Killzone: Shadow Fall – Comic Books Collectible Locations

Discover sci-fi pop-art presentations scattered throughout Killzone: Shadow Fall’s 10 chapters with the comic book page collectible locations guide below.

These pages, about four to a chapter, give some context to the basics lives of these futuristic people. See? They read comic books on holographic tablets, just like us! Find every one, and get one step closer to unlocking “The Knowledge” trophy with the locations right here.

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Comic Books Collectible Locations

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Chapter 2:

  • Comic #1: Climb up the scaffolds at the start of the mission. At the top, don’t exit through the doors leading outside — duck into the open vent and crawl to the end of the path.
  • Comic #2: Moving along the cliffs and zip-lining to a security tower on the wall, immediately turn around to find a small fenced landing. Walk across the pipes to find the comic page.
  • Comic #3: Stepping past the burning crash and entering the derelict concrete structure, climb the steps and look down. Zip-line across the chasm to the other half of structure, and jump down one floor lower.
  • Comic #4: In the forested area with the roaring brook and bridge, cross over the water and begin climbing the narrow cliffs. Part of the rock wall will crumble in your path. Jump across, then turn left and look for a spire rock. That’s where to get the comic. Attach the zip-line onto the antennae tower on the bridge, but drop off to land on the spire.

Chapter 3:

  • Comic #5: Exiting the elevator with the override controls, you’ll reach a room with a catwalk and two ladders flanking the lift door. Deal with the drones as you cross the walkway and open the door on the right with the power conduits. Grab a second capacitor to open the glass-lined hallway door. Destroy the sparking power box to reach a room where the floor falls out from under it. Drop down, turn right, then grab the capacitor upstairs to open the large door down the hallway. Hit the override through the door, climb the ladder, then climb a second ladder down into a backroom with the comic.
  • Comic #6: In the same room as the capacitor-locked door with the newspaper, look around the center for a glass pane. Shoot it out and drop into the vent below. Crawl through the left passage and exit into a room. Climb up the steps on the left to find the page on a desk.
  • Comic #7: The last comic page is in the room where the exterior windows are blocked by massive red-tinted panels. Down the left path, look on the floor in the corner to find a page.

Chapter 4:

  • Comic #8: In the burning building, take the stairs down to the hall with the blasted-out windows overlooking the city. At the end of the path, look for the page on a white couch.
  • Comic #9: Jump into the open door of the raised tram and fight through the Helghan to reach the second car. Along the back end, under a blinking TV screen, you’ll find another page.
  • Comic #10: Reaching another train from the front, jump down to the cargo platform and hop into the open door. The page is wedged into a flipped up seat, below another screen in the back left corner of the car.
  • Comic #11: Continue moving through the train. Avoid the booby trap that blows a car in half, and climb the ladder up. Zip-line to the second train line to find a ladder on one of the large octagon-shaped platforms. Climb down to the maintenance platform below to grab a comic page.

Chapter 5:

  • Comic #12: The first comic book is found after passing through the second Helghan checkpoint and entering the vent. Cross the next checkpoint outside and take the stairs up. Look right for the door with a green panel. The comic is inside.
  • Comic #13: Another comic is nearby. Leave the room and return to the stairs. Look left for another gate, and pass through to find another set of stairs leading down. Keep moving straight through the ramshackle slums until reaching an interior with two beds.
  • Comic #14: Moving down the long stair well, jumping down, and entering another open market with an audio log hidden in one of the stalls, look ahead toward the ledge. From there, turn right to spot an area under a container you can crawl under. The comic is in this hidden alcove.
  • Comic #15: During the section “Hunt the Shadow” you’ll take stairs down while overlooking an armed character standing near the catwalk ledge. Turn right, then take the first left to climb into a raised hall. The comic page is a few steps inside.
  • Comic #16: Jump back down onto the catwalk from the last page and run all the way to the dead end to find another comic collectible.
  • Comic #17: Want another page? Go down the right path from the previous page, then turn left to enter another open container. Run on the catwalk overlooking the underside with a sliver of orange light passing through. As the catwalk turns right, look in the left corner.

Chapter 6:

  • Comic #18: After sneaking through a narrow path lined with pipes and dropping into another slum, turn right and enter the open container ahead to find the page on a bunk.
  • Comic #19: Moving on, get past another camera watching stairs leading up into another slum where two soldiers have a civilian at gunpoint. Kill both goons to rescue the civilian, and he’ll open a door for you with the comic inside.
  • Comic #20: Leaving the office building through the double doors, take care of the Helghan guard and enter an open vent. The page is at the end, before dropping out.
  • Comic #21: Use the cargo elevator at the huge military checkpoint. At the top, go left and enter the first modular computer room. Check the back.
  • Comic #22: After teaming up with the Helghan sniper, move down the rain-drizzled path. On the opposite side, there is an open cargo door with crates keeping it open. The comic page is on one of those crates.
  • Comic #23: Just before the end of the mission, you’ll need to make a mad dash through the chaotic battlefield. Before entering the open doors, look on the boxes to the left.

Chapter 7:

  • Comic #24: Dropping into the chamber and using the inflatable to cushion your fall, move left and down the first road to find the comic in the corner.
  • Comic #25: Later on, you’ll need to use your robot to hack open the double doors leading into a hall of windows looking out into space. Turn left and look in an alcove in the back right edge of the room.
  • Comic #26: Continuing on into the area with stark white rooms inside a larger chamber, run to the room at the end to find a comic page on the floor near the orange-tinted windows.
  • Comic #27: Moving down the path cargo-line with no gravity, you’ll eventually reach a large staging ground full of equipment. Turn right and go down the stairs, looking against the right wall to find a desk with the last comic page.

Chapter 8:

  • Comic #28: Using the wing-suit to glide to the landing point in the fallen city, drop down a floor to find the comic page.
  • Comic #29: Step into the gravity well in “We’ve Got Company” and look inside a small-ish room on the left to find a comic on the ground.
  • Comic #30: The last collectible is found during “Tyran Lives” inside an open container in your path. Look behind the petrucite capacitor in the trash to find the page.

Chapter 9:

  • Comic #31: After taking out the guard on the cliff and zip-lining down to the security tower, stick close to the rock wall and move toward the facility, down the sets of stairs. Run across to another security tower and circle around behind to find a door into a lower armory with an open hatch. Drop into the hatch to find the comic book page.
  • Comic #32: During “History Will Remember You” you’ll step out onto another platform with a security tower to the left. Move right down the stairs and look for the page on the ground near an open door below.
  • Comic #33: In the long, tall hallway filled with ammo crates and guns, look on the floor about mid-way through.

Chapter 10:

  • Comic #34: The last comic is located after jumping down into the park. Look for a corner fountain with a wall of green shrubbery behind it. Walk through the greenery to find the page in the corner.

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