audio Logs Collectible Locations

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Chapter 2:

  • Audio Log #1: Right at the start of the mission, look for stairs leading up in the dark facility leading to a bathroom.
  • Audio Log #2: Zip-lining into the forest and knifing the lone Helghast sentry, look to the right for another platform to zip-line to. That’s where you’ll find the second audio log.

Chapter 3:

  • Audio Log #3: As the doors in the ship open up to reveal a panel with a biohazard label, take the first turn around the corner and go down the stairs. Spin around and look adjacent to the steps to find the first log on the floor.
  • Audio Log #4: After pressing the override control panel, you’ll enter a long zero-gravity shaft. Float up to the first suspended machine and grab the log off the roof.
  • Audio Log #5: Moving on and hitting another lift override, you’ll step out onto a catwalk with a ladder leading down on the right. Slide down, then spin around and check out the corner to the left of the glowing blue terminal against the back wall.
  • Audio Log #6: In the same area, climb back up to the catwalk and proceed forward. Watch out for the drone ambush. Enter the first door on the right, cross the hall, and continue through the L-shaped room into the door at the back. Grab the power conduit and plug it into the slot in the previous room to open the locked door. Grab another plug from the other slot in the same room, and continue upstairs. Slot it into the missing hole upstairs, and finally you’ll be able to get upstairs to a bunk room. Check out the back center bunk.
  • Audio Log #7: Back in the catwalk room, turn left instead of right. Open the locked door down the hall with a capacitor, then enter the burning room to find a log in the hands of a kneeling corpse.
  • Audio Log #8: From the room with the burned bodies, continue upstairs to the room with multiple computer consoles. In the back left corner, behind some miscellaneous storage, you’ll find the log on a handcart.
  • Audio Log #9: Opening the doors into the dimly lit room lined with computer monitors, follow the left-hand wall to a machine. The log is about eye-height, laying on top of the device.
  • Audio Log #10: In the control room overlooking the spherical reactor, slide down the ladder after pulling the capacitor from the wall, and look around the corner to find a log.
  • Audio Log #11: In the large store warehouse, there’s an open cargo lift on the left side. Look on the piece of machinery to the left of that.

Chapter 4:

  • Audio Log #12: Entering the large circular office floor, look in the back left corner of the server room.
  • Audio Log #13: After rappelling into the building full of Helghan troops, climb the stairs near where you land and stick right through the door. Open the double doors and look on the cardboard box to the right.

Chapter 5:

  • Audio Log #14: After dropping into the open marker and shooting down the Helghan guards at the start of the mission, pass through the orange security checkpoint and run down the escalator. Look inside the open shack to the right to find a log on the desk covered in Helghan flyers.
  • Audio Log #15: Entering the area filled with shacks and trams flying by attached to rail lines, pass through a second Helghan security checkpoint. Enter the vent on the left to find the log on the ground ahead.
  • Audio Log #16: In the larger building with the orange floor, you’ll need to use an override panel that opens up to a Helghan guard with his back to you. Take the path around on the right to find the log on a cabinet.
  • Audio Log #17: Continuing from the last log, use the cargo elevator controls. Ride down and step off to the left. Run down the long catwalk, and look left for an abandoned couch. The log is on the side table.
  • Audio Log #18: During the “Make Him Pay” segment, while giving chase, you’ll pass through two closed doors. Ahead you’ll find steps leading down, then up, with a path on the left. Go down that path to find the log sitting on a barrel.
  • Audio Log #19: From there, continue after the runner. Go downstairs and run down the path on the right, following it left. Fight through the Helghan guards and check out the corner straight ahead. The log is sitting on one of the green barrels.
  • Audio Log #20: Starting from the previous log, move into the open-air market. Look for a stall with a sink, near two green barrels.

Chapter 6:

  • Audio Log #21: Reaching a stealth area near the beginning in a square-shaped open area watched by a camera, take a right and stick to the right wall to find stairs. Follow the path back and around to another set of steps leading up to the back end of a blue container. The log is resting on one of the flat surfaces protruding from the back.
  • Audio Log #22: Pushing through the oppressive checkpoint and opening the cargo door with the override panel, you’ll enter a room with a rock garden. Take the escalator up and run through the doors. Stick right and check out the shack to find a log on the lower bunk.
  • Audio Log #23: At the massive checkpoint with the elevator door bathed in light, climb the stairs left and pull up onto the catwalk above to find a log.
  • Audio Log #24: After teaming up with the Helghan sniper ally, move down to the large path on the right. The road is covered with crates. Just as you step onto it, look to the right to find a stack of cargo with the log.

Chapter 7:

  • Audio Log #25: After cutting a circular hole and dropping into the shaft, you’ll land on a walkway on the left. Navigate the pipes to reach a lower catwalk, then zip-line across the gap to reach a platform with a ladder. The log is on this platform.
  • Audio Log #26: Quick-roping down the shaft places you before a door. Don’t go in, instead drop down onto the lower floor beneath the walkway. Circle around to find the log on the grated floor near the curved walls.

Chapter 8:

  • Audio Log #27: After watching rocks lift up from the blue anti-gravity energy, use it to float to the second floor. In a chair with a skull near the busted window, you’ll find an audio log.
  • Audio Log #28: In another gravity well, you’ll ride up onto the top platform of a fallen building. Zip-line down near the destroyed stairs to find a log at the base of the steps.
  • Audio Log #29: Move past the scanning red light in the distance and climb the stairwell to the left of it. The log is on the second rung.
  • Audio Log #30: After kicking open the doors and witnessing half of a building crumble before your eyes, move right and look between two blue sets of glowing energy to find the log on a table.
  • Audio Log #31: This hard-to-miss log is located during the “We’ve Got Company” sequence. Dropping into another ruined path, there’s a building to the right with some extra ammo. The log is on the ground.
  • Audio Log #32: Outside the large Helghan building with two statues, move to the left and enter the building that’s partially fallen into the pit below. Just behind an ammo crate, you’ll find the log.
  • Audio Log #33: Enter the objective building and jump down the ruined elevator shaft. Inside the room with old corpses, look under the first to the right of the door.

Chapter 9:

  • Audio Log #34: The first audio log is found in the “History Will Remember You” sequence After leaving the interior and stepping onto a platform with a white security tower to the left, enter the main floor through the steps and climb up to where your ally is working at a computer. The log is located next to her.
  • Audio Log #35: Inside the command center with the orange holo-globe, check under the central pillar of the upper level.

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