Killzone: Shadow Fall – Dossiers Collectible Locations

We here at Game Front believe in the free dissemenation of classified information pertaining to fictional video-game armies, that’s why we’ve got the locations for the dossier files in Killzone: Shadow Fall listed below.

These collectible bits of military intelligence are scattered about the various secret government installations you’ll prowl through in Shadow Fall’s campaign. Finding them all will earn the coveted “The Knowledge” silver trophy — so keep scrolling to begin your search.

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Dossiers Collectible Locations

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Chapter 2:

  • Dossier #1: Sneaking into the room with the knife throwing tutorial, drop down and take out both Helghast. Turn around and look on the machinery against the back wall of the room, opposite the windows, to find a dossier file.
  • Dossier #2: Climbing up the cliffs above the flowing waterfall and the crumbling rock wall. Jump over the gap, climb the next two ledges until finding a large flat stone up rocky steps. From the platform, hop down into the enclosed forest area, and look in the bushes just past the rock spire.

Chapter 3:

  • Dossier #3: In the foggy bridge, go downstairs on the left and look on the floor to your right.
  • Dossier #4: Moving into a large multi-tiered room with robotic arms and surrounded by windows, climb up to the catwalks to find a dossier on one of the terminals.

Chapter 4:

  • Dossier #5: Entering the circular office floor, enter the doorway leading out into the exterior hall looking out over the city. Partway down the path, check out the rounded bench built into a planter.
  • Dossier #6: The second dossier can be found after rappelling through the skylight. Immediately turn around as you land to find a smaller room filled with boxes in the back. A yellow container has the dossier.

Chapter 5:

  • Dossier #7: Leaving the security checkpoint and going down the steps past the open market, look to the right for a shack. A log should be located on the desk. Pass it and continue up the stairs on the path to enter a small residence. The dossier is on a bunk with a rolled up sleeping bag.
  • Dossier #8: Passing through the narrow hallway with several cowering civilians and pressing on to the closed door, continue moving through the environment until reaching a second closed door. Through it, keep your eyes right as you move down the catwalk for an open door. A dossier is located inside the tiny room.
  • Dossier #9: The final collectible for this mission is near the end, climb up into the security office plated with shiny chrome. Open the door to find the dossier on a desk.

Chapter 6:

  • Dossier #10: As the mission begins, you’ll need to jump across moving container-homes to reach the safety of a catwalk. Once you’re on the grating, look left for a dark open container to the left.
  • Dossier #11: Entering another stealth area, short the camera ahead before dropping down, then circle around to the right. Next to two patrolling Helghan, the dossier is to the left of a yellow-lit closed door.
  • Dossier #12: Continue on into an area with a Helghan office looking down over an area, covered in red propaganda. Take the escalator up and deal with the soldiers to find a dossier on the ground under the back terminal.

Chapter 7:

  • Dossier #13: There’s a tricky dossier during the “Bring Me Massar” section. While exploring the area with the white stark rooms, there’s one area along the catwalks that’s locked. Look in through the bars to command your robot to hack the door. The dossier is on one of the cabinets inside.
  • Dossier #14: Look on the lab table during the “It’s Waiting For You” section.

Chapter 8:

  • Dossier #15: Ride a gravity well into a building leaning on it’s side, then move toward the red light in the distance. Turn right as you enter the open area, and look for another open interior. The destroyed side of the building looks out onto another crate. Look in a smaller open door inside to find the dossier, below some desks.
  • Dossier #16: Near the 5th Audio Log in this chapter, there’s a path to the right with two walls to climb. Pulling up onto the higher ledge, immediately turn left to find a dossier in a dark corner.

Chapter 9:

  • Dossier #17: After meeting up with your Helghan ally again once the vehicle is destroyed, move through the large vehicle door and look on the handcarts to the left.
  • Dossier #18: In the same area, return to the security tower and enter the lowest door to find the page on a crate in the armory.
  • Dossier #19: At the command center, move out through the doors on the left where a flyer is parked. There’s a dossier on the ground here.

Chapter 10:

  • Dossier #20: Before going outside, look on the desk in the security room. It’s just past the camera, with the ISA soldier inside.

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